10 Ways To Improve Maternal Health: Investing In Moms


Maternal health is one of the most important things to be looked upon since it is also highly likely to affect even the upcoming generations. Apart from that, it is also quite inevitable to respect women who have undergone biological procedures that are quite tiresome.

It can also positively impact when it comes to preventing any possible postpartum blues or postpartum depression. Taking care of maternal health properly during the first pregnancy can significantly help in prepping the mother for subsequent healthy pregnancies if the couple wishes to have the same.

Strategies And Actions: Improving Maternal Health

Ways To Improve Maternal Health

However, it is quite unfortunate to know that many mothers across the globe are still not entitled to their rights on account of a range of different social, political, and economic factors. In some cases, the partner as well as the family members are ignorant about the right care and nutrition required by a mother during and after pregnancy.

This article is all about how you can easily get this done through some of the most convenient steps that may only require minimal effort and are still worth it.

1. Regular medical checkups

This is one of the most inevitable steps that you need to follow if you would like to take good care of that newborn mother who is much closer to you. In many cases, people tend to skip the checkup dates once they give birth to the child. And this can be one of the most consequential things that may end up in poor maternal health.

Regular blood pressure checkups, and blood sugar checkups, can only be possible through these routine visits to your gynecologist. Apart from that, these checkups can also help the mother to have a comprehensive knowledge of taking care of the child. It is also beneficial to diagnose any postpartum symptoms at its early stage and thus get them treated as soon as possible.

It can also help the partner and the other immediate family members to cooperate well with the newborn mother. It is also quite crucial to note that those who skip these regular checkups stand a greater chance of developing various kinds of postpartum complications sooner or later. 

2. Follow a balanced diet 

Following a balanced diet is also essential when it comes to maintaining good maternal health. This applies to mothers who have already given birth and to all those pregnant women out there. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your pregnancy months and indulging in some of your cravings. However, you must keep a strict eye on the portions you may have during those times. If possible try not to satisfy your cravings with food items that are processed, or junk.

3. Workout moderately 

Working out moderately during your pregnancy months can be extremely helpful. However, this does not apply to those who have been advised to complete bed rest by their doctor. Apart from that, make sure you are not involved in any kind of high-intensity workouts since this can harm the health of the child and mother as well. Jumping and weight lifting are some of the workouts to be avoided in this regard.

4. Return to the former life 

Birthing a child can bring drastic life to the couple. However, you must get back on track and resume all the routine activities and responsibilities that you have been doing so far after taking a sufficient amount of rest. This can immensely help the mother to get engaged outside the world of childbirth and thus maintain good mental health preventing possibilities of postpartum depression and postpartum blues. 

5. Have enough rest 

Resting is quite important to mothers after childbirth. It is important that the immediate family members of the newborn mother understand the situation and thus provide all the help and support to her. Taking care of her nutrition, and responsibilities regarding the child can help the mother have proper rest. Make sure her self-care sessions are not interrupted by childcare responsibilities.

6. Sleep 

Uninterrupted sleep for around 7-9 hours per day is also quite important, especially when it comes to women who have just undergone the process of childbirth. Breast milk storage techniques and equipment can be used to facilitate quality sleeping hours for the newborn mother. If your finances allow, employing a babysitter to feed the stored milk can also help the mother to sleep tight.

7. Following the medications

Following the prescribed medications can also help a newborn mother deal with a lot of physical and psychological difficulties. It is also important to fix any kind of nutritional deficiencies that the mother is likely to have during pregnancy or soon after the same.

8. Family planning 

Family planning is also quite important when it comes to taking care of the health of the mother. Unplanned pregnancies or contraceptive failures can also lead to continuous and consecutive pregnancies that can significantly worsen the physical and psychological health of the mother. Hence it is important to have access to good-quality contraceptives and awareness regarding the same. Family planning respecting mutual interests can also help. 

9. Postpartum treatment

If you find any mental disturbances within you after childbirth such as dislike or a lack of motherly affection for your child, this can be a symptom of your postpartum depression. Family members should also notice such unusual behavior from the mother and help them seek treatment as soon as possible.

10. Breastfeeding knowledge 

Learning the right ways to breastfeed your child can also help the burden of newborn mothers significantly. Wrong positions and prolonged duration can exhaust the mother physically and mentally leading to severe complications. 

Final note

Now you know everything you need to know about taking care of yourself in the right manner, if you have just given birth to your child. Apart from the mother, all the immediate family members, and those who are around the newborn mother also need to have a comprehensive knowledge about the ways through which maternal health can be improved. It is also mandatory that you ask your doubts about your gynecologist by having regular checkups and visits. 


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