Psyllium Husk Weight Loss: Can Psyllium Husk Help You Lose Weight?


Did you come across any article claiming that psyllium husk will help you lose weight? It’s quite natural that you become skeptical about the authenticity of the claim made. However, no worries. In this article, we take you through what psyllium husk is and delve deep into whether it will help in your weight loss mission.

What Is Psyllium Husk?

Also known by the name Isabgol, psyllium husk is a kind of soluble fiber derived from the seeds of Plantago ovata, a shrub-like herb. It is available in the market in supplement form and is used in the manufacture of over-the-counter supplements such as Metamucil. Psyllium husk also comes in the form of wafers, tablets, and capsules.

Benefits Of Psyllium Husk In Weight Loss

Let’s go through the purported benefits of psyllium husk in losing weight.

Benefits Of Psyllium Husk In Weight Loss

1. Helps Feel Fuller

Psyllium husk contains high amounts of both soluble and insoluble fiber. It works in such a way that it absorbs water and will settle a layer in your stomach. Thus, psyllium husk will make you feel fuller for longer periods.

2. Combats body bulge

The benefits of psyllium husk include improving the digestive system and boosting immunity. It also helps in cleansing the colon thus offering resistance against fat gain. Ultimately, you will benefit from fat burn and weight loss.

3. Helps Achieve A Calorie Deficit

Psyllium husk contains less amount of calories. As a result, it becomes easier to achieve a calorie deficit that ultimately results in weight loss.

Can Psyllium Husk Help You Lose Weight?

Now back to the original question. Can psyllium husk help you lose weight? There are contrasting findings on the effectiveness of psyllium husk in weight reduction.

  • In a 2016 study, the effects of consuming 10.2 grams of psyllium before breakfast were observed. Later, it was found that there was a significant increase in the feelings of fullness, it helped cut down hunger cravings and lowered the temptation to eat between meals.
  • On the other hand, a study conducted in 2020 shows that psyllium husk did not make any impact on BMI ( Body Mass Index) or body weight.

Expert Opinion On The Effectiveness Of Psyllium Husk In Weight Loss

Experts are also divided on the effectiveness of psyllium husk in losing weight.

  • According to Rhyan Geiger, a registered dietitian nutritionist, increasing the daily intake of fiber can help reduce appetite. The reason is that fiber slows the pace at which the stomach empties thus making one feel fuller for longer. The resultant benefits include reduced snacking and help make better food choices that aid in weight loss.
  • Geetika Bajaj, a nutritionist and lifestyle management consultant says that psyllium husk is not a weight loss agent. According to her, there will never be any reduction in body weight with these things. She also adds that when a person’s gut is clean, there will always be a change in his/her weight. On the other hand, when one is not able to poop, there will be an increase in weight. However, it doesn’t lead to a reduction in body weight.

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Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Psyllium Husk?

All experts say that there are no side effects associated with consuming psyllium husk. However, if one is using psyllium husk as a catalyst in their weight loss journey, it is recommended to drink enough water. The reason is that less fiber and excess water can cause a mess up in the digestive system.


Hope the article offers lesser-known information on whether psyllium husk helps you lose weight. The final take is that consuming psyllium husk may offer the feeling of feeling fuller after eating bare minimum food. However, you need to realize that no shortcuts can help you in losing weight. Keep in mind that it is quite important to exercise and eat a balanced meal.

Also, if you are someone experiencing difficulty swallowing, bowel obstructions or spasms, or esophageal stricture, it is not recommended to take psyllium and other fiber supplements. Last but not least, those diagnosed with kidney disease also should speak to the doctor before including psyllium in their diet.

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