Safe Testosterone Dosage For Muscle Growth: A Guide!


Are you thinking of taking a synthetic version of the primary male hormone, i.e., testosterone, to gain muscle and bodybuilding benefits? If yes, then you must know the exact dosage needed to achieve the result that you want and also must manage the routines well for effective and long-lasting effects.

If you provide your body with a slow and steady release of testosterone, then you will be able to achieve better physical performance and also high-quality muscles overall. So, let’s navigate you through the world of synthetic testosterone that will support the development of muscle mass, increase your strength, and induce better endurance.

The Visible Benefits Of Synthetic Testosterone In Your Body

Benefits Of Synthetic Testosterone

Increases Your Energy Levels

You must have noticed that you feel tired after an intense session of heavy workouts or activities, haven’t you? This is because the exercises that you perform and the activities that you do consume a lot of your energy and reduce your stamina.

But the beauty of testosterone doses is that they can boost your energy by 50% and make you cheerful no matter how much you work. It can also keep you energetic throughout your workout session, and even after that, you will be able to do other necessary exercises without lethargy.

You Can Have A Peaceful And Quality Sleep

According to the survey results, good testosterone levels help you get better and quality sleep, and the same increases by 33%. When you rest well and wake up fresh, you feel energetic for the rest of the day and can perform well in your daily work.

Also, if you sleep well, you will be less irritated and will have a cheerful mood unless any outside factor spoils it. When your body gets proper rest at night, you will be able to have more proactive and productive mornings, and that will contribute to making your muscle growth journey more exciting and enjoyable.

You Can Gain Huge Muscle Mass

Maintaining the correct levels of testosterone can help you gain an overall body mass index because it is one of the main functions of this hormone. However, if your body is unable to produce testosterone naturally and you are taking supplements for it, then you will surely witness a substantial acceleration in muscle growth.

You can see a surge in your muscle gain because the supplement can boost 40% of nitrogen retention, which leads to higher protein synthesis. If you are in your muscle gain journey, then you must know how vital protein is for promoting body mass index and muscle growth.

When you start taking the supplement for testosterone, it will not take you much longer to see a significant change in your body mass and muscle as it starts working in quite a short period.

Increases Your Endurance And Strength

You know that the red blood cells in your body are responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to the rest parts of your body, right? So, with the help of testosterone supplements, you can increase up to 30% of red blood cell count and enhance the function of these oxygen careers by increasing their capacity.

When the count of your red blood cells increases, it also results in the improvement of your stamina, endurance, and overall muscular strength. So when you gain muscle in your body, your endurance power eventually enhances, and your ability to do different types of strength-related work increases.

You Can Recover Quickly Post Workouts

Do you need time to recover and gain back your energy after you have just finished your workout session? If yes, then approximately how much time do you take to gain back the energy that you have given while working out? Doesn't it take longer because you need some time to rest and let your muscles relax so that you can recover completely from those high and intensive exercises?

Well, you know you can shorten Recovery time between workouts because the testosterone supplement speeds up the phase by 48%. Do you get what this means? It means that you can recover quickly while exercising and then move on to the next set of exercises that is in your daily routine. 

What Is The Right Dosage Of Testosterone?

If you have a condition of testosterone deficiency, then only you can use this supplement after getting it prescribed by your doctor or physician. Since it is used for medical purposes and the treatment of testosterone-deficient persons, it is always recommended to take it according to the dosage instructions of the specialist or professional.

The dosage depends solely upon the concentration levels of the hormone in your blood, so it can vary from person to person, ranging from child to adult. 

According to the general instruction, if you are getting testosterone replacement therapy to support the secretion of your hormone, then 150 to 450 mg will be implanted in your body in 3 to 6 months intervals. The doses are given through an injection in the hip area or other parts of the body that contain stored fats.

However, the amount of dosage may increase or decrease depending upon the individual it is being given to. This is because the existing levels of testosterone, age, and health conditions are also considered while recommending the application of synthetic testosterone.


According to the studies, testosterone doses result in increasing the level of hormones, muscle mass, sexual function, cognition, strength, etc, in young men and adults. However, you must understand that different bodies require different doses, and it also depends upon the concentration of hormones in your body.

The therapy may not have the same response for every individual, so it is the part of your healthcare provider or specialist doctor to tailor your dosage according to your body's requirements. If your body is capable of producing enough amount that is needed by the organs to function correctly, then you must not take the therapy because the high amount of testosterone can also lead to several disadvantages and side effects.


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