What Does Grape Seed Extract Do For Men Testosteron? Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Written by Dr. Amber Jones

Testosterone is a vital male hormone and a powerhouse behind various bodily functions. While testosterone is associated with men, they are even present in women, but in a very small quantity.

Producing and maintaining the right testosterone levels (between 265 to 923 ng/dL) is crucial for bone density, muscle mass, strength, and overall vitality in men.

However, as time ticks forward, testosterone levels may start declining naturally. It is when nature may offer help, perhaps with the Grape Seed Extracts.

What is Grape Seed Extract? Does Grape Seed Extract Affect Testosterone Hormones?

Grape Seed Extract is a concentrated substance typically obtained from seeds of red grapes. The extract contains a concentrated dose of flavonoids, procyanidins, and polyphenols. These compounds are known for their anti-inflammatory benefits, antioxidant properties, improved heart health, and more.

Grape Seed Extracts Boost Testosterone

Grape Seed Extract is primarily known for containing Procyanidin B2, which has numerous health-improving effects.

So, Do Grape Seed Extracts Boost Testosterone? Grape Seed Extract Uses For Testosterone

The potential impact of Grape Seed Extract on Testosterone levels requires an understanding of different complexities. Although it is commonly believed that Grape Seed Extract increases testosterone levels, contrary to this, it doesn’t. Instead, Grape Seed Extracts are rich in Procyanidin B2 (an aromatase inhibitor) that may inhibit the production of aromatase retaining existing testosterone levels for a longer duration. Let’s understand it:

Aromatization is a common process where testosterone (primary male hormone) is converted into estrogen (primary female hormone) by the enzyme aromatase. Since Grape Seed Extracts is a rich source of Procyanidin B2 (an aromatase inhibitor), it may help optimize testosterone levels, especially amongst bodybuilders, athletes, etc.

However, there’s a caution before action. Despite the lab testing proof of Grape Seed Extracts as an aromatase inhibitor, there are conflicts on its application, usage, and benefits in the real world. Since Procyanidin B2 proves difficult to digest and absorb, its benefits for boosting testosterone levels may be limited. Also, limited research on this approach may raise more questions about its effectiveness.

What Is Grapeseed Extract Used For? Grape Seed Extract Usage And Benefits

Commonly used as a dietary supplement, Grape Seed Extract has various potential usage and benefits, including the following:

Grape Seed Extract Usage And Benefits

  • Due to its high concentration of antioxidants (flavonoids and polyphenols), Grape Seed Extract may offer excellent health support. Its usage for neutralizing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress is commonly known.
  • Grape Seed Extract may improve blood circulation and promote blood vessel dilation, thus enhancing overall heart health.
  • The antioxidants in its extract can be helpful and may offer skin protection from harmful UV rays, environmental pollutants, and more. Due to its potential benefits, many skincare products contain grape seed extract for rejuvenating skin properties and anti-aging effects.
  • As mentioned earlier in the discussion, although the claims are conflicting, its extract may help optimize testosterone levels.
  • Grape Seed Extract may have neuroprotective effects. Consuming it regularly may risk age-related cognitive decline as well.
  • Grape Seed Extract is commonly used as a supplement but athletes or those engaged in high-intensity physical workouts. It may help in improving endurance and reduce overall muscle fatigue.
  • Grape Seed Extract may be beneficial for inflammatory issues related to the body.
  • However, regardless of these usages and benefits, it is important to approach this area more through scientific evidence and under expert care/ guidance.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Grape Seed Extract?

Although Grape Seed Extract is generally a safe supplement, its overdose may have certain side effects, including the following:

  • Lower dosages of grape seed extract supplements are better as many individuals may experience mild digestive issues, particularly due to high dosages. Individuals with sensitive digestion may experience indigestion, diarrhea, or more symptoms.
  • Individuals who are on medication for lowering blood pressure may experience a sudden drop after consuming these supplements.
  • Grape seed extract is known to interfere with certain medications, including antiplatelet drugs, anticoagulant drugs, and medicines for hypertension.
  • The safety of using grape seed extract during pregnancy or amongst breastfeeding mothers is not well researched.
  • Headache and lethargy are another common side effect.
  • Although rare, using grape seed extract may damage the kidneys.
  • Lastly, some individuals may experience allergic reactions in the form of itching, swelling, or breathing difficulties.

Following the recommended dosage guideline and starting with a low dosage is important. Upon experiencing any of the above-mentioned side effects or any oddity in general, discontinue the usage of grape seed extract right away and consult with a healthcare professional.

Other Testosterone Boosting Supplements And Remedies

For boosting here are some supplements and lifestyle changes you can consider in your daily routine:

Testosterone Boosting Supplements And Remedies

  • Vitamin D supplements or sun exposure are linked to testosterone production. However, since sun exposure alone cannot do miracles, incorporate supplements along with egg yolks, fatty fish, mushrooms, cheese, etc into your diet.
  • Zinc in the form of seeds, nuts, and oysters or Zinc supplements for testosterone synthesis.
  • Regular physical exercise and mental stimulation to maintain healthy testosterone levels.
  • Good quality, adequate sleep since the back of sleep may impact the production of testosterone levels negatively.
  • Deep breathing, meditation, and more for stress management. Remember chronic stress can lower testosterone levels.
  • Reducing alcohol consumption since drinking alcohol excessively may hurt testosterone.
  • Incorporate fatty fish, olive oil, avocados, and more healthy fat options to regulate hormone production and improve testosterone levels.

Final Thoughts

Grape Seed Extract may have an impact on testosterone levels, however for increasing/ regulating testosterones, it cannot be the only solution. Grape Seed Extract as a supplement for testosterone is over-hyped however the results aren’t as impressive as other testosterone-increasing supplements. Also since the compounds present in Grape Seed Extract don’t fully absorb into the body, their result can vary from individual to individual.

Therefore, if you are dealing with any issues with testosterone production, it is better to consult a healthcare professional before using any such supplements. Although Grape Seed Extract is quite healthy it cannot be the most reliable nutrient for male hormones. Also, do not overlook the side effects when consuming these supplements.


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