V Shred Reviews: Scam Alert! An Effective Weight Loss Supplement Or Not?

Written by Elizabeth Brown

I am pretty sure you are not going to love this V Shred review because if you continue reading, you might end up not purchasing it.

That was a short disclaimer, but since you are reading this, you must be conscious and I appreciate your will for learning. You must be someone who never settles for anything less. And that is the right mindset I need in my readers. If you are one of my regular readers, you might know how I like to unveil the masks of the hyped supplements/ programs that try to do their best to get their catch. But, it seems like they are playing with the wrong audience, especially us.

V Shred Reviews: ( Warning) Fake Testimonials By Customers Revealed!

There may be no fault if the product is real but performs poorly for unanticipated reasons, given the possibility of a scam report. In the quest for a lean and sculpted figure, some individuals turn to fitness programs that promise quick results. Among such programs, V Shred has gained significant recognition in a short while, attracting many users who credit the program with their mind blogging transformations. However, the question remains: Was the transformation caused by V Shred? If yes, then, was it even a healthy transformation?

So today, I am going to analyze the V Shred weight loss program which has been garnering rave reviews from users and experts alike. V Shred is an online fitness program that is claimed to provide a comprehensive approach to fitness. In this V Shred review, I will address the claims made by the founders to analyze the truth behind them. So, let’s get started. 

V Shred Review

What is V Shred?

V Shred is a fitness program that is comprised of workout plans, supplement recommendations, and nutrition guides. According to the founders of the program, V Shred helps reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. However, the mysteries associated with the program make it hard to believe all the claims they put forward.

According to the team behind the development of the program, V Shred works by focusing on hormones and metabolism. V Shred’s marketing material also claims the same. They further claim V Shred leverages a Harvard-discovered secret loophole to provide people with the desired results. To add to the existing mystery, the loophole is unknown to everyone. While the loophole is said to make the weight loss journey much easier than before, the founders claim that the program would only be effective for those who dedicate themselves to achieving much more rapid weight loss results.

So, everything seems to be a mismatch and in the coming section, I will dig a little deeper into the program. The more you dig into V-Shred’s nutrition program, the more complicated it gets. Take this from a dietician with decades of experience assisting clients meet their nutrition goals.

V Shred Supplement Ingredients

As you can see, V Shred is an eating plan that comes along with workouts and supplements. However, the team has not been vocal about which supplement exactly they suggest to their clients. All they have disclosed is that their diets are primarily constructed around the fundamental concept that your specific body type should decide what you should eat. So, based on your body type, they will recommend some basic meal plans that normally limit to 1,200 calories a day. However, except for that, all other details are kept confidential and that indicates that the creators are desperately trying to hide something important.

No information regarding the supplements is revealed by the team and hence, the ingredients are unknown as well as their potential side effects. Therefore, it is safe to assume that V Shred is not as healthy as you thought.

How effectively does V Shred Work?

As per the information available on the internet, many claimed users credit the V Shred program with their transformation. So, if you ask whether or not the program works, I might not have a fixed answer. Maybe you could lose weight on it, but there is far more to consider. The V Shred diet plans urge a person to cut down their calorie intake all of a sudden, which can lead to other health concerns.

According to my analysis, the team does not compel you to work excessively, yet they ensure that you lose weight in 90 days. If you give it a thought, you can easily find their loophole. The program seems to be focusing more on the diet and the supplements, rather than on the exercises, which itself proves its credibility. Moreover, it is neither approved by any government-approved organizations nor it has a website. In short, being effective should not be the only criterion while analyzing the authenticity of a weight loss diet program.

V Shred Claimed Benefits

Read or watch any of V Shred’s marketing material and you will notice several benefits associated with the so-called weight loss program. The following are some of the climbed healthy benefits of V Shred. Scroll down to have a look at them:

  • Reduces body fat and increases muscle mass
  • Supports healthy metabolism
  • Reduces appetite and suppresses cravings
  • Reduces emotional eating
  • Boosts energy

If V Shred was a legit program, it would have been successful in providing all of these health benefits. However, keep in mind that the above-mentioned benefits are not the actual benefits of the weight loss program, but the claimed benefits. Know the difference. There is no evidence available to prove the effectiveness of the program. After all, the credibility of the program’s website itself is in question. So, how are we supposed to believe all these claims? So, it is better to give it a second thought before falling for these scam products.

V Shred Potential Side Effects

Since everything seems to be dubious around the V Shred weight loss program, it is safe to assume that the program might lead to some adverse effects. Even if the supplements used are assisting in quick weight loss, it is still dubious because who knows what are the ingredients used in it. Also, sudden cuts in calories will lead to various side effects. So, if you still want to take a chance, remember that you will be risking your health.

Also, if you are desperately looking for weight loss, I do have an option for you. You can consider taking the PrimeShred supplement which is proven to assist you with weight loss, but in a much healthier way.

V Shred Pros and Cons

In this previous section of the V Shred review, you might have understood that the weight loss formula lies somewhere far from your expectations. The weight loss program is associated with a few advantages and a myriad of disadvantages some of which are as follows:


  • V Shred provides personalized nutrition plans
  • V Shred provides customer care incorporating mental strategies and motivational techniques 


  • V Shred does have an official website which prompts us to question its authenticity 
  • The creators have not shared any information about the supplements used 
  • Quick results indicate the application of the wrong methods
  • Medical research facilities do not approve the program 
  • It is not safe in the long run 

How long does it take V Shred to show the result?

