What Is The Seven Second AM Ritual To Lose Weight? Japanese Long-Breathing Exercise 

Written by Elizabeth Brown

A new Japanese breathing exercise has surfaced on the internet, and people are seeing effects on an effective scale. Miki Ryosuke is a Japanese actor and has popularised this 7-second morning ritual. According to Ryosuke, this exercise can make a person lose up to 13 kgs of weight in weeks.

This seems hard to believe, but reviews on his posts are quite positive, and people are seeing positive effects in their weight loss. So, here we are discussing the details of how to do this breathing exercise properly at a close weight. Keep reading and increase your knowledge on your weight loss journey.

7-Second AM Ritual For Weight Loss: Lose Belly Fat In A Jiffy With This 2-Minute-A-Day Japanese Technique

Gaining weight is a natural process of the human body. As you consume more calories and do not lose all of them every day, you gain weight.

Seven Second AM Ritual To Lose Weight

The simple dynamics of the human body are to consume fewer calories and lose more to have less fat. When a person has an unhealthy diet with more saturated fats, carbohydrates, and fewer essential nutrients, he/she will gain fat over time. 

Having less physical activity in your lifestyle can be another reason for your higher body fat percentage. Keeping things as your body is designed for (being flexible, fit, and strong) will make you lose fat faster.

How Does 7 Second Morning Ritual Help You Lose Weight?

Now, let's get back to the popular 7-second morning ritual for your weight loss journey. This breathing exercise is done first thing in the early morning. Wake up early, during a glass of lukewarm water, and sit with your legs crossed.

The exercise begins with a 3-second breath in and a 4-second breath out for around 2 minutes. Ryosuke suggested that this exercise should be done in 3 or 4 sets every morning. 

There are various benefits of the 7-second morning ritual that a person can gain if they have a proper and healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the ultimate benefits you can hope to see after a couple of weeks of doing this ritual every morning:

1] Effective In Fat Loss

Breathing exercises force your lungs to work hard and get more oxygen in your blood. Inhaling for 3 seconds and exhaling for 4 seconds straight is the way to do the 7-second morning ritual. According to human anatomy, the more oxygen your blood carries, the more fat your body burns. This exercise forces your lungs to breathe more oxygen and helps your body burn fat faster.

2] Makes Your Lungs Stronger

Although strong lungs depend completely on your health and exercise routines, if we talk about the benefits of the 7-second morning ritual, it makes your lungs stronger over time. Doing this exercise regularly will strengthen your diaphragm, the muscle that is responsible for the contraction and expansion of your lungs.

3] Enhances Your Cardiovascular Health

Doing breathing exercises like a 7-second morning ritual can prove to be beneficial for improved heart health and lowered risk of future CVDs. With this exercise, you breathe more, the blood carries more oxygen, and your heart gets all the oxygen it needs to pump blood even more.

This process leads to a healthy and strong heart, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks or stroke in the future.

Daily Routine To Enhance The Effects

Only following a mere breathing exercise for a couple of minutes won't do you any good. You need a healthy diet and many other things to enhance the effects. Quitting coffee and losing all your drinking habits permanently will prove to be beneficial in the long term and not only weight loss.

Having Proper nutrition and a low-carb diet will promote your fat loss even more. Follow other healthy activities and lifestyle activities to promote all the benefits that you are getting from your daily breathing exercises. Anyway, here are a few of the most important things that will promote weight loss:

1] Choose A Low-Calorie And High-Protein Diet

Diet will play a crucial role in making you lose weight by enhancing the effects of your morning ritual. Choosing a diet with low calories, fewer carbs, and more protein promotes fat loss and will make you lose weight faster. Make sure you choose plant-based protein and vegetables over meat and dairy products for your nutrition. This will help you lose weight in the long term.

2] Prioritize Doing More Exercise

If you are planning to lose weight faster and more effectively, make sure that you are exercising daily. It helps your body regulate metabolism and makes you lose weight. When it comes to doing exercise daily, keep things easy at first. Make sure you are not straining your body from the first day. It can lead to excess fatigue and cramps but does increase your intensity over time.

3] Consistency And Discipline Will Come In Handy

Being disciplined and consistent are the keys to achieving any milestone in life. Ensure you are being true to yourself and your purpose of losing weight by following the diet and exercising daily. Keep things casual; do not intensify the emotions, and try thinking about this routine as a normal daily task.

Start Following This Ritual Along With Other Activities Now

Breathing exercises like a 7-second morning ritual and physical activities like running or cycling will make your body consume more oxygen and lose fat faster. Have a low-calorie diet and lose caffeine and other addictions from your daily life. Make sure you are managing your stress levels as well because it can increase your cholesterol levels. 

Drinking less coffee and quitting your alcohol consumption might be hard for the first few days, but it will be worth the sacrifice. Make sure you are following most of these activities to see effective results. The result will be you being fitter and leaner than before, and all this in a matter of weeks, which is a win-win.

Sum Up

Japanese actor Mike Ryosuke discovered a technique called the Long-breath diet, which helped him lose 13 kgs of weight and 4.7 inches from the waist in just 2 minutes. This exercise, prescribed by his doctor, was used to alleviate back pain.

The Long-breath diet, developed by Ryosuke, is a Japanese method for rapid belly fat loss. It involves standing, taking a 3-second breath, and exhaling strongly for 7 seconds, which breaks down fat into water and carbon.

The method involves inhaling and exhaling for three seconds, as fat cells contain oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, which increases the amount of oxygen used, leading to fat burning.

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