Tesofensine Reviews: Scam Alert! An Effective Weight Loss Supplement Or Not?

Written by Elizabeth Brown

Tesofensine is the latest in the list of supplements that specialize in offering weight loss benefits. However, the exception is that, unlike the rest of them, its background seems to be not upright and has many negative shades. The product was released a few months ago however it has depleted sales which makes sane people suspect its efficacy. As a means to deter this, the makers have strengthened their sales pitch lately to improve their sales. Let's find out more about the product in the Tesofensine reviews.

Tesofensine Reviews( Warning) Fake Testimonials By Customers Revealed!

In light of a potential scam report, if the product is authentic but underperforms due to unforeseen reasons, fault may not be found. However, in the case of Tesofensine, its consistent failure to alleviate buyer concerns raises suspicion. This is in stark contrast to reliable products like Puravive weight loss supplement which already have a huge presence in the market owing to its reputation.

In this Tesofensine review, we will go through its various aspects like ingredients, benefits, pros and cons, pricing and availability, etc to see whether it has any merits. After carefully analyzing the product, we will provide our genuine opinion towards the end of the review. So keep on reading about Tesofensive review.

Tesofensine Reviews
Supplement NameTesofensine
Claimed PurposeWeight Loss
Side EffectsReported
Customer Rating
AvailabilityNo Authentic Website

What is Tesofensine?

Tesofensine is stated to provide weight loss and improve metabolic aspects of the body. The user community denies these as they are pretty useless and contribute to a plethora of side effects. The product is not manufactured in sterile production centers approved by regulatory bodies like the FDA and GMP. Contrary to the claims of the manufacturers, there have been reports suggesting that it is made using harmful chemicals. However, the product comes as an easy-to-use capsule making it easy for consumption. Another plus point is that it comes at a cheaper price though its availability cannot be guaranteed in retail stores. Due to the lack of an official website, it cannot be purchased online either.

Tesofensine Ingredients

Tesofesine has been fostered by its makers as an all-rounder supplement that is made using purely natural ingredients. It does not seem right that those behind this product confuse people by providing wrong information regarding its content. The bottle label does not have any details about the ingredients and processing methods. In contrast, we find many product reviews carefully planted in digital spaces with cooked-up ingredient lists. These paid campaigns have to be seen as an attempt to boost the marketing of the Tesofensine. In this section, we will focus on the wannabe ingredients list published by a media outlet.

The ingredients list does not provide accurate information about the product’s formulation. While honey and coconut seem to be specific a majority of the other substances listed seem to be an attempt at generalization. The mention of natural flavor seems to have implications suggesting the use of artificial and genetically modified substances in the making.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has voiced its concern against the practice of adding artificial ingredients and advised not to use non-sugar sweeteners for weight control. The herbal ingredients seem to be nothing else other than a facade in hiding its actual content. As discussed previously, it can very well mimic the texture and smell of herbs. In all, we are not at all satisfied with the list as it does not seem to be legitimate and carries inherent flaws.

How effectively do Tesofensine Supplements Work?

Tesofensine does not have any record of helping customers reduce their belly fat and improve their metabolic aspects. The makers have been spreading lies without any accountability to woo unsuspecting consumers. These acts of the makers are nothing short of deception and cannot go unchecked. The product has been introduced into the markets as one that provides an array of health benefits.

However in reality that does not seem to be the case. Many users have been complaining about its total inability to provide any relief and worsening the health aspects of the users. Reports suggest that many users have to take medical aid to relieve them from the harsh side effects it has caused. The experts see it as a grave problem and urge the general public to be wary of these fraudulent products.

Tesofensine Benefits Claimed

The makers of Tesofensine claim many health benefits that users would have if they take it regularly. The primary benefit that has been attributed to it is that it promotes healthy weight loss naturally. However, not many users approve of it and they say what it does is induce fatigue in the body and the food cravings go up. Tesofensine also has been hailed by its makers for strengthening metabolic aspects of the body sustainably. Also, they add that it can also elevate memory and can even raise IQ levels. All these claims seem to be out of desperation of the makers to somehow promote their product as its sales plummeted in the wake of criticism. There is no point in arguing against the claims as it is quite clear that it questions logic.

Tesofensine Potential Side Effects

A majority of users of Tesofensine report that the product induces headaches and nausea within days of its use. For some the side effects appear only after a few weeks of its use. This is problematic as it makes it difficult to treat and takes a bit longer to get relief. Other problems which have been reported are abdominal pain, cognitive issues, and lethargy. Experts suggest that scam products like these can cause very bad consequences to overall health in the long run.

