Side Effects Of Taking Mounjaro For Type 2 Diabetes


Managing blood sugar for diabetic patients is a challenge. As a diabetic person, you start the essential medicine, but it is vital to exercise and eat a balanced meal. Type 2 diabetes is an ailment that is engulfing people at an alarming rate.

Rather, most of the developed countries are witnessing it as a major threat. High blood sugar implies that there are severe chances of other diseases like heart attack, kidney ailments, eyesight problems, nerve conditions, and even amputation if a limb gets infected.

Thus, it is significant to maintain sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes makes a person constantly thirsty and feels tired most of the time. There is an urge to pee, and the wounds take long to heal. All in all, it is one disease that leads to several other risks and blurry vision is the most alarming one.

Can Type 2 diabetics take Mounjaro?

Benefits of monjura

Mounjaro is a prescribed medicine meant for adults who have type 2 diabetes. The medicine helps to manage blood sugar levels. It comes in the form of an injection that's given under the skin.

Mounjaro is a brand-name medication and tripeptide is its active ingredient. Tirzepatide is an active ingredient that makes the drug work, and its generic version is not available. Monjura treats type 2 diabetes in many ways. 

Benefits of monjura

It helps in the following ways:

  1. It helps in the secretion of more insulin ( a hormone that helps decrease blood sugar levels)
  2. Reduces sugar production in the liver
  3. It empties the food from the stomach slowly so the person feels fuller for a long duration and there is no binge eating that could increase sugar levels.

Side effects of Mounjaro

Any drug is bound to have side effects. The most common side effects of monjura will also differ from person to person. The drug will affect the other drugs that the person is consuming. Also, it could affect other body functions.

Thus, only after a complete thorough check-up the medicine should be consumed. Consult your practitioner before making any change in medications, or lifestyle as all could impact the effect of monjura on your body. 

Some of the mild side effects of mounjaro

Mounjaro may present some mild side effects. The side effects cease to exist in a few days. However, even these are discomforting and could aggravate if not attended. The mild side effects of mounjaro are as follows:

Serious side effects of mounjaro

There could be some major side effects, mounjaro, which could bother immensely. These side effects are not common but, one in a hundred may face it. If, after taking the injection, there is any serious side effect, then it is only feasible to contact the doctor as it's an emergency. Serious side effects of mounjaro are as follows:

  • Extreme digestive issues that could result in acute kidney injury
  • Pancreatitis
  • Gallbladder issues
  • Thyroid cancer starts with shortness of breath, hoarseness, unusual lump in the neck, and difficulty in swallowing
  • Severe allergic reactions

Use of mounjaro

Mounjaro solution comes in a single-dose pen and it is taken once a week. There is a written instruction or even video is available regarding its usage. It is to be taken once a week. It is given under the skin of your abdomen or upper thigh. An expert can also give it to the back of the upper arm.

In case it's been four days or less since the dose was missed, then taking the injection immediately is recommended. However, if it's been more than four days then take it on the next scheduled date. However, check the blood sugar levels and consult the doctor immediately if there is any discomfort. 

What are the precautions of Mounjaro?

There are a few precautions that one has to adhere to before starting the medication. If there is a family history of thyroid cancer or if there is any other medical history. In case of any other medical condition, the drug could interact with Mounjaro injections. In the case of diabetic retinopathy, Mounjaro could worsen the situation and thus cannot be taken.

Also, with digestive issues or pancreatitis, the doctor will find other alternatives as it could aggravate the problem. It is only after a complete check-up, drug use information, history of ailments, and family medical history that Mounjaro injections are recommended. Plus, the injections are monitored under medical supervision. 

Dosage of Mounjaro

Depending on sugar levels, other ailments, and age the doctor prescribes Mounjaro’s dosage. It is a prefilled injection given under the skin. Mounjaro is a single-dose injection pen. The doctor adjusts the dose over time. Mostly, the doctor darts with low dosages. After a time the dose is minimized to get the desired results. 

Final Note

Mounjaro is a prescribed drug that has been put to use after several trials. The medicine has no generic alternative. It is an effective medicine but then comes with certain side effects. Also, it is not a wonder pill that will cure type 2 diabetes.

It requires a complete lifestyle change, dietary change, and even better emphasis on mental health. All these factors work hand-in-hand, and then only it can help control blood sugar levels; it does not imply that it grants the license to eat unhealthy food.


1. Who should not use Mounjaro?

Pregnant, breastfeeding, and people with other complications like cancer, pancreatitis, or digestive issues should not take it.

2. How soon after taking Mounjaro do you feel better?

Mounjaro will make you feel better minutes after the consumption, but then it is advised to monitor the condition after taking the injection.

3. What foods to avoid while taking Mounjaro?

Any food that the doctor has advised not to consume as it could affect blood sugar levels is prohibited when consuming mounjaro. Alcohol and smoking are also not allowed. 

4. How long do side effects last?

 Mounjaro has side effects, which are temporary and last for a few weeks and it fades as the body adapts to the drugs. Severe side effects like pancreatitis or severe digestive issues could happen, but these are extremely rare, and a doctor will help them to handle them.

5. Is Mounjaro safe to take?

 It is mostly safe to take Mounjaro. The doctor will determine the continuation of dosage depending on the severity of the condition, age, and the body’s response to the medication.

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