Supplements For Muscle Recovery And Repair: Don’t Miss Out These Boosters


Like rubber, the muscles, when overstretched or pushed, can tear or break. This tear is caused by the ligament’s inability to go beyond a particular point, either in exercise, which is mostly where most muscle tears happen or during everyday physical activities.

In sports and athletics, injuries, especially of the muscles, are part of the game. Since the body is prone to wear and tear, it can break during rigorous exercises. However, with the right structures, in the form of food or nutrient supplements, in place, the muscles can be as good as new again.

No one wants to be sidelined for longer than is necessary because of any injury, especially one that can be repaired in a matter of weeks.

Nature has embedded in certain kinds of foods the power to restore the muscles to their original state before wear or tear occurs.

Supplements have been identified by fitness coaches as being highly essential for the quick recovery and rehabilitation of the muscles.

Understanding Sore Muscles

When working out or during intense physical activities, even during sex, the muscles can become sore. It is just like rubbing one’s hands on a rough surface for hours. It may begin to lose its natural resistance, and some films or coats of protection may begin to wear off, causing the muscles to slack or get weak. This is evident, especially for individuals who have just started some lifestyle changes.

Supplements For Muscle Recovery And Repair

Imagine a child who is learning how to walk or crawl. The first steps are always the hardest. The muscles, like those of that child, are stretched beyond their capacity and may break. If an individual is switching exercises or trying out a new way of exercising, he or she may encounter a high propensity for muscle sores, especially when these new activities are prolonged and the body is not used to them.

Some of these activities may include contraction, which may include one lowering portion of a biceps curl. At this time, during this exercise, the muscles lengthen while under tension, and this stretch can lead to soreness. However, there is a thin line between soreness from a workout and soreness from an injury.

Some soreness comes after working out. It sets in after a few hours or even a few days. This is known as delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. This is believed to be caused by a micro-damage to the muscle fibers, which causes inflammation.

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Supplements For Muscle Recovery And Repair

DOMS, according to fitness instructors and coaches, is part of the process of your muscles becoming conditioned to a new activity. All this can be solved with the right supplements to rebuild and heal one’s muscles.

Some recommended supplements include:

🔹 Protein Supplements

Proteins are foods rich in building up body tissues. It can help to build back broken-down muscle fibers one at a time and take the body back to how it used to be. After a muscle injury, the injured part of the body is most often immobile. This leads to a decline in muscle mass and agility.

Getting enough protein supplements, nutritionists have said, can help minimize what may be an immense loss.

More so, protein-rich supplements have been identified to prevent inflammation from deteriorating or slowing healing. Like a film, it coats the affected part as the days go by until the injuries are no longer felt on the muscles.

Since muscle injuries are mostly internal, without any external open wound, protein supplements, when consumed in the right proportion, do the magic from the inside, rebuilding and refilling lost tissues.

🔹 Creatine Supplement

Creatine, when ingested, turns into creatine phosphate. This compound gives the body energy. Although there is varied research on the subject, some peer-reviewed studies have shown that, when taken in the right amount, creatine supplements may aid in muscle recovery.

A research paper published on BioMedCentral stated that taking creatine would result in ‘greater muscle strength’, especially during the recovery process. It has also been shown to boost performance.

🔹 BCAA Supplement

Branched-chain amino acids (also known as BCAA) can also aid in muscle recovery and repair. The body can make most amino acids on its own, but there are a few others, like BCAA, that it cannot make.

BCAA falls into the second category and is an essential one. falling into the second category is an essential amino acid.

When taken, BCAA supplements provide the body with essential amino acids that aid muscle recovery and repair.

🔹 Magnesium Supplement

Magnesium has been shown over time to assist with muscle recovery. This is because the element helps the muscles relax.

A lack of magnesium has been shown to be the major cause of incessant muscle cramps.

Credible research has shown that nearly 50 percent of the United States population does not get enough magnesium in their diet. For women, the number is a whopping 75 percent. Consuming magnesium supplements can aid in muscle support and healthy muscle contraction.

🔹 Fatty Acid Supplement

An essential supplement for muscle recovery is fatty acids. This is because they also supply energy and reduce inflammation.

🔹 Citrulline Malate Supplement

Citrulline (found in watermelon), which is a non-essential amino acid, when taken as a supplement, changes into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps open blood vessels and improves blood flow. This makes it easier to get blood and other nutrients to the muscles, speeding their recovery.

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