XanoBurn Reviews - How Does It Help To Reduce Stress-Related Weight Gain?


XanoBurn is the new weight loss supplement that is out on the Internet. Due to its super-efficacy in tackling the most stubborn cause of weight gain, what has been discovered to be the ‘Hormone X’, it has garnered extensive positive customer reviews shortly after its release.

Also, because of the effective and all-powerful ingredients used to formulate this supplement, XanoBurn will likely hit the online market in a short period. Let's read this XanoBurn review for more.

XanoBurn Reviews - Is It An Effective Diet Drop to Boost Metabolism?

Claimed to support metabolism, one of the key aspects of weight loss strategies, this XanoBurn review is bound to present you with every relevant fact that would be worthy of assisting you in your weight loss journey.

As I promised, I am here to help you through your decision on whether or not to purchase this ‘so-called’ unique weight loss supplement.

This will be done by taking you through every important aspect of simple promise XanoBurn, especially including its working principle and those stated ‘magic’ ingredients that have been utilized to formulate this product.

XanoBurn Review

Supplement NameXanoBurn
Formulated forMaintain Healthy Weight
FormSerum (Dropper)
Overall Rating★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Serving size 1 ml
Health Benefits✅Stop feeling hungry
✅Helping burn calories even during rest or sleep
✅Significant rise in metabolic rate
✅Fast conversion of fat into muscle
XanoBurn Ingredient🍀Capsicum Annuum
🍀Coleus Root
Other Ingredients🟢Deionized water
🟢Organic citrus extract
🟢Natural flavour
Serving SizeMix 10 drops of XanoBurn in the water
Results ExpectedIn 6 months
Side EffectsNo major side effects reported
Money back guarantee365 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is XanoBurn?

XanoBurn, as could be learned, is a weight loss supplement that claims to provide immediate results in terms of burning excess fat that has accumulated in the body due to faulty or sluggish metabolism.

It works for those sections of the overweight population who are finding it hard to shed their stubborn weight despite rigorous workouts and dieting.

The fact that XanoBurn drops contain within it the following essential and natural elements, namely Capsicum annuum, Coleus Root, and L-Tyrosine, have been noted as powerful enough to be described as the “Holy Trinity of Weight Loss’ by the narrator.

These ingredients render this product remarkably effective in helping people lose the extra weight they have gained rather uncontrollably and inexplicably.

It would be worth mentioning that XanoBurn liquid drops originated from hours and days of scientific research conducted by medical professionals in the US Military Force.

Hence, their efforts in deriving a solution that would make their soldiers more powerful than their enemies by having a lean, though strong, and cardiovascularly effective body, have finally paid off, as per the narration.

The sweet taste of this XanoBurn weight loss supplement, described as ‘candy drops', coupled with its effectiveness in helping you lose excess weight is likely to make XanoBurn a path-breaker among the various weight reduction supplements introduced so far.

XanoBurn Ingredients - Are They Truly Effective?

It is Capsicum Annuum, Coleus Roots, and L-Tyrosine that act as powerful natural ingredients in XanoBurn to help overweight people lose weight quickly. Let us look at each of these elements to know how they assist with losing weight to provide us with the needed energy that our body needs.

Capsicum Annuum

Capsicum Annuum

Besides being known for its high medicinal value in treating a variety of health conditions, such as cough, sore throat, infection, etc., the Capsicum annuum herb, also known as the chili pepper, XanoBurn ingredient also helps prevent the Hormone X’s function, thus splendidly aiding in burning fat.

Coleus Root

Coleus Root

This root belongs to the Coleus plant in the mint family. Found naturally on the mountain slopes of India, Nepal, and Thailand, the Coleus Root is mostly used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat a host of medical conditions, such as heart failure, high blood pressure, eczema, digestive colic, urinary symptoms, respiratory issues, overweight, etc.



It is an amino acid bestowed with the supreme quality of enhancing your metabolic rate by synthesizing your thyroid hormones, particularly thyroxine (T4). This XanoBurn ingredient T4 is what truly helps improve your metabolism, as well as prevent lethargy, thus preventing weight gain.

👉Besides these, XanoBurn weight loss solution also consists of a host of 22 other essential components that will assist with weight loss and two of these include the African Mango, which has excellent fat-burning properties, as well as GABA, yet another naturally-occurring amino acid that helps fight obesity.

A combination of these two additional sources to the above three makes XanoBurn overwhelmingly magical to help with your weight-loss journey.

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How Does XanoBurn Premium Diet Drop Work?

XanoBurn has been explained to target the ‘Hormone X’ that significantly prevents the body from burning the pounds of fat accumulated in the body.

As per the narration, the discovery of this hormone prompted the US Military medics to devise a formula that would efficiently block this ‘Hormone X’ from functioning to prevent excess weight loss.

In specifically mentioning ‘Hormone X’, it has been learned that this is otherwise called ghrelin, a hormone that causes feelings of excess hunger, leading to eating from time to time, and then the slowed metabolism, which are likely fodders for weight gain to creep in.

