What Are The Types Of Metabolism? Identify Your Metabolism Style


The energy we exhibit in carrying out various activities is powered by metabolism. Without energy, what can humans simply do? Nothing! Absolutely, that's why metabolic process is necessary to sustain life. After you've eaten, you might think it all ends there, but there's a lot of metabolic processes taking place inside your body system. It will be worth learning about metabolism, it types and also how you can determine your type of metabolism.

What Is Metabolism? What Defines Your Metabolism?

Metabolism is a chemical reaction in the body's cells that convert food into energy. Our body needs energy stored in food to carry out many activities and to maximize such energy after eaten, the food must be broken down through series of metabolic processes.

There are certain protein in the body that controls chemical reactions during metabolism.

To keep our body cells healthy and working, our body regulates thousands of metabolic processes happening at the same time.


How Does Metabolic Process Take Place?

Metabolism happens in a series of ways and it it will be vital to know this.

After consuming food, enzymes are used by the digestive system to breakdown protein into amino acids, turn fats into fatty acids, and turn carbohydrates into simple sugars like glucose. All these compounds are absorbed into the blood which carries them to the cells to be used by the body as sources of energy.

Well, after these compounds enter the cells, other enzymes act to accelerate the chemical reactions involved with metabolizing these compounds. Durng thee processes, energy from these compounds can be released for use in the body, stored in body tissues like liver, muscle and body fat.

We can conclude that metabolism is a balancing process involving two kinds of activities happening at the same time such as anabolism and catabolism.

What Controls Metabolism?

Many hormones of the endocrine system renders assistance of controlling the rate and direction of metabolism. These includes:

  • Thyroxine: this hormone is made and relaxed by the thyroid gland, it plays essential role in determining the fastness and slowness of the chemical reactions of metabolism in a person's body.
  • Pancreas: this secretes hormones that help know if the body's man metabolic activities are either anabolic or catabolic. The anabolic activity happens after a person has eaten.

What Are The Types Of Metabolism?

Metabolic type avries among individuals, so it involves different experience. The types are basically three and they interpret how people convert, use and store their energy from food.

The types include;

  • Endomorph
  • Mesomorph
  • Ectomorp

This involves a body type characterize by having larger bone structure and a higher percentage body fat. This is the most common body type. About 70% of the global population exhibit endomorph characteristics.

This typically explains those who have endomorph metabolism

  • A person with endomorph metabolism usually carry most of their weight in their lower body, developing muscles tissue very quick and build strength at ease.
  • They usually store fat easily and are efficient in storing nutrients.
  • Due to excess body fat, these groups of people become easily exhausted and are more prone to sedentarism.

This body type are often classified as naturally athletic physique.

This explains those with mesomorph metabolism:

  • They usually have medium build with vast mascular development and relatively low body fat.
  • This body type gains fat quickly and easily mostly in the lower body.
  • They are strong and responsive to exercise and display fast result when starting a new work out.
  • They can eat a moderate amount of food without gaining too much weight.


This is characterize as thin and lean. Out of the three types of Metabolism, ectomorp have the smallest body frame. The following explain their body type better:

  • Ectomorp tend to have slimmer waist, narrow hips and shoulders, small legs and long legs and arms.
  • They have low body fat and muscle mass.
  • They have faster metabolism which means they can easily and quickly gain more weight.
  • Due to faster metabolism, ectomorp get hungry frequently no matter how much they eat.


From the given types above, you can easily detect what metabolic body you have? These types painted a clear reflective combination of various body types. Metabolism is essential to sustain life and foster growth. Metabolism process generate energy we use in getting things done as far as we eat.

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