Is Sex During Pregnancy Is Safe Or Not?


Having the urge to welcome parenthood is beautiful but might be challenging as well- what about the physical needs? Physical needs of the couple are challenged and many wonder- can we have sex during the pregnancy or not? It is one of the most commonly asked questions and we have to get into the depth of it, right? Also, getting pregnant is not just a physical but an emotional transformation phase that you cannot deny.

There is a lot of excitement and anticipation for the same as parents want to know and explore everything about parenting but somehow may be disconnected physically. Parents often wonder whether or not to engage in sexual activity or whether it is safe during the pregnancy period.

Is Sex During Pregnancy High Risk? Know The Changes

There are a lot of physiological and mental changes that occur during the period and one has to maintain an intimate relationship throughout. But is it that simple? Let’s explore. One has to understand the basic changes that are happening inside the body – there are a lot of hormonal and physical changes related to the women‘s body.

The pregnancy can initiate a lot of hormonal imbalance, rush and mood swings along with the elevated levels of hormones like oestrogen and progesterone. All these hormones increase the blood flow, and also give an alteration in the libido.

You will see an increased sensitivity towards everything along with the major rush in the pelvic region. These all changes are natural and one has to adapt accordingly with the developing features inside. You need to support your baby as well as your body to prepare yourself for a childhood session.

The parents are responsible for the whole process and no one is sacrificing completely. Couples need to understand these changes and adapt accordingly (they should be more vocal than ever). It is a responsibility of both to adapt to these changes and recognise them as a part of the pregnant journey and appreciate these changes as well.

Sex During Pregnancy

Sex Through The Trimesters: What To Expect

Your First Trimester

The first trimester usually has a lot of fatigue and nausea that females experience. It overall affects the sexual desire of the women and they do not want to engage in any of such activities. Although it is very safe to have sex during the first trimester and your healthcare professional will advise you accordingly. One thing to make sure is about the communication and that you should be comfortable with your partner about your concerns.

Second Trimester

As the first trimester gets over, females usually experience less nausea and vomit like feelings during the second one. The female body has now adapted to the changes during the first trimester and is able to connect with the Baby and within the second trimester will feel a lot easier.

Second semester is usually a happy period where many females with Their baby will experience increased energy levels. They will also feel that they are on the top of this world with the best well-being and glow on their faces. Second trimester is usually a honeymoon period for the couples as it is an opportunity to explore and maintain the physical relationship within the relationship.

As the females will have the urge to have sex more than often, usually the parents enjoy the second trimester. The baby bump will also grow and the couples will be able to experiment with different positions that are not just comfortable for the mother, but for the baby as well. it is again visible to communicate openly with your partner so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

Many couples are able to reconnect within the second trimester and get closer than ever as the females also reciprocate the same type of love they used to earlier. Many couples have also agreed that this trimester has proven to be the best of their life period.

Third Trimester

The third trimester is one of the most difficult but unique periods for the couples. Your baby will make you challenge and there are a lot of physical changes that will be experienced. There are a lot of additional adjustments in the sexual dynamics between the couple during the third semester. Many couples will also try different forms of intimacy, which will include more of a companionship than Having the sex.

These are also known as non-penetrative activities and couples are advised to have a clear communication on the same front. You have to feel heard and supported to make sure that everything is going smoothly in the relationship.

The couples are usually going for therapies during the third trimester and females might also challenge their male partners on the urge to communicate emotionally rather than physically. May need to understand that they need to support their partners and not burden them with their needs.

Connect To The Experts

You can always connect to the experts during pregnancy where you are unable to decide your emotional needs and physical needs. It is very important to balance both to lead a healthier and happy life but somehow people might find it as a challenge.

Also do not ignore the fact that some couples might be at high risk pregnancies if they are having sex, or welcoming another underlying medical condition. Your daily doctor visits should also include a healthy conversation about your intimate life and how things are going in the relationship.

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Connect To Experts During Pregnancy


Having a baby is a beautiful feeling, but couples might find it as a challenge who are usually connected on a high level of sexual connection. Make sure that you discuss everything with your health professional and make the easy journey for your partner.

Always talk things through and communicate for a better understanding which can help you for a better future. Couples who usually ignore the conversation can feel disconnected, and even after the baby might feel the urge to get separated or end up in a divorce. It is better to talk things through the pregnancy journey than delaying it as the baby will surely make newer challenges.


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