ProJoint Plus Reviews: (VitaPost) Will It Support Your Joint Functions And Mobility?

Written by Alex Milan

ProJoint Plus is an advanced joint support supplement that is created using eight herbal extracts and is available in capsular form. According to the manufacturers, it is backed up by ample research and solid clinical evidence.

The formula claims to target inflammation and improve joint function. This ProJoint Plus review will examine these claims and help you decide whether it is a legitimate dietary solution for joints.

ProJoint Plus Reviews: Is It Clinically Proven To Promote Cartilage Health?

Initial observations on the ProJoint Plus supplement give legitimate impressions. You can find well-articulated packaging and labels where no harmful ingredients are listed. Also, an additional official website promotes its credibility. However, being a dietary solution, taking extra care can be ideal.

There are countless ProJoint Plus reviews available online that support the hype the formula holds. However, you need to know details such as its ingredients, how it works, what the scientific evidence is, etc to truly evaluate the effectiveness of this supplement.

Going further, you will also be provided with details such as customer reviews, pricing, and availability before the final verdict. So continue reading everything you need to know about the ProJoint Plus joint health formula. 

ProJoint Plus Review
NameProJoint Plus
CategoryJoint health supplement
Unit Count180
Made InUSA
Manufacturing Standards▪️ FDA-registered facility
▪️ Follows GMP guidelines
Ingredients▪️ Glucosamine Sulfate
▪️ Quercetin
▪️ MSM
▪️ Boswellia Extract
▪️ Turmeric
▪️ Bromelain
▪️ Methionine
▪️ Chondroitin sulfate
Benefits▪️ Supports cartilage health
▪️ Improves mobility and flexibility
▪️ Increases sleep and energy levels
Side EffectsNot reported yet
RefundFor 5-months
AvailabilityOnly through the ProJoint Plus official website
Official websiteClick Here

What Is ProJoint Plus? 

ProJoint Plus is a revamped joint health supplement manufactured by VitaPost, a leading dietary company based in the United States. It provides healthy joints and cartilage and increases mobility. The updated ProJoint Plus formula contains 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate per serving. It is available in easy-to-swallow capsule form and each bottle contains 180 capsules which can be sufficient for up to 60 days.

Each ProJoint Plus capsule contains a proprietary blend of herbal extracts. These ingredients are of premium quality and some of them are domestically produced and others foreign imported. It is entirely manufactured inside the United States in facilities that comply with the highest standards of safety and quality ensured by agencies such as the FDA and GMP.

Thousands of customers have already taken the formula and have claimed multiple benefits from it. ProJoint Plus joint mobility supplement has been praised by medical experts and scientific journals for the effectiveness it adds to joint and muscle comfort. It can only be purchased from the official website and with every purchase, a five-month money-back guarantee is assured by the makers. 

How Does The ProJoint Plus Supplement Work?

ProJoint Plus cartilage health formula works based on solid research and clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of combining a group of herbal extracts to reduce swelling and inflammation in your body. It contains 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate in each serving.

Studies have shown that extracted from shellfish and chondroitin, glucosamine can provide considerable joint health benefits. A research paper published in the Rheumatology International journal has explained the role of glucosamine in treating osteoarthritis.

Another ingredient used in the ProJoint Plus tablet is Boswellia extract. A study published in the BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies explicated that boswellia extract can be effective in treating osteoarthritis.

Like these, all ProJoint Plus ingredients work synergistically to provide joint and cartilage health benefits.

Benefits Of Taking The ProJoint Plus Capsules

There are countless health benefits offered by the ProJoint Plus dietary supplement. Some of these include:

  • Improves joint health and mobility- The regular intake of the ProJoint Plus pills improves joint health. It contains antioxidants that target inflammation and improve overall joint flexibility.
  • Supports cartilage health and functions- Ingredients like glucosamine can rebuild cartilage and support its functions. This can ensure your muscle and joint health is in a balanced state.
  • Increases overall flexibility and movement- Once you start consuming the ProJoint Plus joint health capsules, you can experience improved joint flexibility and mobility. The nutrients in glucosamine and chondroitin can nourish your joints and enhance your flexibility.
  • Enhances sleep quality and improves energy levels- Consistent intake of the ProJoint Plus pain relief formula can improve your sleep quality. This can also enhance your energy levels.

How To Use VitaPost ProJoint Plus Pills?

According to the supplement label, each ProJoint Plus bottle contains 180 easy-to-swallow capsules that can take up to 60 days. The manufacturers suggest you take at least 3 capsules a day along with food to gain results.

You can also take 3 ProJoint Plus capsules with breakfast and 3 with dinner in the first few weeks to harness faster pain relief. Either you can take all 3 capsules with a single meal or take one with breakfast, another with lunch, and the rest with dinner. Or take 2 capsules with breakfast, 2 with lunch, and 2 with dinner for optimum benefits. Consume the formula regularly for a prolonged period to gain maximum benefits. 

What Are The Core ProJoint Plus Ingredients?

Each ProJoint Plus joint support formula contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that can support your joint and cartilage health. These ingredients and how they provide you with joint pain relief and muscular strength are detailed below:

ProJoint Plus Ingredients

Glucosamine Sulfate- Each serving of ProJoint Plus contains 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate. It is naturally found in your body and reduces inflammation. Studies have shown that glucosamine sulfate can provide you relief from conditions such as osteoarthritis. 

Quercetin- Having antioxidant properties, quercetin can reduce free radical damage and relieve you from joint and muscle pain. It can decrease swelling and provide you with arthritis relief. 

