Best Office Workout Moves: Revitalize Your Workday


Are you suffering from back pains, neck cramps, and muscle strains by sitting for long hours in your office? If yes, then you must try some of the best office workout moves that can effectively help you. This article explores some exercises that are simple and appropriate to perform at your workplace. So, just plunge and practice them for better health.

Benefits Of Workout In Your Office

Office workouts can not only improve your overall well-being but will also help you stay active at your workplace. Practicing basic workout moves at your workplace will help you get rid of the muscle strains and body cramps that you have by sitting for long hours. 

Benefits Of Workout In Your Office

Also, it can boost the productivity of your work by keeping your mind alert. Moreover, office workouts can also give you the ability to tackle chronic stress from your workload. Therefore, trying some moves at your office can be a healthy and advantageous practice.

8 Superb Excercise Moves For Office

1. Desk Planks Can Be Helpful

You may have tried planks on the floor, but when you are in the office, it will not be appropriate to lie down on the floor. So, you can improvise the plank exercise with your working desk. This can be done by leaning on your table, putting the upper body weight on your arms and elbow, and holding the position for 30 seconds.

2. Try Neck Rolls

Neck rolls can help you get rid of muscle strains and cramps in your neck. Thus, you can try neck rolls just by simply sitting on your office chair. Try slowly rolling your read from right to left once and then do the opposite. This workout can effectively improve your neck posture and stretch the cervical spine.

3. Oblique Twist Will Be Fun

Oblique twist can be a fun workout for you as for this; you will need your rotating chair. Hold the edge of your desk and lift your foot from the ground. Further, using your core, swing left to right and vice versa. You will enjoy this workout, feeling like you are sitting on a ride or swing.

4. Simple Seated Leg Extensions

If you want a light office exercise move, then a seated leg extension can be a great option. You can do it simply by sitting on a chair and extending and stretching your leg out straight. You can extend your legs under the table if you have enough space or just pull your chair back to make some room.

5. Wrist And Ankle Rotations

Other great office workout moves are writs and ankle rotations. Wrist rotation may give your hand relief from the pain you had typing on a keyboard. On the other hand, ankle rotations can get you some relief from the stress you had in your feet by sitting for long hours. You can simply raise your hand and ankle in front of you and slowly rotate them from right to left and vice versa.

6. Wall Sits For Good Posture

The wall can enhance your sitting posture and help you relax your back. You can do this workout by sitting or standing and putting your back straight on a wall. If you are practicing this while standing, then you can also slide down to your hips and work out your muscles, such as hamstrings, cores, glutes, and quads.

7. Easy To Do- Calf Raises

Calf raises are another easy-to-perform workplace exercise. You can do it by sitting in your chair or standing. You just need to raise your ankles from the floor until your weights come on your toes. This workout can benefit your muscles, tendons, and around the ankle joints. So, give it a try and strengthen your calves.

8. Use Your Chair For Squats

Another office workout you can do with your chair is squats. For this, simply stand in front of your chair and squat until your hips touch the chair. Repeat it and perform 10 to 5 reps in one set. This strengthens your hamstring muscles and knee joints.

Closing Up

Practicing some basic workouts at your office can be effective for keeping yourself motivated and active. Besides, exercising can promote your overall well-being and improve your productivity. So, just go on to perform the above-enlisted office workout moves for good results.

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