How To Reduce Swelling After Lip Fillers? Causes Of Swelling After Lip Fillers


You saw a celebrity getting all those fuller lips and decided to get one for yourself too! And it’s normal- after all, beauty is beauty. Lip fillers are a miracle in the world of fashion where women go after fuller and bigger lips (we don’t want our Chanel to get wasted and unnoticed!).

The plunge is worth it and those enhanced post-fillers are all you need to make yourself pretty and sober. But wait. There is more to it. You can’t just get a fuller filler and don’t expect some of the risk factors. Your lips will swell, they will get the bad swelling and we are here to help you deal with the same.

Let’s explore some of the best soothing strategies that can help you deal with the lip fillers and soothe that bad swelling!

Causes Of Lip Swelling

Did you know that getting the swelling after the filler is a natural response? Your body would naturally react to the foreign substance and the lip tissues can undergo a trauma. Lip swelling is common and hence you shouldn’t be worried but know the exact cause of it.

Causes Of Lip Swelling

Major Strategies To Reduce Lip Swelling

This is lip inflammation which disrupts the lip tissues. Now let us explore how to lower the side effects and what possible measures work on the lips:

  • Make sure to apply ice just after the lip filler (which is something that your cosmetic surgeon would recommend). The icing on the lips can help them remain calm and reduce the swelling or let the swelling not exceed its limits. You can use a clean cloth or a gel ice pack that is made for this job. It should be applied for the next 15-20 minutes after the fillers and help the blood vessels to minimize inflammation and other burn-like issues.
  • You can elevate or lift your head especially when you’re sleeping. Just get an extra pillow and there you’ll ensure the lips are saved from blood pooling. It will in return save your swelling- just a simple sleep position with an elevated head is all you need.
  • Water it up baby- yes! Water is the solution for all the problems, take it in writing. Just make sure to drink enough water which can be done during the days post the lip filler treatment. When your body is properly hydrated it can help to get out the toxins and retain the bad fluids. The swelling part is the same and hence can be used with the help of hydration.
  • Physical activity can increase lip swelling and hence it is recommended to soothe things down. You can allow yourself a rest of 3 days to be sure of no swelling and help your body recover.
  • Do not take alcohol and other blood thinners for the next 2 days as it can increase the swelling. Your lips need rest!
  • We all apply petroleum jelly and other lip balm products daily and this time it is highly needed! Hence make sure to apply lip balm and other products but not those with strong fragrances because it can irritate the treated area.
  • There is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy available in the market called Arnica. This is a gel-based cream and can be applied to the topical area which will soothe swelling and bruising if caused any. 
  • Swelling is natural and one shouldn’t be all scared of it so make sure to give it some time. There is a temporary side effect, agree, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be all bad about it. In most of cases, the lip swelling can go away within 48 hours and you can be as normal as before in a few days (usually a week). Proper care is considered post these kinds of surgeries (and you shouldn’t take lip one any less).  

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If your swelling is longer than expected you can always connect with a healthcare provider who did the fillers. It might be a sign of inside infection and hence shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your doctor can guide you well and help you deal with the swelling. Your lip fillers are new and hence proper care can only provide effective solutions for the same.

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