The presence of this hormone in the human body thus leads to uncontrolled and inexplicable weight gain even when one is dieting and exercising rigorously in vain efforts to lose weight, By reading this, you can also make out the fact that the more the amount of ‘Hormone X’ you have in your blood, the lesser is the chance for you to shed the pound of fat accumulated in your body.

Thanks to this XanoBurn unique formula devised by the US Military Medics with the three powerful ingredients contained there, namely Capsicuum Annuum, L-Tyrosine, and Coleus Root, these constitute to boost the sluggish metabolism to aid in weight loss at a faster pace.

It would be worth adding here that SimplePromise, one of the world’s best-known and respected nutritional science companies, has joined in this endeavor by deriving the license to produce XanoBurn premium diet drops in bulk supplies to help the concerned section of the overweight and obese population, who have been finding it difficult to lose weight because of that pertinent Hormone X factor.

XanoBurn Benefits

A few drops of the XanoBurn weight loss supplement have been known to provide the following benefits:

  • Stop feeling hungry: Noting that Hormone X causes hunger cravings, a few candy drops of XanoBurn can efficiently curb this tendency, thus making one less or even stop feeling hungry.
  • Helping burn calories even during rest or sleep: For those finding it hard to lose weight through strenuous exercise or diet, XanoBurn Candy drops have been reported to effectively burn calories even during one’s inactive phase, i.e., when resting or sleeping. Though this is a general process, taking XanoBurn ensures you burn calories faster when you are sleeping.
  • Significant rise in metabolic rate: With the simple promise of XanoBurn weight loss candy drops, you are more than likely to experience a faster metabolic rate, which has otherwise been slow or rather staying halted, the culprit being mainly the Hormone X.
  • Fast conversion of fat into muscle: A few drops of XanoBurn weight loss drops can effectively convert fat into muscle, which can simultaneously make you leaner, though stronger.

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XanoBurn - Pros And Cons

The XanoBurn weight loss supplement is expected to show the desired results of weight loss facilitated by improved metabolic rate and feeling less hungrier.

Manufactured by US Military doctors through a science-backed research approach, the ingredients utilized to formulate this supplement should not pose any significant XanoBurn side effects as otherwise noted with the use of other weight loss supplements.

In this XanoBurn review, we've explored the advantages and drawbacks of the product. Now, let's delve into what they are.


  • No added chemicals
  • Contains 100% purest natural elements
  • Extensively science-backed research product
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities.


  • SimplePromise XanoBurn has not launched XanoBurn liquid weight loss drops on any of the available e-commerce platforms other than its XanoBurn official website.
  • Products are likely to run out of order because of excessive demands.

XanoBurn Dosage

👉SimplePromise XanoBurn liquid, which now manufactures the XanoBurn weight loss supplement advises mixing a few drops to water and consuming the same for six months. Per the claims, you will notice a remarkable decrease in appetite, and feel lighter, though stronger than before when you were overweight.

Since the product is easily sold with the risk of running out of supply, it would be in your best interest to buy six bottles beforehand and try it for the stated period, where doing this consistently is likely to arrest the progression of Hormone X that is the prime culprit behind persistent weight gain.

XanoBurn Liquid

XanoBurn Side Effects

Since this XanoBurn weight loss supplement that tastes like candy drops is composed of the purest natural ingredients as stated by the narrator, it is unlikely that this product will possess any significant side effects.

Besides, for the XanoBurn customer reviews derived so far, none of them have reported any kind of negative reactions when ingesting this supplement, stating that they have overall had good results.

The product that primarily targets Hormone X to aid in faster metabolism and simultaneous weight loss through fewer food cravings is bound to provide more benefits than harm.

Going forward, the legitimacy of this product is such that it was originally developed by the US Military doctors to make their soldiers stronger by making them cardiovascularly efficient with leaner, but stronger bodies. All these facts sound more true than just claims.

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When Will XanoBurn Start Showing Results?

SimplePromise, the manufacturer of XanoBurn, suggests you try this supplement for a maximum of six months to get the best result, especially if you want to continue with your weight loss journey.

It also mentions that the product is so effective that it will start taking effect within 3-4 hours of intake, where it will be fully absorbed into your bloodstream.

This super-efficient weight loss supplement is likely going to pace up your metabolism to ensure that you lose weight tactically by burning all the extra fat that has accumulated in you due to that presumably faulty Hormone X within you.

XanoBurn Customer Reviews

XanoBurn, the weight loss supplement from SimplePromise, has only been receiving positive feedback from its customers to date. This could be proven by the products going out of stock due to endless and relentless orders made by the customers. This is the only negative side that I have seen or felt regarding this product.

It also makes me conclude that good things do not last, and when it comes to a supplement that promises weight loss effortlessly, not requiring one to deprive oneself of one’s favorite food, it is natural that the demand for such a product will increase drastically, where people tend to buy it for themselves and their family, friends, and relatives.

