How To Treat Foul Smelling Discharge After Abortion? Signs & Symptoms


Abortion can be a delicate and difficult experience for many women. Access to the right information and resources is critical to managing the processes safely and effectively. In some cases, women experience smelly vagina discharge after an abortion. This article aims to explain the causes and treatment of smelly vaginal discharge after abortion.

What Causes The Smell Of Vaginal Discharge After Having An Abortion?

One Of the most common side effects after taking abortion pills is a change in vaginal odor, which can range from mild to strong. It is natural for the vaginal discharge to change as the endometrium and remaining pregnancy tissue shed from the body. Whereas smelling discharge could possibly mean another thing entirely.

What Causes The Smell Of Vaginal Discharge After Having An Abortion

Possible Causes

Pregnancy residue, it may sound cold, but pregnancy residue is essentially a small piece of pregnancy tissue that remains in the uterus after an abortion. This can cause cramping, bleeding, and a foul-smelling discharge. if you experience heavy bleeding or severe cramps after an abortion, do not ignore it as normal and contact your doctor immediately.

Infection is the biggest concern after an abortion and is one of the most common causes of vaginal odor, post-abortion occurs when bacteria enter the uterus during or after an abortion

Pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause long-term problems such as chronic pelvic pain, infertility, and increased risk of future ectopic pregnancies. In addition to foul-smelling discharge, you should also be on the lookout for symptoms such as pain in the lower abdomen, fever, and a burning sensation when urinating.

Hormonal Changes

The body undergoes significant hormonal changes. return to a non-pregnant state. And this is mainly due to the pregnancy hormone progesterone. During the early stages of pregnancy, the body produces progesterone to support and thicken the lining of the uterus. However, when mifepristone acts, estrogen and progesterone decrease and this sudden drop can affect the vaginal PH and natural flora balance. This can result in smelling discharge also

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) 

Speaking of bacterial imbalances, if your vaginal discharge has an unpleasant, fishy smell, it could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis. However, it is important to emphasize that this type of infection is not directly caused by abortion pills.

Change Your Vaginal PH 

We touched on vaginal PH above, but it’s worth reiterating the role it plays in smelly secretions. The acidity in the vagina is to prevent infection naturally. However, factors such as vaginal douching, age, sexual activity, and disruption from abortion pills can affect this PH balance. And basically, in a less acidic vaginal environment, odor-causing bacteria are more likely to grow.

How To Deal With Smelly Discharge After Abortion?

When you notice any sign of smelling vagina discharge, it is in your best interest to visit your doctor. Let us examine some possible recommendations your doctor may suggest as treatment.

Image tests: In some cases, your doctor may want to look for residual pregnancy tissue in your uterus. This can be done by ultrasound hysterectomy ( a thin lighted telescope is inserted into the uterus and pictures are taken)

Antibiotics: This is almost always the go-to option when treating bacterial infections.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Infection After An Abortion?

In some cases, smelly discharge can be a sign of imbalance, which is natural considering the procedure your body has undergone. Still, it’s important to be aware of other potential warning signs that could indicate an infection.

Fever And Chills: A persistent fever that lasts more than 24 hours is usually the most obvious sign that something is wrong and may indicate an infection. 

Heavy Bleeding: Yes, a little bleeding is to be expected, but the biggest red flag is when an individual soaks more than one napkin in an hour.

Severe Pain: Some cramping is normal, but if the pain persists or is very severe, testing is essential.

Discolored Discharge: It’s not just the smell that you need to be aware of, green or yellow discharge can also be a sign of an infection

Wrap Up

You are not alone, nothing confirms this better than staying informed, finding support in a safe place, and seeking medical advice. Your health and well-being are important and you are entitled to care, understanding and empathy every step away.

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