Concussion Rehabilitation: A Step-By-Step Guide!


A concussion can be defined as a brain injury that causes the normal functioning of the brain. It is referred to as TBI (traumatic brain injury). The cause of a concussion can be a blow to the head, bumping your head on a hard surface or onto something rough, a head jolt, something heavy falling in the head, or the body going through a sudden jerk that can cause the head and brain to move back and forth. This can also happen when you violently shake your head. Most of the concussions are involuntary and can not be controlled. 

Concussion is common in sports such as basketball, wrestling, ice hockey, hockey, football, soccer, and rugby. It can also happen to anyone. You might not be able to diagnose that you have a concussion right when you have it or immediately after having it. In some cases, the symptoms will start to show right after the concussion.

But in many cases, it will take around or more than 48 hours for the symptoms to be visible. Therefore, once you notice having one or more than one of the common symptoms you are to rush to the doctor. 

What Is Concussion Rehabilitation?

Concussion rehabilitation is a rehab program that helps the affected to recover from the difficulties that they have. It will help you to make progress over time and get back to the normal and natural rhythm of your life. It will most commonly include exercises such as:

Common Concussion Rehabilitation Exercises

  • Exercises to improve focus
  • Exercises to improve memory
  • Training to work on balance
  • Training to work on coordination
  • Steps to improve attention 


  • Exercises that help in problem-solving
  • The ones that help to think faster
  • Common exercises for everyday skills

A Step-By-Step Guide To Concussion Rehabilitation 

Here is a step-by-step guide to recovering from a concussion and it is the most commonly used one in concussion rehabilitation.

Step-By-Step Guide To Concussion Rehabilitation 

☑️ Step 1: Evaluation 

When you are subjected to a jolt or jerk, and if you have the symptoms, get medical assistance to diagnose whether you have a concussion.

☑️ Step 2: Rest 

The most important part of concussion rehabilitation is to rest. You have to take thorough rest and not engage in any activities that need a lot of attention. You should not be climbing stairs or crossing the road. Try to stay in bed.

☑️Step 3: Begin The Concussion Therapy

After 2-3 days of proper rest, you can start with the concussion therapy. It is to be done with the help of a doctor. Start with the most basic and gentle activities. 

☑️ Step 4: Make Progress Gradually

Take as much time as needed and make progress gradually. You will have it take a break from sports or work and give all of your focus to yourself and make progress. 

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Stages Of Concussion Recovery

The stages of concussion recovery can be the exercises or the activities that you do along with the time. In the beginning, you will only be doing light activities, which is the first stage, and with each of the stages, you will start doing the next level activity. The stages are

☑️ Stage 1 - Gradual return to regular activities that you used to do

☑️ Stage 2 - Start doing mild aerobic activities

☑️ Stage 3 - Shift to moderate-level activities

☑️ Stage 4 - Shift to heavy and noncontact activities 

☑️ Stage 5 - Start doing full contact activities 

☑️ Stage 6 - Start doing professional-level physical r sports activities like participating in a  competition 

Keep in mind that the best recovery for concussion is nothing else but sufficient rest both to the body and mind. During this time you should be reducing your screen time, not going to parties or concerts where there will be heavy lighting and sound, and lowering the head and neck movements. 

During the concussion rehabilitation you should be eating well, try to include protein and omega-3s in your diet, and drinking enough water. 

When you are recovering from a concussion you can do self-care activities such as taking a bath, going to a spa, getting a massage, and slowly taking a short walk. You can listen to music but make sure that you play slow and relaxing music at a lower volume. You can sit in your garden or balcony but make sure that the exposure to sunlight does not affect you. 

What Is Post Concussion Syndrome?

This is a most heard term when you talk about a concussion. A post concussion syndrome is when the symptoms of the concussion last long, longer than the normal time and you still have not returned to a normal lifestyle.

During this time you will feel dizziness, nausea, and headaches. Also, you will not be able to focus and might struggle with memory. 

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The Bottom Line 

Concussions can be fully healed when treated at the right time. But for this to be treated completely you have to diagnose it at the right time. You should not be neglecting it when you have a headache, are nauseous, vomit, and are not able to concentrate, and when there is a loss of balance. 

When you suffer a concussion you will have to stay away from sports events and work, but you will be able to return. Make sure that you do not return to sport before one week of a concussion at any cost.

After one week if the doctor says that you no longer have the symptoms and you feel the same way, then you can return, but not straight away to professional sports and competition. That might take some more time. 


Q. How long is normal concussion recovery?

Normally, it will take between 7 to 14 days to recover from a concussion. In some cases, it might take longer than that. If the symptoms are still present you will have to get further medical help.

Q. What are the signs of a concussion?

The common signs of concussion are persistent headache, loss of balance, nausea, vomiting,  blackout, and sensitivity to light. 

Q. What is the concussion test?

Concussion tests assess the functions of the brain after suffering a head injury. It determines whether you have a concussion. It will mostly be questionnaires to check the mental alertness, focus, and the time that you take for thinking. 

Q. When do concussion symptoms start?

It can be according to the severity of the concussion. In some cases the symptoms will be immediately visible and in others it can take up to 48 hours. 

Q. Is concussion a permanent condition?

Normally, a concussion can be healed within a few couple of weeks. When you have more than one concussion or series of concussions that can be of greater risk. 

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