What Is The Cause Of Eczema? - Symptoms & Treatments


These days people suffering from skin diseases are at an all-time high. When looking for the root cause, researchers have uncovered multiple reasons for this. While pollution could be the major reason, our lifestyle could also not be ignored.

Living in a chaotic world could be testing and leaves no time for skin care. This blog will create awareness about a condition now being discussed in the open by many celebrities-Eczema.

We will certainly be covering the topics including what it is, its causes, and types. Treatment methods to improve eczema will also be discussed in detail.

What is Eczema? What are its symptoms?

Eczema is a common skin condition that leads to the reddening of the skin. It can also prompt the person to be allergic to something and can be painfully itchy. According to statistics, although eczema is not as prevalent, it does affect every 1 out of 10 persons.

That makes it present in over 30 percent of humans. Though it is seen mostly in children, adults can also be victims of this condition. As painful as it sounds, the condition requires detailed care and treatment to bounce back.

There are multiple symptoms one needs to look for in case they doubt an eczema transmission. Some of these include,


One of the primary symptoms to pop up would be itching. It often turns uncontrollable and could lead to the following symptoms. However, the more we scratch the worse the condition could get.

Redness And Inflammation

When the area is itched uncontrollably, it leads to the development of red spots that could draw blood. Additionally, the area could stand out from the rest of the body as a patch. This is due to the inflammation the itching causes.

Dry Skin

The continuous itching could lead to the loss of natural oils in the skin and leave it dry. As it goes dry, the area could be prone to more itching.


Another symptom is the appearance of blisters which could ooze out pus when itched beyond a point. It can also release blood which could be painful.

Thickened Skin

A vicious cycle of all the symptoms can force the skin to dry out and even thicken it more than intended. Loss of natural oils and inability to retain moisture, the skin cracks up.

Eczema Symptoms

Causes Of Eczema

Researchers have identified various causes for the appearance of eczema. It could be,


Though yet to be established, genetics can determine your risk of contracting eczema. This is majorly due to the reason that genetics play a role in determining the nature of the skin, the amount of oil production, and its ability to retain moisture.

Immune System Dysfunction

If your immune system starts misbehaving or dysfunctioning, it can cause eczema to start popping up.


Using a particular kind of soap or shampoo could be harmful to the skin. Detergents or certain handwashes can also lead to the beginning of eczema spores which could gradually expand in size. Allergy to pollen or dust can also trigger eczema in some individuals.


Most of the time you eat or touch anything allergic, there is a higher chance that you will develop eczema. So if mushrooms or any food products produce allergic reactions in your body, you might want to cut off them completely.

Skin Barrier Dysfunction

This is the latest theory that is often deemed as the major cause of eczema. According to doctors if the epidermis is too thin, the moisture content on the skin could disappear easily than usual and then lead to eczema as a result of itchy skin.

Types Of Eczema

Let’s look at the multiple types of eczema that can harm one’s body. It could be any of the following,

1. Atopic Dermatitis: This is the most common form that is often identified in individuals with a history of skin outbreaks and asthma.

2. Contact Dermatitis: This kind of allergy happens only when the allergy-causing chemicals and irritants are brought in proximity to the skin. It could include talcums, detergents, or touching chemical soaps.

3. Dyshidrotic Eczema: This is a form of eczema that primarily forms on one’s legs and hands.

4. Nummular Eczema: This particular disease also has some interesting theories for its injury. It can be distinguished by a coin-size patch on the skin which is rarely seen as the product could further alleviate the disease.

5. Seborrheic Enzymes: A popular form of problem in hair, it occurs when dandruff starts traveling from the hair to the skin.

Treatment For Eczema

Treatment techniques for Eczema are elaborate and could include the following,

1. Moisturizers: Primarily, if the eczema is not very inflamed, it could be treated with the application of a pea-sized moisturizer that can help the skin get back its lost moisture.

2. Topical Steroids: When the eczema is beyond control, you can take anti-inflammatory tablets to reduce the dark parching in your hand.

3. Antihistamines: Another stack of medicinal products, they are known to decrease the inflammation of the skin.

4. Avoid Triggers: Never indulge in foods that you are allergic to and will be able to cause bouts of eczema.

5. Prescription Medications: Prescribed generally by the doctor, they could work magically in some scenarios while failing in others.

6. Wet Wrap Therapy: This includes the wearing or washing of wet clothes with bare hands which could help alleviate the conditions.


Like most conditions, Eczema is a skin disease that could elevate without care and attention. To avoid the problem in its totality, you might want to eat right and provide the skin with its wanted supplement.

In case, your skin has allergic reactions, start ways to bring it down and not flare up. Flaring up could lead to itching which would give birth to the cycle of eczema appearing and disappearing. You should read the pointers given above and try to incorporate some in your life.

Keeping your skin clean with healthy cleaning habits is important too. Take regular baths and drink plenty of water to wash out the toxins internally and externally.


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