Rehabilitation Exercises For ACL Tear - Factors Causing ACL Tear!


ACL tear can described as a tear that has happened to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). this ligament is seen in the middle part of the knee and it is present as thick bands of tissues that connect the bones of the knee to each other. A well-functioning ACL prevents the shin bone from getting to the front of the thigh bone and it keeps the shin bone in the place that it needs to be in. 

The importance of rehabilitation in sports is to restrict the extent of the injury, to reduce the loss of function of the muscle or the ligament, to reverse the possible impairment that can happen due to the injury, and to prevent the possibility of any kind of disability. There have been instances in which rehabilitation has been effective to even correct the disability induced by the injury, altogether. 

Let's have a look at what are some best rehabilitation exercises for ACL tear.

Rehabilitation Exercises For ACL Tear - Explored

Before that,

What Can Cause An ACL Tear?

An ACL tear can be caused when the ligaments get partially or completely torn. His can cause extreme pain in the knees and can restrict any kind of motion that requires the knee. It is commonly seen in basketball players, footballers, tennis players, and skiers. 

It can be treated and healed with surgeries and most often for ACL tears is physiotherapy. When you have an ACL tear all rehabilitation exercises can be done to recover from the condition. 

ACL Tear Physio

You have to start with a set of exercises, then proceed to the the next phase of exercises. You might be able to extend the knees fully in the beginning itself and that might time patience and consistency from your side. The exercises are:

👉To Obtain A Full Knee Extension

  • Passive knee extension

  • Sit in a chair
  • Rest your legs in another chair placed opposite you

The chairs should be identical and between the chairs, there should be a small gap, not longer than how long your leg is. 

  • Continue in that position for 1 -2 mins many times a day. 

This helps to relax the leg and straighten the knees. 

  • Heel props

  • Stand on an even and solid ground 
  • Stand behind a table or chair
  • Gently raise the heels, try standing only with the support of your toe fingers
  • Continue in that position for 4 - 8 seconds
  • Gently come back to normal standing position
  • Do this several times a day

While you try standing in your tiptoes and feel like losing your balance you can place your hands on the table or chair in front of you. 

👉 To Obtain Knee Flexion/Knee Bending 

  • Half squats

  • Stand normally on a flat surface holding to a table 
  • Place your feet leaving a small gap between them (shoulder’s width)
  • Try to bend your knees and gently do a half squat, by bringing down the lower hips
  • Continue in that position for 8 - 10 seconds 
  • Gently return back to the normal standing position and do many sets

Half Squats Exercises

  • Passive knee bend

  • Sit on ground
  • Place a towel around the foot of the injured leg
  • Hold the two ends of the towel with two hands
  • Slowly pull the towel towards you allowing the knee to bend
  • Continue for 8- 12 seconds
  • Relax the leg 
  • Repeat multiple times a day

👉 To Build Strength

  • Stand on a flat surface 

  • Slowly lift the leg with no injuries 
  • You will be standing with the support of the injured leg
  • Continue in that position for as long as you can (even 1 or  2 seconds is fine in the beginning)
  • Slowly bring the leg down 
  • Do multiple times a day 

This exercise helps to build balance. 

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The Bottom Line

There are various rehabilitation exercises for the ACL tear. While some support knee extension, some support knee bending, building strength, and increasing the balance. The above given are some of the major rehabilitation exercises for ACL tear. You are to start performing that only under the guidance of a certified professional. Also, keep in mind that you might not be able to successfully do this in the very first attempt itself. Therefore, do not be hard on yourself and take time to gradually improve over time. 

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