Tea For Weight Loss: How Does Tea Aid In Effective Weight Loss?

Written by Elizabeth Brown

Tea is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of our daily life and is consumed in a large variety. You will be surprised to know that some specific varieties of tea can help you shed the extra fats produced in your body. Due to its magical properties, people are using it to aid some values in their weight loss program. Sip your way to a slimmer you with the benefits of tea for weight loss.

But, before adding tea to your diet, it is essential to use the right leaf, as you can find a wide variety of teas that have specific functionalities. In this regard, we have provided 3 amazing teas that can help you lose weight with minimum effort.

How Do Tea Leaves Help in Losing Weight?

Before delving into the type of tea leaf you must choose to add to your diet. It is essential to understand how it works. You can find different types of tea plants that have their own functionality in losing weight. Hence, some properties are found in common that we have discussed in this section and help you opt for the best quality tea for weight management.

Tea Leaves Helping In Losing Weight

In general, tea leaves are high in flavones and catechins that help burn fat during exercise and even at rest. Some studies have also found that dreaming tea can help you swap out the calories in your body and thus aid in weight loss. But it is only possible when the beverage drink you are consuming has no sugar content.

Some studies have also found that tea contains caffeine, which helps to provide energy to the body and stimulate exercise performance. Being involved in physical activities can help you to shed more calories and ultimately you lose your weight. Additionally, green tea also has epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) substances, which boost metabolism and promote healthy weight management.

Top 3 Teas That Can Effectively Help In Weight Loss

You have to note that tea leaves come in a variety, which has their own properties and functionalities in shedding those extra pounds. In this regard, we have provided the best 3 types of teas that can help you lose weight according to your body's needs.

1. Green Tea

When it comes to losing weight, green tea comes in first due to its magical components. Green tea contains EGCG and caffeine content, which helps burn calories effectively compared to other beverage drinks. Additionally, studies have also found that consuming 2 cups of green tea per day can lower the percentage of body fat in the body.

To achieve the optimal result, it is essential that the EGCG must be combined with 80 to 300 milligrams of caffeine per day. This may increase the breaking process of fatty acid in the body and aid in your weight loss. To achieve this amount, you must know the correct preparation method for green tea so that its nutritional values are not fed away.

Green Tea for Weight loss

First, take 1 cup of water in a saucepan and heat the water until it boils. Once it boils, leave it for 5 minutes while adding green tea leaf, and again leave it for 5 minutes. Now, squeeze the leaves into the water, pour into a cup, and have it as hot as possible.

Make sure to drink this beverage before having your meal. So that it can burn the fats present in your body. Additionally, your body doesn’t perform any metabolic processes, and hence, it breaks down fat easily. Therefore, it is recommended to have breakfast early in the morning, at least 1 hour before.

2. Black Tea

The next beverage drink is black tea, which is made using the same leaf as green tea. It is found in studies that drinking 3 cups of black tea per day can help in losing weight in both men and women. It has polyphenols, which lower the calorie intake and absorb carbs and fats within it.

Additionally, polyphenols also stimulate the gut bacteria in the body, which helps in combating various deadly diseases, including obesity. Other than polyphenols, these leaves are also prepared with prolonged oxidation, which increases the EGCG level. As a result, consuming such drinks daily can help to improve the metabolism and reduce weight.

Hence, you can prepare it by following very simple steps where you need to boil a teaspoon of black tea. After that, turn off your stove and leave it for 10 minutes to simmer all the nutrients in the water. Remove the leaves from the water and pour the water into a cup to enjoy it with lemon juice.

3. White Tea

White tea can be your ideal choice as it is one of the least processed beverages and can help in the process of weight loss. This means that it contains the highest components that can help in losing extra belly fat. Some research has also found that white tea has high anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidant properties, including EGCG.

All these properties work together to fasten the fat-burning process as compared to any other beverage drink. It has been observed that regular consumption of white tea breaks down the fat cells present in the body and stops forming new ones. As a result, this beverage drink provides the most effective and the fastest way to shed the extra calories

The preparation of white tea is very similar to those beverage drinks that we have discussed previously. Here, you need to boil the water and place the tea on a cup of other utensils in which you are comfortable. Now, pour the hot water into the cup and remove the leaves after a few minutes to enjoy your drink.

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Final Words

Other than the teas mentioned above, here are some more tea options that you can choose to lose weight. These are Oolong tea, puerh, and herbal tea, which contribute the same effect but with lower intensity. But for more optimal results, you can choose the above teas that we have mentioned above.

It is also essential to note that physical exercise and following a proper diet are equally important to maintain a healthy weight. These beverage drinks can only speed up fat fat-burning process, which you can enhance by exercising daily.


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