Demystifying Hyperinsulinemia: Causes, Symptoms, And Natural Treatments


Hyperinsulinemia is a condition when your body synthesises insulin in quantities that are more than the required amount. This increased production of the insulin hormone may negatively affect the health of your pancreas. The pancreas would be forced to work extra hard to metabolise the sugar levels in your body.

Natural Remedies For Managing Hyperinsulinemia: Holistic Healing

This condition may cause a lot of direct and indirect health issues in your body. In this article, you will effective methods to treat these issues naturally with the least minimum side effects. Most of the tips would be focused on reducing the insulin resistance that would be at a higher level during Hyperinsulinemia

Natural Remedies For Managing Hyperinsulinemia

1. Have a balanced diet

Focusing on your diet can have magical effects than anything you can do in this regard. When you consume more processed food items, junk foods, and foods having higher sugar content and added sugar, your body may produce higher levels of insulin and thus the condition may become even worse.

Hence, it is advised to have more fruits and veggies in your diet. Having whole grain and lean poultry may also help in this case. Moreover, it is important to reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates and consume more complex carbs and protein-rich foods instead.

2. Work out regularly

Working out on a regular basis may also help you out significantly even if it is about reducing the insulin levels in your body or anything else. Everything in excess in the human body can be flushed out through this great process of detoxification through sweat.

Moreover, this is also a process that would add to the overall health and well-being of your body. Apart from that, this may also reduce the root cause of the increased insulin levels in your body, that is reduced insulin resistance. Thus the issue with your pancreas can also be easily solved.

3. Weight loss

If you find yourself to be quite obese while suffering from the issue of hyperinsulinemia, then this can be the underlying cause of most of your health issues. For this, you may work out by consulting with a physician, nutritionist, and fitness trainer.

Months of committed training and a strict diet may help you overcome the issues of obesity and help you regain a healthy physique. It is also important to take the prescribed medication if the doctor has advised you to take any.

Even if you are not able to follow a strict weight loss, make sure you are not gaining any weight since this may have adverse effects on many aspects of health including Hyperinsulinemia. If you are obese beyond a certain limit, doctors may also suggest a bariatric surgery.

However, in order to undergo this procedure, you need to satisfy a couple of eligibility criteria and you have to belong to class III obesity in order to get it done. Take to your doctor, if you wish to undergo the same.

4. Manage your blood sugar levels

If increased blood sugar levels are causing you the issue of hyperinsulinemia, then it is important that you control your cravings for sugary foods and thus manage your blood sugar levels. Make sure that you are consuming any kind of food items having added and processed sugar in them. In order to satisfy your sugar cravings, you may have healthy fruits as a whole and not in the form of juices and shakes.

Manage your blood sugar levels

It is also important to follow the prescribed medications if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes. Having carbohydrate-dense food items should also be controlled in order to regulate the blood sugar levels in your body. Apart from that, it is also important to consume food items with more fibre content in them. Choosing food items with the lowest glycemic index may also help you in this journey.


It is highly unlikely that doctors prescribe a long list of medications if you are infected with a condition called Hyperinsulinemia. Hence it becomes your responsibility to deal with the issue by making slight healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle.

It is also important to reduce your stress and thus manage your insulin levels. Sometimes, increased stress levels or cortisol levels can also be the reason for the hike in the insulin levels in your body.

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