The resultant apprehensions that customers like you can eventually drop the idea of purchasing this magic weight loss potion because of the ‘Out of Stock’ alerts coming on your screens have subsequently instilled SimplePromise XanoBurn the manufacturer to suggest that you better lock this product for yourself (either buying in single or three-bottle packs) before it becomes unavailable.

XanoBurn Customer Reviews

XanoBurn Availability And Pricing

Where to Purchase?

At present, you can only order and purchase XanoBurn from its official website. Due to excess demands, it cannot be made available in any other e-commerce or retail stores for the time being.


XanoBurn comes in the following packages:

Sampler package (1-month supply - one bottle) = $49 for each bottle

Most Popular (3-month supply - three bottles) = $39 for each bottle

Best Seller (6-month supply - six bottles) = $33/bottle

Refund Policy

All three packages, namely the Sampler Package (1-month supply), Most Popular (3-month supply), and Best Seller (6-month supply) come with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

This signifies that regardless of the package and the 6-month trial period that you are advised to be on, by which time, you will be losing 50 pounds per expectation.

If otherwise, even beyond the trial period, you are liable to have your money refunded to you.

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XanoBurn Bonuses

Every package listed above comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee, and every 3- or 6-month package of XanoBurn purchased entails you enjoy the following bonuses:

Bedtime Rituals That Help You Lose Weight While You Sleep

Bedtime Rituals That Help You Lose Weight While You Sleep

Valued at $19: Sleep quantity and quality play a pivotal role in helping you reach your weight-loss goals. Thus, this book contains tips on making adjustments to your bedtime routine along with taking the instructed drops of XanoBurn fat burner

Top Desserts and Sweet Treats For Maximum Weight Loss

Top Desserts and Sweet Treats For Maximum Weight Loss

Contains easy recipes for making desserts of your choice while being on XanoBurn, thus not requiring you to deprive yourself of your foods and without worries of gaining a single pound of weight.

How to Eat Whatever You Want and Still Lose Weight

How to Eat Whatever You Want and Still Lose Weight

This book also emphasizes the point that you need not stay away from your favorite food and can still enjoy them, now that you have a powerful supplement with you that will prevent you from putting on extra weight.

XanoBurn Reviews - Final Verdict

As per this XanoBurn review, from the first look, as well as going through the product information and the available XanoBurn customer reviews and feedback, the XanoBurn weight loss supplement looks solidly legit to me. Nevertheless, if any of you are losing weight at a faster pace than intended, you are to adjust the number of drops to slow down the progression of weight loss.

Also, if you are presumably allergic to any of the ingredients, you need to speak with your doctor before taking the supplement to be more safe. However, if anyone among you is pregnant or breastfeeding, then it is not safe for you to take this XanoBurn supplement.

This is not to disappoint you, but only for your and your baby’s safety, as far as it is in your womb or is newly born.

However, if you want, you are right enough to wait for 6-8 months postpartum by which time, you may have got the green signal from your obstetrician to proceed with the purchase of this XanoBurn weight management supplement.

Young children are also not advised to take this XanoBurn supplement even though some of them may be obese.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the XanoBurn dropper safe to use?

Yes, it is, given the fact that it contains ingredients that are derived from purely natural sources, which do not contain any added chemicals, and more so because none of the customers who have used this supplement have reported any specific side effects so far. 

2.  I have heard that simple promise XanoBurn is described as ‘candy drops.’ If so, will it affect my blood sugar levels?

Not exactly. The sweetness and the flavor are mostly because of one other ingredient present in XanoBurn, that being the African mango. This, according to the study, has been known to be a good fat-burning component, having reportedly caused a reduction in the waist size of whichever individual has had it. It can, therefore, be logically interpreted that the sugary taste will not cause any untoward rise in your blood sugar levels.

3. Why is the simple promise XanoBurn dropper not available on any other e-commerce sites?

For the time being, SimplePromise, XanoBurn’s manufacturer, has decided to refrain from selling this supplement to any of the existing e-commerce sites. This is due to the excessive demand for this simple promised fat-burning supplement and the resultant fear of them running out of stock in a short period.

4. Will I be able to lock my order of XanoBurn liquid supplement amid the high demand for this product?

Yes, you can. The only thing is that you need to act fast and secure your chance to derive a pack of this product by clicking the ‘buy’ or ‘add to cart’ buttons.

5. If I do not get the desired results (50-pound weight reduction) within six months of use, will I get a refund?

Yes, you will get a refund. However, you should complete the 6-month trial before making this decision. It is because a product like Simple Promise XanoBurn works on the root cause of your weight gain issue, which per information, is to target this faulty Hormone X and prevent it from causing weight gain. However, if unfortunately, you have not had the desired results unlike the scores of customers having reportedly benefitted, you are eligible for a refund, provided you revert all the used and unused packs to the seller within 365 days.


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