How To Treat Menopausal Acne? Explore The Possible Treatments


Acne usually occurs during adolescence, but it can also occur in adults. Usually, acne is harmless, but sometimes it can cause pain, itching, and skin irritation. Menopausal acne is not different from regular acne, which can occur on the forehead, nose, chin, and jawline. Menopausal acne can also occur on the scalp, back, shoulder, and on your neck as well.

If you are experiencing challenges due to menopausal acne, then you should not get worried because stress can trigger the symptoms of your acne. In this article, we will explain menopausal acne, its causes, and treatment as well. So, let us explore this topic to learn and adopt efficient methods to get rid of menopausal acne and improve overall health conditions.

Get An Understanding Of Menopausal Acne And Its Causes

Women go through menopause from the age of 40 to 50, which represents that they are no longer productive. Menopause causes many symptoms in women, including menopausal acne. Sweating at night and frequent changes in mood are some of the symptoms that women experience during menopause.

The levels of hormones fluctuate a lot during menopause, which is the main cause of menopausal acne. During menopause, the production of estrogen decreases in women and the production of androgen increases.

These increasing and decreasing levels of hormones cause menopausal acne. When the production of androgen increases in women, the production of sebum also increases. When there is extra natural oil on your face, it gets mixed with dead skin cells and pollutants to cause clogged pores.

You know clogged pores are also the reason for causing acne. Also, when you eat processed foods, sugar, and dairy products, you are at risk of having menopausal acne. Stress is another factor that can trigger menopausal acne.

Take A Glance At The Potential Treatments For Menopausal Acne

Are you seeking ways to treat your menopausal acne? Well, you can get rid of menopausal acne by enhancing your lifestyle choices and by taking medications prescribed by your doctor. If you have mild acne, then it can be treated easily, but if you are experiencing severe acne, then you may have to consult your doctor. We will suggest some efficient treatments for menopausal acne that can help you manage this uncomfortable condition, so let us take a glance at them.

πŸ‘‰ Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Be Helpful

You know hormone fluctuation during menopause is the main reason for causing menopausal acne, and therefore, hormone replacement therapy can be the best treatment. You can restore your hormone levels that are changed due to menopause with the help of HRT. You need to consult with your doctor in order to get hormone replacement therapy.

πŸ‘‰ Avoid Eating Trigger Foods

You should identify foods that trigger your menopausal acne and avoid eating them. Usually, sugar-rich products, processed foods, and dairy products are responsible for triggering menopausal acne. Some other foods can also trigger your menopausal acne, which you should identify and avoid eating.

Avoid Eating Trigger Foods

πŸ‘‰ Make And Follow A Skincare Routine

You should make a skincare routine and follow it with utmost care. Gently wash your face twice a day, and make sure not to scrub your face too harshly. You can also use moisturizer recommended by your doctor to improve your skin health.

πŸ‘‰ Balance Your Way Of LivingΒ 

Improve your way of life to manage your menopausal acne. Start with a balanced diet that includes fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, etc. Next, add exercise to your daily routine, as it will help to manage the levels of hormones. In addition, if you perform mental exercise, such as yoga or other, then it will help you to get rid of stress, which is one of the causes of menopausal acne.

πŸ‘‰ You Can Consider Applying Retinoids To Your Face

You can consider applying retinoids to your face to manage your menopausal acne. You should consult your doctor for the recommendation of the best retinoid products that are suitable for your skin type. If you have mild acne, then it can be very beneficial. It is derived from vitamin A and can also be beneficial to manage wrinkles on your face.


Menopausal acne creates a very uncomfortable situation for women, but it can be treated by following some effective measures. We have explained menopausal acne, its causes, and treatments that can help you get rid of menopausal acne and improve your skin and overall health.

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