How Can I Increase My Brain Cell Production? Strategies To Boost Brain Cell Production


Brain cell production is vital to a lot of psychological activities in the human body contributing to better mental health. Hence it is important that brain cell production happens smoothly so that you are less likely to develop any mental health issues such as symptoms of depressive disorders. There are a couple of ways through which you can facilitate this process in the human brain.

Tips To Increase Brain Cell Production

Having a balanced and nutrition-packed diet is one among them. Apart from that, there are also a number of effective and practical ways you can make this happen and take care of your mental health and other cognitive abilities. In this article, we will be discussing those easy ways through which you can stimulate and promote brain cell production in the human body. 

1 Regular workouts

Working out is quite important when it comes to the stimulation of brain cell production in the human body. However, the emphasis is given to aerobic exercises rather than strengthening and body-building workouts. Running is considered one of the most effective workouts among them. There is no need to follow any high-impact workouts to stimulate brain cell production. This has been proven quite effective for even elderly people. People with the symptoms of dementia have also shown a significant improvement after following aerobic exercises regularly. By working out on a regular basis, the neurogenesis in the hippocampal region increases which eventually contributes to a greater hippocampal volume too.  

2 Mental workouts 

Just like physical workouts, mental workouts are also quite necessary if you would like to increase the rate of brain cell production in the human body. For this, you may consider engaging in any kind of mental activity according to your taste. You may start learning a new skill regardless of your age. According to a lot of scientists, when the age passes by, the size of the hippocampus also shrines, causing dementia and other mental health-related issues. So, when you put that extra effort into learning a new skill even after a particular age group. The shrinkage can be effectively prevented. Apart from that, the new neurons produced in the human brain may also acquire better survival abilities with the help of these mental workouts. 

3 Sleep Quality 

Sleep quality is one of the most vital factors with respect to the production of new cells in the human brain. However, if you are sleep-deprived just for a day, it may not affect the process significantly. Intense effects can only be seen when you compromise uninterrupted sleep for a longer period of time. Hence, it is quite important to have a sound 8 hours of sleep per day. When you are sleep-deprived for a prolonged duration the stress hormone levels in your body may increase, challenging your mental and physical health in a lot of different ways. Apart from that, when you are sleep-deprived, you will not have the energy to confront the daily activities and assignments of the upcoming day. This would make you lose your self-esteem and self-confidence, challenging the quality of your social, professional, and family lives too.

4 Meditative techniques 

If stress is posing a challenge to the rate of cell production in your brain. It is highly advised that you start following easy and effective meditative techniques to resolve this issue. The stress hormone levels in your body can be effectively controlled by practicing meditation on a daily basis. Apart from that, meditation would also help in preventing the shrinkage of the hippocampus. Where the production of brain cells takes place.

Even if you do not belong to an older age group, you can still increase the size of your hippocampus by practicing meditation. You may start with simple and beginner-friendly meditative techniques and slowly start building the duration as well as the difficulty level. This practice would not only help you increase the production of brain cells. But also helps you increase your cognitive abilities such as focus, concentration, memorization, and so on. It would also eventually become your peace of mind and stress-relieving technique. 

5 Increase sexual activities 

Increasing the frequency of your sexual activities can also bring a positive change in the rate of brain cell production in the human body. By engaging in sexual activities regularly with a healthily increased frequency. You would be able to reduce the stress level in the human body. Thereby, you can prevent the fall in the rate of neurogenesis in the hippocampal area. Apart from that, elderly people with issues of dementia can also improve their memorization abilities by engaging in sexual activities. Even if you are a victim of chronic stress, this effective remedy can resolve the issue to a great extent. The key is to engage in anything that would give you mental pleasure and does not pose a threat to your health. 

6 Energy beverages like tea and coffee 

People are trying hard to quit their habit of tea and coffee intake to avoid caffeine addiction when it comes to neurogenesis. It is suggested to have these drinks moderately. This is because of the presence of chlorogenic acid found in beverages such as tea and coffee. However, it is better to avoid sweetening these drinks if you are planning to have them on a daily basis. Chlorogenic acid is proven to be an effective factor in protecting the hippocampus from any possible negative effects. It may also improve the memory of the elderly. 

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These are some of the ways through which you can increase the rate of brain cell production in the human body. Moreover, make sure you have a nutritious and balanced diet containing foods. These are proven good for the health of the hippocampus and prevent shrinkage. Staying hydrated would also be an effective way through which you can remain healthy both mentally and physically. Apart from that, taking omega-3 fatty acids in moderation and sticking to a certain neurogenesis-friendly diet. It can also help you significantly in serving the purpose. Consuming Ashwagandha can also be quite helpful when it comes to hippocampus health. 


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