12 Makeup Ideas For Christmas And New Year Parties


The time of the year has come when all families and friends gather around to celebrate Christmas and New Year. These festivities are not only a season for holidays, good food, or presents but also for glamming up your looks. You get to buy new clothes, makeup, and whatnot to make your festivals more enjoyable. Everyone wants to look their best in these times and it's okay to go overboard because when else will you have a chance? In this blog, we are going to discuss the infamous 12 makeup ideas for the Christmas and New Year parties.

If you are looking to style your way into 2023’s holiday season, then this blog is for you.

1. Dramatic Eyeliner For Christmas

Your eyes are the way to your personality, soft, bold, or straight-out devil. Let your eyes speak this Christmas for itself. You can go for the classy black eyeliner that has wings at the end, or you can choose colored eyeliner to make a bold statement. Make sure that the wings are matching to each other and do not come across as crooked.

12  Makeup Ideas For Christmas

2. Smokey Eyes For Midnight Mirage

You can never go wrong with the smokey look when it comes to parties. It is very elegant and matches all your outfits, giving you the best of it. Remember to start your makeup with light browns and then move to shades of black. This way you are saving yourself from the black-eye look. To finish the look, always go for thick eyeliner and perfectly shaped brows.

3. Glittery Eyes For Christmas Parties

All that glitter is not gold, but it is the twinkle of stardust with a shimmery glow. Glam up your makeup look with the starry lights at your next Christmas party. You can go for gold, bronze, or rose gold shades to give yourself glitter eyes. Keep the tones subtle and add extra lashes for a complete look. Don’t forget to go with a thin eyeliner and kajal to highlight your eyes.

4. Ombre Lips For The New Year’s Eve

There is no comparison to ombre lips when it comes to celebrations. Sure the red lips will make the heads turn, but ombre lips state classy with elegance. This goes for every shade of skin out there and gives a fuller look to your lips. Go with the nude lipstick of your choice, and add a dash of lip gloss to it for a complete look.

5. Matte Burgundy Eyes For Christmas Eve

Burgundy is the new shade next to black that goes well with all skin tones. Whether it is an office Christmas party or meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, burgundy eye makeup will never let you down. Start with the lighter shades of burgundy and blend it perfectly for a sensational touch. Are you Looking for Makeup Ideas For Christmas And New Year Parties? If you want to create a dramatic look then add extra lashes and curl them up nicely.

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6. Classic Cherry Red Lips For Christmas

Well, Christmas is the color of red and green, so why not bring it to your makeup? Besides, a classic red lipstick would never go wrong with any outfit or a party. Use a lip liner to give a fuller look to your lips and then apply the lipstick. Don’t use a gloss at the end as it can look overdone after some time.

7. Golden Glow Up For The New Years

Highlighting your cheekbones with a dab of golden shade will give you a minimalist yet perfect look for this New Year’s party. With subtle eyeliner and nude lips, this look will have you on fire all day long. To add more drama to the eyes, you can add a layer of lashes and finish the look.

8. White Eyeliner For This Christmas 

With white eyeliner, you will be making a bold statement at this Christmas party. It will take some trial and error for you to get the perfect line but once it's complete you will not regret practicing it. It has a unique and easy look to it.

9. Pink Glow Up For The New Year’s Eve

Those rosy cheeks and lips are surely sweet and innocent but will give you the perfect attire for New Year’s Eve. It will brighten up your romantic date and make your partner fall in love with you. Choose Makeup Ideas For Christmas And New Year Parties Make sure to style your hair either with a straightener or a blow dryer to have a fabulous look.

10. Color It Up!

Make those color palettes pop in your look with a blend of contrast. You can use a color combination that suits well with your skin and style it with dramatic eyes. Just remember not to overdo it, as it will be bizarre rather than fun!

11. Green Eyes For Christmas Look

Since we have red making a statement for the lip, why not add a little green too? Don’t go for red lips and green eyeshadow at any point! Use only one of the styles at a time. Pop your eyes with the green eyeshadow and add a layer of mascara to your lashes and you are done with the look.

12. Peachy Shades For a Subtle Look

When you are planning for a subtle look, the natural and flawless shades always work! They not only give innocence to your face but also have angelic angles. The best part about this look is that you can use just one ingredient to dab into your cheeks, lids, and lips.

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Holidays are the season of celebration with your loved ones, and everyone wants to look their best. It is okay to go overboard with the preparations for Christmas and New Year’s as it comes only once a year. Give yourself the look that you want and suit your tones.

Make sure when you are playing with colors, keep it monochrome and blend it perfectly with your skin. Use clean brushes and blenders to apply your makeup with perfect synchronization. So stay classy and enjoy your holidays! Hope You will try these Makeup Ideas For Christmas And New Year Parties.

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