MSM- Also called Methylsulfonylmethane, MSM can exhibit antioxidant properties and reduce joint inflammation. Combined with glucosamine, it can reduce conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. 

Boswellia Extract- The next ProJoint Plus ingredient is Boswellia which is an anti-inflammatory agent. It can reduce joint stiffness and conditions such as osteoarthritis. It can relieve inflammation and improve joint flexibility and mobility.

Bromelain- This extract found in pineapple, bromelain can provide relief from muscular and joint sprains. It can also reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

Turmeric- Curcumin, a bioactive compound in turmeric improves joint health and muscle function. It has been shown to provide similar benefits to ibuprofen, a pain reliever. 

Other than these, the ProJoint Plus pain management formula also contains Methionine and Chondroitin sulfate.

Pros And Cons Of ProJoint Plus 

ProJoint Plus dietary tablets are made using herbal extracts. Before purchasing it, you need to know the different sides. This includes both the positive and negative aspects of the dietary supplement.

Compared to other bone health aids in the market, it has more positives than negatives. A list of the pros and cons is given in this part of the ProJoint Plus review.


  • Made using 100% clinically proven herbal extracts.
  • Contains 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate per serving.
  • Easy-to-swallow capsules form.
  • No ProJoint Plus side effects
  • Manufactured inside the United States.
  • Made in FDA and GMP-accredited facilities.
  • Lactose-free and quality ingredients.


  • Only for adults
  • Available only on the VitaPost ProJoint Plus official website.

Side Effects Linked With ProJoint Plus Usage

There are no ProJoint Plus side effects reported from its consumption. It is because of various reasons. This is a research-backed joint health formula that contains vitamins to reduce inflammation and joint health issues. It is made from 100% herbal extracts that are collected from premium domestic and foreign imported ingredients.

ProJoint Plus Supplement Facts

ProJoint Plus capsule contains 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate in each serving. It is lactose-free and safe for your body. It is manufactured inside the United States in facilities that comply with the highest standards of safety assured by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Thousands of customers have already taken the capsules and haven’t reported any side effects from it.

When To Expect The ProJoint Plus Results?

The time taken to harness optimum benefits from any dietary aid can vary based on individual differences. Still, some people have claimed to get results from the ProJoint Plus joint mobility formula within the first few weeks of its consumption and for some, it has extended beyond one month.

In any case, it is ideal to consume the supplement regularly for at least 2-3 months. When you take the ProJoint Plus pills for a longer time, the effects can also stay much longer. Such benefits will even stay sustainable over 1-2 years minimum. 

How Are The ProJoint Plus Users Responding?

Thousands of customers have claimed positive results from taking the ProJoint Plus formula. According to some of these customers, it has helped them find relief from the age-old nagging pain in their joints and muscles.

After experimenting with different combinations of glucosamine formulas, it came in handy for their ailments. According to some other customers, the ProJoint Plus supplement has helped them in relieving knee pain and increasing their joint and cartilage flexibility. They now can move easily and experience better mobility and strength.

Some other customers have also claimed that it has helped them in reducing joint and muscle aches associated with physical activity such as yoga and gym workouts. Overall, most of the ProJoint Plus customer reviews are positive and this adds to the credibility of this joint health formula.

Where To Order ProJoint Plus?

According to the ProJoint Plus manufacturers, it can only be purchased from the official website. As of now, there are no means of distribution through retail stores or online marketplaces like Walmart or Amazon. It has gained much demand already and this has created many replica formulas of it.

Consuming these imitator supplements might cause serious side effects for your body and to avoid such pitfalls, the makers suggest you buy this only from the ProJoint Plus official website. 

ProJoint Plus Price, Shipping And Refund

You can purchase the ProJoint Plus bottles in three different packages from the official website. The price details of each package are listed below:

1 Bottle60 Days$39.95+ free shipping
2 Bottles120 Days$75.95+ free shipping
3 Bottles Plus 1 Free240 Days$113.94+ free shipping

Every ProJoint Plus purchase from the official website entails a five-month money-back guarantee. So if you don’t find any satisfactory results from taking the capsules, you can claim a full refund within five months of using it. All you have to do is keep in contact with the customer service team and make a claim for a refund. Your full money will be credited back to your account without further delay or hassles. 

Concluding Lines: ProJoint Plus Reviews

VitaPost ProJoint Plus is a premium joint pain relief formula made using clinically proven herbal extracts. Each serving contains 1500 mg of glucosamine sulfate. It can support joint health and cartilage functions.

All the ProJoint Plus ingredients are natural and safe for the body. It is manufactured in the United States in facilities that comply with the standards of the  FDA and GMP.  Thousands of customers have already taken the capsules and have claimed joint health benefits from them. Based on these factors explained in this ProJoint Plus review, it can be effectively summarized that it is a legitimate joint health formula.


1.  My grandfather is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Can he be given ProJoint Plus tablets?

ProJoint Plus provides a natural solution to reduce joint pain and arthritis. Still, if you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before taking the tablets.

2. Can I take ProJoint Plus joint health formula with my protein supplement?

Taking it with other formulas is not an issue. Still, consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

3. How many ProJoint Plus bottles should I purchase?

It is always better to purchase multiple combo packages as they can prolong a longer shelf life.

4.  Can I consume alcohol with the ProJoint Plus joint pain relief supplement?

It is not ideal to consume alcohol even without any formulas as it can hamper your health.

5. How many days will it take for the package to reach my doorstep?

It will take 5-7 days to reach ProJoint Plus at your doorsteps.


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