V Shred is an online fitness program and its flagship program “Ripped in 90” ensures you achieve a shredded physique in just 90 days. Though it sounds cool, it is always better to keep remaining yourselves that often the shortcuts to success are dangerous. It may give you the results, but would you be willing to trade your health just for looking snatched? If not, then V Shred is not for you.

Is V Shred Scam Or legit?

The creators of V Shred have been coming up with different methodologies to promote their online fitness program and they have gained quite a success in that. Because the program is now very popular among the target audience. But, popularity is not the only criterion that should be considered when choosing an appropriate diet plan. You should be checking its legitimacy and it cannot be quantified by its popularity. There are other factors such as genuine customer reviews, the credibility of the website, transparency of the creators, approval of the FDA, and other scientific reports to claim the legitimacy of a fitness program. Since V Shred does not fulfill any of these criteria, it is better to assume the online fitness program is not legit.

How and Where to Order V Shred?

Even after all these lectures, if you are still planning to register for the V Shred weight loss program, then listen to me carefully. You are doing nothing, but wasting your time. You cannot simply buy the package as the buying link itself is not currently available. First of all, the program lacks an official website and secondly, the promotional websites have taken down all the buying links. So, how are you going to register for the program? So, do you now agree that running behind V Shred is a complete waste of time?

As I mentioned earlier, PrimeShred could be of help in assisting you with your weight loss journey. It also has a website, so buying it is like a walk in the park. You can simply head to the official website, click on the purchase link, give the necessary details, and make the payment. It might take less than 5 minutes to do all of that. It is quite clear that this product is a complete scam or fraud.

V Shred Customer Reviews and Complaints

The V Shred customer reviews posted online suggest the online fitness program is a ten on ten. That itself is suspicious because, so far, there has been no fitness program that generated similar results for everyone. Moreover, it is a matter to be wondered whether, despite all the disadvantages associated with the program, all the users are equally satisfied with it. Nobody in the review section seems to have raised an eyebrow. So, it is likely that the provided customer reviews are sugar-coated.

Hence, I would never recommend my readers to give a thumbs up for a program as such, rather I would suggest giving PrimeShred a chance. The genuine customer reviews of PrimeShred are given on its official website and that proves how transparent the manufacturers are with their customers.

How does V Shred compare with other Supplements?

V Shred is a fitness program that lacks an official website, yet is hyped for its so-called benefits. Unlike V Shred, PrimeShred is a weight loss supplement made of clinically backed ingredients that is formulated to deliver accelerated weight loss. The vegan-friendly formula is not only advanced but also highly potent. The supplement works by the principle of thermogenesis. It is proven to support metabolism while also improving your energy and focus. Not only the ingredients are completely safe, but also the supplement is frequently lab-tested to ensure the purity of the formula, and it is approved by the FDA. After all, how can it be not safe when the supplement is formulated under strict, sterile, and precise manufacturing standards?

The most interesting part is that the supplement is also backed by a reliable money-back guarantee. So, when comparing the brand reputation, legitimacy, transparency, safety, and effectiveness, PrimeShred is far better than V Shred.

PrimeShredV Shred
Dietary form CapsuleCapsule
Pricing$59.99 / per bottle Not available
FormulationNaturalNot available
Money back guarantee180 daysNo
Customer ratings4.61.8
Made in FDA FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilityYesNo
AvailabilityThe official purchase link is available No official purchase link

V Shred Reviews: Final Verdict

V Shred is a combination of virtual training and a nutrition program that is claimed to give you a toned body in a short time. However, due to the lack of evidence, in this, V Shred review I have concluded that it is not a legitimate fitness program but a fad. Besides lacking an official website, it lacks scientific evidence, explanations, buying links, genuine customer reviews, and all other important factors that one needs to check before deciding to continue with it. Meanwhile, PrimeShred checks all the right boxes to become one of the best and most effective weight loss supplements, and it is natural. Also, it is not as expensive as V Shred.

So, what are you all waiting for? Start acting today if you also want to enjoy the perks of being pretty and handsome.


1. Is V Shred's diet plan healthy? 

The V Shred diet plans are extremely low in calories and when a person takes a sudden shift from a high-calorie diet to a low calorie, it will reflect adversely on their health. Therefore, the V Shred diet plan is not healthy. 

2. Do I need to hit the gym to follow the workout directions given on the V Shred workout plan? 

The V Shred fitness program focuses more on its diet plan and supplements, which is also one of its drawbacks, and therefore, its workout routine involves at-home exercises that require no machinery. 

3. Can both men and women use PrimeShred? 

Yes. PrimeShred is not only for men but also for women. It will help you burn fat fast regardless of your gender. 

4. Are there any side effects associated with PrimeShred? 

No. PrimeShred is a 100% natural weight loss supplement, meaning the formula is made of carefully curated natural ingredients. Therefore, it is free from any side effects. 

5. Is PrimeShred backed by a money-back guarantee? 

Yes. PrimeShred is backed by an industry-leading 100-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not completely impressed with the results, you can claim a full refund within the first 100 days of purchase and the creators will refund your money. 


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