Marshmallow Root Benefits, Side Effects, And More – A Comprehensive Guide


Marshmallow Root is one such herb that has gained popularity in the healthcare domain in recent times. An increasing percentage of the population is also using this herb for a couple of health benefits. However, have you ever known that this can be toxic too, if you are not properly educated on how to use it in the right way? This article will let you know everything you need to know about this herb. The right way to use it, some of its major healthcare benefits, some important side effects, and so on. Read on and find out more about this wonderful herb. 

Marshmallow Root: Benefits 

1. Remedy for flu symptoms like cough and cold 

Marshmallow root is a rich source of mucilaginous, making it a perfect remedy against cough and cold. Apart from these less severe symptoms of flu, marshmallow root has also been used as an effective remedy against more intense health conditions such as bronchitis and a couple of other respiratory tract diseases.

Marshmallow Root

Apart from that, many tonics and syrups available in the market against cough and cold have this ingredient on their list. You may also consider having marshmallow root tea if you would like to include this as a dietary choice in order to cure the cold and cough symptoms. 

2. Improves skin health 

Marshmallow root can also be considered an effective remedy for issues like itchiness on the skin and various other types of skin irritation. Apart from that, it is also good for symptoms of skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. It is the anti-inflammatory properties of the marshmallow root that facilitate these skincare gains. Moreover, you can also find a lot of pharmacy skincare products prescribed by doctors containing the presence of marshmallow root. 

3. Heals wounds 

If you are injured and it is likely to get infected with bacteria, ointments containing the extracts of marshmallow root can be quite effective. These medicinal roots have antibacterial properties that can destroy bacterial infections in the wounds. Apart from that, marshmallow root is also proven to fight effectively against gram-positive bacteria, which is one of the main infection-causing bacteria in the human body.

Even though there is not much scientific evidence proving the potential of ointments with marshmallow root extracts to cure wounds with bacterial infections. Many people have testified that they experienced a faster recovery with such products when compared to regular antibacterial ones. 

4. Sun Protecting Factor (SPF)

It is also said that this particular herb has significant sun-protecting factors. On account of this, several Sunscreen lotions, sunblock, and many other similar products can be seen with the extract of marshmallow root inside it. Since it can prevent the dangerous UV rays’ effect on the skin, it can also thereby prevent early signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, hyperpigmentation, and so on that are caused due to exposure to the harmful UV rays. It is also a beneficial element when it comes to skincare in general apart from its effect as a sunblock. 

5. Relieves pain 

Marshmallow root can also help in relieving pain in individuals caused due to a lot of factors such as infections or injuries. You may consume it internally in the form of extracts. There are also pain-relieving syrups and tonics available in the market with marshmallow root extract contained in it. It may also soothe the region along with reducing the pain in the area. Since it is quite a safe option to be consumed when it comes to pain relief, you can have it in the early stage of any pain or discomfort itself.

Marshmallow Root: Side Effects 

1. Upset stomach 

Generally, this herbal root is less likely to cause any side effects or risks. However, if you are not having an eye on the portions you are consuming. It can have toxic effects on your overall health. This root can upset the stomach of the individual and may also cause a feeling of dizziness. In order to avoid such difficulties and discomforts, it is advised to take the extract in the least minimum quantities, especially when you are a beginner with the same. If you are not experiencing any side effects, you can gradually increase the dosage without such discomfort. 

2. Reaction to diabetes drugs 

Diabate drugs and marshmallow root extract may not get along well. Hence, it is important that you seek an expert consultation before consuming it on a regular basis. It is also vital that you share the consumption of marshmallow root extract as a dietary supplement with your doctor if you are starting to have any kind of other medication in order to avoid casualties. Your doctor’s consent can also help in ensuring the maximum absorption of both medications. 

Marshmallow Root: Risk Factors 

Even though Marshmallow rots are quite beneficial in a lot of health aspects, it is important that you are enlightened properly about the risk factors of consuming the same, especially during certain times in life. If you are someone who is carrying or breastfeeding your newborn. It is better to stay away from consuming marshmallow root extract since it can have a negative impact on the health and growth of the fetus, newborn, pregnant lady, and newborn mother.

Some sources also restrict the consumption of marshmallow extracts when you are suffering from hyperglycemia or any such issues. Individuals with scheduled surgery are also not advised to have this root extract. 

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Now you know the exact purpose of marshmallow extract and the right way to use it for the benefit of your body and its overall health. Since you have also been informed about the side effects of the same. You would be able to stay conscious when it comes to the quantity of the extract that you consume. The frequency of consumption, and so on. The risk factors are also quite helpful to completely stop the usage of the same if you are going through the respective risk stages mentioned above.


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