Pros And Cons Of Tesofensine

In this section, we will mention some pros and cons of Tesofensine. Check out the following.


  • Available at cheaper rates
  • A user-friendly dietary supplement


  • Lacks scientific evidence to prove claims
  • Does not have a publicized ingredients list
  • Not formulated in FDA and GMP-approved facilities
  • No official website or buying link
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Bad customer ratings and approvals

How long does it take Tesofensine to Show the Result?

The customers who have opted for Tesofensine ignoring the many reports that disapprove of the product say they made a big mistake. It does not offer any benefits that have been promised and on the contrary, acts negatively. Many users report that they experienced mild to severe side effects and have to take prompt medical aid to fight back the symptoms.

Unfortunately, the use of this product has caused severe health problems for vulnerable people who have to be admitted to nursing homes to fight the symptoms. The makers of the product have not provided any money-back guarantee thus cutting the chance for a refund. They now seem vehement in promoting awareness among customers with social media posts alerting others from pursuing this product.

Is the Tesofensine Scam Or legit?

Tesofensine has a dubious background and the makers of this product do not care to self-introduce them to the general public. It is a matter of concern that in this day and age, the product does not have an official website. Likewise, the ingredients used in the product remain unknown and it does not seem to have been formulated in FDA and GMP-approved facilities in the US. Most importantly, the buyers have not received any benefits from using this product and on top of that have experienced side effects of various proportions. It is quite evident that this product is nothing short of a scam.

Tesofensine: How And Where To Order?

Unfortunately, Tesofensine does not have an official website and lacks an authentic buying link. However, some customers report that they have managed to purchase it from local vendors. A few others tried to buy the product from third-party websites and soon found themselves landing on phishing sites. If you need better alternatives to this scam product, we would suggest Puravive. It is a supplement that has been around for many years now helping scores of people to systematically reduce their body weight.

Tesofensine Customer reviews and complaints

Tesofensine has been accused of not providing amicable results and causing side effects. Many customers have shared the same view after using it for a while. A social worker from Atlanta used it for a while only to find himself facing memory issues and cognitive problems. In another incident, a saleswoman from Denver had severe stomachache and body pain after taking it for two weeks. In both cases, the victims have to take prompt medical aid to relieve the side effects. It is sad to see that a lot of customers go through the hardships of using fraudulent products when better alternatives like Puravive are available. It is a reputed brand that has been in the markets for years now helping scores of users to become fit and healthy.

How does Tesofensine perform when compared to other Supplements?

In this section, we will compare Tesofensine with another supplement that enjoys great hype in the market. For comparison, we will take the major facets of both these supplements. Refer to the table below.

Puravive VS Tesofensine
Dietary form CapsuleCapsule
Pricing$59 / per bottle Not available
FormulationNaturalNot available
Money back guarantee180 daysNo
Customer ratings4.61.8
Made in FDA FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilityYesNo
AvailabilityThe official purchase link is available No official purchase link

Tesofensine Reviews: Final Verdict

Tesofensine claims to promote ideal weight loss and support metabolic aspects of the body. However, no scientific proof exists for the product on how it manages to provide such benefits. The makers insist that it has been made using pure natural ingredients though they have not publicized the ingredients list. Similarly, anonymity also prevails regarding the production units where it has been formulated. It comes as easy to use capsules and at cheaper rates which seems to be the only two reasons favorable for the product. Unfortunately, the supplement has the worst customer ratings as it fails consistently to provide benefits to buyers.

During our investigation, we ran across a better alternative by the name of Puravive. This addition has been around for many years providing good results in terms of weight loss. It has the best customer ratings and approvals of its competitors. The good news is that it is made using pure natural ingredients in FDA and GMP-approved production facilities in the US. The supplement comes at affordable prices and has a whopping 180-day money-back guarantee. Unlike the product in a review, it has no side effects that have been ever reported anywhere to date. We believe it is worth the money you spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for Tesofensine to reduce 10-20 pounds of body weight?

Tesofensine has not been reported to provide any satisfactory results to customers and we cannot assure of the duration it will take to offer benefits.

What if Tesofensine fails to provide results in my case?

The makers of Tesofensine do not offer any money-back guarantee and you will not be able to claim any refund if it underperforms.

How long will it take to deliver Tesofensine after placing an order?

Reports suggest that it will take a long time to receive the package after placing the order. In certain cases, the delivery never happened.

Where are the ingredients used in Tesofensine procured?

Unfortunately, the ingredients list of Tesofensine has not been published yet and we cannot say anything about the places from which they have been sourced.

Can I buy Tesofensine from Amazon?

Tesofensine cannot be bought from Amazon or any other retail store.


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