Is TRT A Steroid? Benefits And Side Effects Explained


TRT, or Testosterone Replacement Therapy, has been given to people with lower levels of testosterone. When it comes to the comparison of TRT with anabolic steroids, there is no doubt that both are completely different.

TRT is given to those who have low testosterone levels and have related problems. However, anabolic steroids contain high amounts of testosterone and are taken by athletes and bodybuilders to gain high muscle mass quickly.

Here, you’re going to learn all the details about TRT benefits and side effects, so keep reading:

What Is TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)?

TRT is a therapy given to those people who have lower testosterone levels, affecting their mental and physical health.

As a person gets old, his testosterone levels start to drop, and this therapy is used to inject testosterone into the body to increase libido, hair growth, and strength.

A small dosage of testosterone is given to patients at certain intervals of time. This makes the person dependent on the outside testosterone, and the production of testosterone stops in their body. This may be a side effect of this treatment, but there are more benefits than side effects of it.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

How Does Testosterone Work?

Testosterone is a human growth hormone that is more dominant in males. It is primarily produced in the testicles and helps the body to grow and heal from damage.

It also gives males an advantage of more strength in comparison to females. Testosterone production elevates as a boy gets into adolescence, and that’s when they start to grow facial and body hair as well. Here are particular functions of testosterone in one’s body:

  • Helps In Muscle Growth: Muscle growth and recovery are essential functions of testosterone. It forces the body to repair all the damage and increases strength over time.
  • Promotes Bone Density: Bone density is essential for a healthy body, as strong bones help us do our daily tasks efficiently.
  • Increases Body And Facial Hair: Adolescents and teenagers start to grow facial and body hair as their testosterone levels elevate.
  • Works In Sperm Production: The main function of testosterone in a male's body is to help produce sperm. It is essential for a process named Spermatogenesis.

Testosterone is an important hormone responsible for energy, libido, hair growth, and reproduction. When it comes to the natural production of testosterone, healthy levels range between 300 to 1000 ng/dL.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Getting TRT?

As experts and doctors prescribe, TRT therapy has multiple benefits. People who suffer from low sex drive, hair fall, and anxiety after a certain age are considered to have low testosterone.

TRT therapy is prescribed to them for the treatment. Various benefits of TRT are scientifically proven, whereas a few notable benefits include increased sex drive, increased muscle strength, improved sleep quality, healthy skin glow, better muscle mass, and beard growth.

All these benefits are measured over time, and many practical studies on people over the age of 40 have been conducted to prove that.

In every person, there are different effects, but some basic benefits like increased libido and less anxiety are common.

Possible Side Effects Of Getting TRT

Testosterone Replacement Therapy doesn’t work the same on everyone; as it has benefits for some people, it can also have side effects for some.

Doctors usually diagnose all the symptoms, measure testosterone levels, and any signs of health conditions like thyroid, depression, or diabetes. Here are some side effects of TRT that are usually seen in people:

Severe Depression

As TRT therapy replaces all the naturally occurring testosterone from synthesized one, the human body can start to rely on it.

This can lead to much lower levels of testosterone after getting off the treatment. When the testosterone levels dip down, depression can get severe.

Hair Loss

Taking the TRT therapy for a long time can result in hair loss. TRT doesn’t cause baldness directly; people usually have allergic reactions to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is given in the therapy.

This reaction can cause androgenic alopecia in them, which causes their baldness.

Serious Back Acne

The most common side effect of TRT therapy is back acne. Due to the sudden spike in testosterone levels in the body, your back acne can get severe.

This happens due to the raised levels of testosterone, causing more sebum production. Sebum clogs your pores, and acne starts to burst out of your back. The doctor usually prescribes creams containing clindamycin for the treatment.

Testicle Shrinkage

The testicular atrophy or testicle shrinkage is a proven symptom of TRT therapy. This happens due to the depletion of gonadotropin, which is a peptide hormone responsible for testicle functions. Decreased size of testicles is not usually harmful but can confuse people.

How Is TRT Different From Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids have many side effects that people have to suffer due to the high amounts of testosterone present in them. TRT is given to patients in a supervised environment and controlled doses, making it effective and less harmful.

Usually, many bodybuilders buy anabolic steroids illegally and use unprescribed dosages, which can lead to side effects like gynecomastia, hair loss, ED, and heart attacks.

TRT therapy consists of low amount of Dihydrotestosterone and is given in intervals. However, anabolic steroids contain high amounts of DHT, along with other ingredients that can damage a person’s liver and kidneys.

Usually, TRT is given to patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or lower testosterone levels. Some side effects may be hair fall or testicular atrophy, but nothing life-risking happens with TRT therapy.


When it comes to taking medications and drugs that can have potential side effects, it is necessary to take advice from experts or doctors.

TRT is a beneficial therapy for people with low libido and ED. However, people who use anabolic steroids in abusive amounts for their muscle growth have a high risk of ED, Cardiovascular conditions, and death.

Take care of your health if you are young and have a healthy diet to stay strong and healthy in your older years of life.


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