Is Corn Good For Weight Loss? Find Out Now!

Written by Elizabeth Brown

Corn is something that is loved by people across cultures on account of its deliciousness, flavour and the countless number of recipes that can be made using the same. However, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding corn, regarding its role in spiking blood sugar levels in individuals.

But the fact is that it is the processed corn and corn derivatives that can be quite harmful to your health and not the real corn. Apart from that, if you have it with a bit of seasoning and cook it with the least minimum oil content, this can be one of the best things that can help you lose weight and also maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).

However, if you have been diagnosed with a hyperglycemic condition or diabetes, it is important to check with your doctor to include corn in your daily diet. This is not because of the inherent properties of corn that can potentially increase the blood sugar levels in an individual.

Corn For Weight Loss: Why it is Good For You?

Corn For Weight Loss

Being a grain, there can be a predominant carbohydrate level in corn making it contribute to the sugar levels. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know regarding the importance of corn, the benefits of having corn in your daily diet and also the weight loss advantages of corn in particular.

1. A protein-rich grain

When compared to the popular grains out there, this is one of the best things you can have if you would like to lose that accumulated fat in your body. This is due to the relatively higher content of protein in corn. When you consume something with a higher protein content in your diet, you will find less appetite which can prevent unnecessary weight gain due to overeating.

Apart from that, it can also help you suppress your cravings for unhealthy and processed food items and junk. You may also eventually notice a reduced craving for sugary food items that can potentially lead to weight gain. Apart from that, it can also help in the building of muscles in your body instead of fat cells which can lead to unwanted fat gain in the body.

2. Low in calories

Counting calories might be the most annoying thing when it comes to weight loss and healthy weight management. When compared to other types of grains and vegetables, corn has relatively way less amount of calories.

This makes it a perfect alternative for you to have in the form of flatbreads like Chapati and Naan. Apart from that, it can also be consumed in relatively greater quantities than your regular wheat and rice. Hence it can effectively satisfy your hunger and make you feel fuller for a longer period.

However, it is also important to note that if you are into consuming corn in the form of pagodas or seasoned with butter and salt, you are taking away all the calorie deficit advantage of corn. Consuming corn in these deep-fried ways can lead to the negative effect of fat gain sooner or later.

3. Rich in fibre

Consuming foods with a greater fibre content can help in shedding a lot of accumulated fat from the human body, by increasing the bodily metabolic rate of the individual. Apart from that, it can also keep you full for longer just like the protein and thus make you crave way less for unhealthy food items such as junk and processed food items.

Moreover, consuming more fibre is also important if you are trying to lose weight by having a consistent workout routine. Fibre-rich dietary choices can also help you in improving the digestive health of the individual and thereby flush out all the toxins and waste materials which are obstacles in maintaining a healthy body weight.

4. Rich in vitamins and minerals

Catering your body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals is also quite important regardless of whether you are on a weight loss journey or not. Many people commit the mistake of consuming way less food than is required by their bodies. Most of the time, the food they consume may also lack the essential vitamins and minerals required by their body.

However, corn becomes one such grain that has a sufficient amount of carbs, proteins, fibres and also several other micronutrients such as B Vitamins, Vitamin C and minerals such as Magnesium and potassium. These minerals together make corn a staple that can be included in your daily diet.

5. Tasty

One of the main downsides with most of the weight loss-supporting food items is that they do not necessarily satisfy the taste buds of the people. However, you will not find such difficulties with corn since it can be made in a lot of different methods, experimenting with the flavours of your choice.

However, it is important to have corn in a way that aids weight loss if you are looking forward to losing weight by consuming the same. One of the best ways through which you can get this done is by simply boiling it in salt water.

You may also add it to your weight-loss salads and soups. Making corn parathas and chapatis are also some of the best ways through which you can have the maximum benefits from the same. Apart from that, making barbecues from corn is another popular, tasty, and healthiest way to consume corn. You may also add it to your feast meals such as fried rice.


Now that is all you need to know about corn and its effect in promoting weight loss in individuals. However, you must keep mindfulness in having the same just like any other food item.

It is also essential that you follow a healthier and balanced diet and a regular workout routine to lose weight if you would like to focus on the same.

However, make sure you are combining corn with the right amount of other veggies, protein and fibre sources to make a nutrition-dense meal for yourself. Having the right mindset and patience is also important when it comes to weight loss. 

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Elizabeth Brown is a registered and licensed dietitian with over 10 years of experience helping clients successfully achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals. She received her Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Washington and completed her dietetic internship at Harborview Medical Center. Elizabeth specializes in bariatric patient care, working closely with bariatric surgery teams to provide pre- and post-operative nutrition counseling. She has supported hundreds of patients in preparing for weight loss surgery, adopting the required dietary changes, and making lifestyle adjustments for long-term success. She stays up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in bariatric surgery aftercare through her membership in the Obesity Society (TOS) and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). She is an avid speaker and educator, presenting regularly at local and national conferences on topics related to post-bariatric nutrition and weight maintenance.

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