6 Steps To Treat Groin Injuries In Runners: A Runner's Guide For Groin Injuries Recovery


Running is all about your legs, and all the muscles in your leg, and other parts present in your legs are crucial in becoming a successful runner.

A groin injury is when the inner thigh gets stretched, torn, or gets any kind of injury. This condition is not very common among runners, but when a runner gets this it can make things extremely difficult. The role that the inner thighs have when you run a mile or two is crucial and they have to be taken care of. 

In this article, we are exploring more tips about the steps to treat groin injuries in runners 

Most Common Steps To Treat Groin Injuries In Runners

Here are the common steps that can help you to recover from the groin injury that you have stumbled upon. Correctly following these steps and the doctor's instructions is the only way to heal the injury quickly. There are no other shortcuts that can come to your help. 

Most Common Steps To Treat Groin Injuries In Runners

  • Diagnose why you are in pain

The first step is to know the reason behind your pain as different injuries need different treatments. To identify that you will have to go through your running schedules and other training and workouts that you do which might be the reason for your injury. You can get help from a sports medicine expert. 

  • Relative rest

A phase that you have to undergo when you have any kind of sports injury. Relative rest is a sports term that is used to refer to the rest that you have to undertake when you are injured. It takes time for the injury to heal and recover. It's not a good idea to skip relative rest.

  • Focus On Flexibility, Endurance, And Strength 

The time that you take a break from running can be used to build muscle strength and endurance. This can be an ideal time to start and focus on strength training. You should not be following any YouTubers or social media influencers blindly, and only start the exercises recommended by your doctor. 

  • Make Progress Over Time

The key approach towards yourself is to be patient and to make progress, not in a single day, but with time. As you are under rest and have an injury, you should not strain more, but be on a healthy workout pattern. 

  • Gradually Start Running 

You might feel you are fine after some time, but you have to complete the relative rest period prescribed by the doctor. Once you rest for a couple of days and start exercising, you should not begin to run miles again. Make sure to get back to running gradually and go with small distances, initially.

  • Prescribed Medication

In case you are taking any medicine, it should be the ones prescribed by a doctor. Do not take O-T-C medications and the ones that your friend followed when he/she suffered a groin injury. 

To know whether you have a groin injury you can check for the following signs. The common symptoms of groin injury are pain while lifting the knee, pain with a feeling of tenderness in the groin area and inside the thigh, extreme pain when you try to squeeze together your legs, swelling, and bruising may or may not be present. 

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Groin injuries if not treated properly at the right time can get severe and have the potential to cause further health implications for you. So, it is ideal to keep an eye on whether you experience any pain or discomfort when you walk, run, or lift your knees. The key factor is to not neglect any sensations that you feel in the legs, thighs, and knees. 

Make sure that you are on an expert-recommended routine, and that includes your running schedule, diet habits, workouts, and sleep. 


Q1: Can you still run with a groin injury?

It depends on the severity and the intensity of the groin injury that you have. In the case of some injuries, you might be able to continue running, but at shorter distances. Some might need you to completely pause it for a while. 

Q2: How do you fix a groin injury when running?

You have to take a break from running and take rest until the pain and soreness ease, or until the period prescribed by the doctor ends. Also, do not engage yourself in any physically intense activities. 

Q3: What foods are good for running injuries?

Generally, it is advised to follow a nutrient-rich diet when you have any kind of running injury such as a groin pull. You can add protein, zinc, and collagen to your diet. Also, take advice from a sports dietician before you start doing that. 

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