How To Reduce Libido In Males?


Libido is commonly known as sexual desire or drive. High libido is a normal thing, but sometimes it can have a negative impact on having a healthy relationship and living a healthy, common life. It is a very complex process and depends on many factors, like environment, stress, hormonal, etc.

In this article, you will see some important ways to reduce libido and increase the quality of your life and relationship.

Things to do to reduce libido in males.

High libido depends on many things, but if you want, you can reduce it. Here are some quick recommendations to do so.

Things to Reduce Libido In Males

1. Identify Triggers

First, you have to identify some elements that cause triggers in your mind that increase sex drive. These triggers can be images, movies, food, drink, or some people. Try to avoid these triggering things at the initial stage of the process of reducing libido.

2. Manage Stress

An important component that may cause libido reduction is stress. It is seen in many research that in stressful conditions, libido increases, so try to control your stress by participating in some stress management activities like yoga, meditation, etc.

3. Participate In High-Intensity Workout

Participating in a high-intensity workout can decrease the libido because a high-intensity workout releases happy hormones, and after releasing happy hormones, the sex drive get decreases. Sex drive is also a way of releasing dopamine, which is known as happy hormones.

High-intensity workout releases high dopamine, which reduces the libido and also increases the quality of life.

4. Take The Appropriate Diet

It is proven in any study that dietary change can change libido levels in food; some foods can decrease the level of libido, like soy, red meat, coffee, chocolate, etc.

5. Take Medical Help

If you have been suffering from high libido for a long time and this is also starting to affect your relationship, then you should consult a specialized doctor; a medical doctor can help you with medical or psychological treatment.

Men’s libido-reducing medications that are frequently used include:

Hormone Therapy- The main sex hormone is testosterone, and having high levels of it may increase one’s desire to have sex. Your doctor may advise testosterone-blocking medicine to lower your libido if your testosterone levels are excessive.

Antidepressants- Some medications may also cause a decrease in libido as a side effect. For guys who are having trouble controlling their sex drive, this side effect may be useful. 

Various Medication- Other treatments, such as chemotherapy drugs and narcotic painkillers, can also cause a decrease in libido as an adverse effect. If you take any drugs, discuss whether they might be having an impact on your libido with your doctor.

6. Avoid Alcohol And Smoking

Substances like alcohol and smoking are also a reason for increasing libido. Avoiding alcohol and smoking increases the quality of life and relationships.

What Else Can You Do To Reduce Libido?

pornography can boost libido and make it challenging to control one’s thoughts and urges during sexual activity.

This can help in shifting your attention away from sex and towards other things. 

speaking with a therapist can be beneficial if you are having trouble controlling your desire on your own. Develop a coping mechanism and gain insight into the underlying causes of your strong libido with the help of a therapist. 

There are a few things you may do to manage a high libido and lead a happy, meaningful life:

  • Communication is key- communicate well with your partner.
  • Set limits- Set limits to your desire.
  • Divert your energy into some other good things

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Men may reduce their libido in a variety of ways, both naturally and medically. To examine the possibility if you are having a problem with high sex drive, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Additionally, it’s important to express your requirements with your partner and to support one another.

It is essential to understand that there is no one method that works for everyone to lower desire. One person’s solution might not be suitable for another. It is important to try different things and determine what works best for you.

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