Everything You Need To Know About Lip Reduction Surgery


Have you ever seen those models with the perfect smile and the right proportion of lips? These features may not be natural and many individuals have undergone surgery to get that “perfect” look on their faces. The purpose of lip surgery is not only to eliminate the excess lips but also to give them a beautiful shape by reconstructing them surgically.

To have those sculpted lips that are perfect for your pout, smile, and different expressions is something more than God’s gift. Well, with the advanced medical science, this God gift can be availed by anyone who wishes for it.

In this blog, we are going to discover the ins and outs of Lip reduction surgery, its procedure, expenses, and side effects. So, if you are someone who is looking for the ideal lip structure to boost your confidence or an aspiring plastic surgeon then this blog is for you.

Lip Reduction Surgery: Process, Expenses, And Side Effects

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Lips are a defining feature of our face, and often the smile makes a day. Lip reduction is removing excess fat and tissues from your lips, to make it proportionate to your face. So, to understand the procedure of lip reduction, it is important to know the areas of the lips that can be reshaped as per your preference. These parts are well explained below:

🟢 The Lip Line or the Vermillion Border

This is the outline of your lips, which joins the lip to your skin. The vermillion color of the red line around your lips can be enhanced with a simple lip liner or with the help of a medical procedure.

🟢 Cupid’s Bow

The V on the upper lip is called the cupid bow. Usually, this double curve can be elevated or reduced based on the other parts of your face.

🟢 Tubercle

This is the part on your upper lip that helps you give the perfect pout expression. It protrudes on the center of your lips and is very soft to the touch.

🟢 Upper Lip

The upper section of your lip is separated from the vermillion border.

🟢 Lower Lip

The lower section of your lips is separated from the lip line.

🟢 Oral Commissure

This is the corner of your mouth where the upper lip and the lower lip meet.

🟢 Labial Frenulum

This part is not usually seen as it connects the gums, upper lip, and lower lip with the band of tissues.

Now to perform lip reduction surgery, the labial frenulum is the part where your doctors will focus on. You will need to have a consultation with your doctor before undergoing the surgery, and the pros and cons will be listed for you. After you have made up your mind, the doctor will set a date for the surgery and you can have the lips that you wished for.

Process Of Lip Reduction Surgery

The process does not require more than an hour to be precise, but the effect of general anesthesia and the targeted lip sections defines the total duration. Your doctor will first give you anesthesia, and mark the incision points on your inner lips. The reason for this is it will minimize scarring and will not be visible on the frontal.

After the markings, the surgeon will cut through your inner lips and remove the excess fats and tissues from there. Once that is done, the stitches will be given to close off the gap, which later will melt off on their own in a few weeks.

Brazilian Lip Reduction Surgery

This is the type of lip surgery where only the lips undergo the surgery. This is mostly done on the lower lips, as it is common to have a big lower lip. The surgery will only involve one horizontal incision on the inner lower lip and stitched later after the excess tissues are removed.

The recovery time from this surgery will take close to 3-4 weeks. After 2 weeks, the stitches will come off on their own. There would be no restrictions on your movement and you would feel comfortable having conversations and eating food. Make sure to follow up with the doctor after 2 weeks to avoid any complications. And most importantly maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid any infections or allergies coming your way.

Side Effects Of Lip Reduction Surgery

There are very few side effects involved in lip reduction surgery. You will feel redness and swelling for a couple of days after the surgery, which is normal. You can treat it with ice packs. If you feel pain around your lips, consult the doctor and then go for Ibuprofen or any over-the-counter painkillers. In any special cases, you may experience the below side effects of lip reduction surgery:

  • Scarring
  • Intense bleeding from the incision
  • Side effects of the anesthesia
  • Severe swelling
  • Infection

If you experience these complications then you must seek medical help immediately.

Cost Involved In Lip Reduction Surgery

The lip reduction surgery can take anywhere between 2000 and 5000 dollars depending on your requirements and the clinic facility. It is a huge amount and some may not be able to overcome the expenses. It is necessary to think carefully before undergoing the surgery.

From consultation to the cost of lip reduction procedure, the expenses will vary from clinic to clinic. And since this is an optional treatment, it can only be found in private institutions, which costs loads of money.

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Bottom Line

Lip reduction surgery alters the way you naturally look and that can have side effects. Though it is considered a safe treatment, surgery on your lips, the most softest and fragile part of the body, does raise concerns. Find the right surgeon for this treatment and make sure you understand every part of the procedure.

Follow-up visits to the clinic after the lip reduction surgery are important and should not be neglected. Avoid spicy and oily food after the treatment, and smoke and alcohol too. Stick to soft foods for a little while and maintain oral hygiene to avoid any infections.


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