What Is High Porosity Hair? - Best Health Care Tips For Hair Care!


Every woman and girl demands beautiful, shining, soft, and radiant hair. Also, many hair types are defined as straight, curly, thick, thin, or coarse. Hair porosity is often ignored, but it plays a critical role in hair maintenance and hair care implementations. It affects the overall health of the hair and how it looks or feels.

However, having high porosity hair can adversely lead to damage and affect your hair quality and health. If you are dealing with certain situations or looking for hair care tips for high-porosity hair, then this article is right to read.

Here, you will learn everything about porosity hair, how it can be managed, and what tips can be adopted to get rid of high proximity and increase your hair quality overall.

What Do You Understand By High Porosity Hair?

Having high porosity hair affects your hair quality, makes it fall much, and causes other hair problems. Also, it is defined as how much or how little your hair absorbs water and retains it to give softer hair. Besides, it depends on the hair cuticle, which can be impacted by many factors.

Understanding High Porosity Hair

According to the research, your hair strands are made at several porosity levels on your head, and even single strands can have multiple porosities that affect their quality. Moreover, if you have healthy porosity hair, then it becomes easier to bleach, bleach, style, and dye.

But the question arises: how can you define High porosity hair? If you are having porosity, it tends to lose moisture quickly and shows certain symptoms like,

  • It often looks frizzy.
  • You feel your hair is too dry even to comb.
  • It breaks easily and absorbs water quickly into the hair.
  • When your hair looks too chemically processed.

Some Useful Tips For High Porosity Hair To Increase Your Hair Quality

Many factors can define high porosity hair, like color treatments, genetics as seen in curly hair, heat treatments, and over-processing of chemicals into the hair.

However, here are certain tips to increase your hair quality and get rid of highly porous hair quickly and safely,

  • Hair care requires oil and massage to absorb it in its roots and scalp. So, if you want to get rid of highly porous hair, then it is necessary to apply oils such as avocado oil, coconut oil, amla oil, and others. It will make your hair seal the moisture and give you shinier and softer hair.
  • Another good method for dealing with high-porosity hair is a leave-in conditioner, which is enriched with keratin protein. It will gradually heal your hair splits and increase the health of your hair. Also, hair masks, serums, and treatment formulas help eliminate porosity.
  • To have healthy and porous-free hair, it is necessary to be gentle while shampooing, combining, and drying. Do not apply much-heated exposure products and cut down your styling process. Also, you can opt for silk or cotton scrunchies and pillowcases to avoid any kind of friction.
  • Also, regular trimming of your hair will split the damaged hair and make your hair healthier and shinier. I will help to stimulate new hair growth and make your hair look bouncy.
  • Having hair protein treatment is another best option to get rid of highly porous hair. You can apply keratin-based protein treatment products that will increase the quality of hair. Also, many protein-rich serums, shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products that make your hair healthier, shinier, and bouncy are available.
  • Styling is often performed by many women and girls during

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Living with a shiner, healthier, and bouncy hair is the dream of every girl. But, due to certain environmental conditions and the quality of hair products available, the chances of getting damaged hair double.

But high porosity hair looks bad and affects the overall hair health. However, the above tips can help you get rid of porous hair fast, safely, and quickly. Besides, you must opt for better hair care products before applying them because many chemical-based products immensely damage our hair and make it worse with time.


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