What Causes Lower Abdominal Pain In Women? Know More!


Women tend to go through several pains, it could be a natural phenomenon or an underlying illness or an untreated infection.

The truth is, naturally women face thorns of pains either during labour, ovulation or menstruation. Other than these, the pains could be a sign of a critical health condition that needs immediate medical attention. Women go through what is called lower abdominal pains. These pains occur in the lower abdomen and it should be a concern to all women. It is important to learn about the lower abdominal pains.

Understand Lower Abdomen/ Abdominal Pain

The lower abdomen is the part that falls under your belly button.

Lower abdominal pains can include any of the organs that exist between your belly button and your pubic bone. This consists of abdominal organs and pelvic organs.

Lower abdominal pain appears from mild to severe. It may be aching, stabbing, twisting, cramping, gnawing or dull.

Causes Of Lower Abdominal Pains In Women?

Lower abdominal pains occur as a result of various distinctive conditions listed below:

👉 Menstrual Cramps

During the onset of menstruation, some women often experience severe pains that are usually crampy, dull or tight in the middle of the lower abdomen but sometimes, it spreads further into the lower back. For some women the pain is mild, for some it's excruciating and can only be managed using painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Menstrual Cramps

👉 Ovulation

1 out of 5 women globally experience extreme pain during ovulation. Most times the pain comes one sided in the lower abdomen and later spreads towards the back region. This discomforting pain can last several minutes or hours.  Using paracetamol or ibuprofen, this can help relieve the pain.

👉 Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

UTI also causes lower abdominal pains in women. If you have UTI when urinating, you will experience burning symptoms, the need to urinate frequently while little or no urine comes out. This is often very painful when the condition is serious but when it's mild, it can clear up on its own when you stay hydrated. If you go through severe UTI make sure to get it treated medically.

👉 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

This disease occurs as a result of infections in the reproductive system which affects the uterus, fallopian tube and ovaries. This is another cause of lower abdominal pains. The signs that indicate this to be the cause of your abdominal pains include pain during sex, spotting or fishy smell discharge. If left untreated, it can become critical and can lead to long term problems and infertility.

👉 Ectopic Pregnancy

Thousands of women around the world experience this. Ectopic pregnancy can also be the cause of lower abdominal pains. This usually happens when the fetus grows outside the womb, basically the fallopian tube. It is a very critical condition that needs the attention of a professional. 

👉 Pregnancy

Another cause of lower abdominal pains in women is pregnancy. This happens when the womb tries to enlarge to accommodate the fetus as it grows bigger. These contractions are discomforting and inconveniencing.

Sometimes lower abdominal pains during pregnancy can be as a result of a serious underlying issue. But in case you notice severe sudden or unexplained pains, also along with vaginal discharge or bleeding, kindly seek immediate medical attention.

👉 Flatulence

Another common cause of lower abdominal pains is excess trapped gas. This gas builds up in the digestive tract when swallowing air or it could also be as a result of gut bacteria breaking down foods. 

👉 Bacterial Vaginosis(BV)

This is an infection of the vagina caused by bacteria. It also causes strong pains in the lower abdomen.

👉 Cervical Cancer

This type of cancer occurs in the cervix. It can be a cause of lower abdominal pains.

👉 Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Infections contracted during sexual activities can get worse and result to lower abdominal pains. One of such is trichomoniasis. STI are numerous and can cause severe health issues down to infertility.

👉 Vaginal Yeast Infection

This is also known as candidiasis, mostly common among women. 


No level of pains in the body should be taken lightly. When there's pains in any part of the body, it is sending a signal of an underlying issues. So whether it is lower abdominal pain or not, when you notice pains other than menstrual cramps or ovulation, consult a healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment. A little delay can be dangerous, don't hesitate to get properly treated.

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