How To Lose Side Boob Fat? Tips You Must Follow!


Fat in any part of our body is uncomfortable. Don’t get us wrong, we are not against weight or weight loss but the compound fat that accumulates on a particular part of the body. Some of them accumulate for a long time and then it affects us mentally and sometimes physically.

We have multiple blogs on the internet giving opinions about the removal of belly fat, but we are picking a different part of your body. No not even thighs, we will be conducting a deep dive into the reasons and risk factors of side boob fat. We will also consider some ways to remove it. Also, these tips are unisex as both men and women could use them.

6 Main reasons for side boob fat in men and women

Side Boob Fat In Both Male And Female

Scientifically known as axillary fat, it is the fat that finds its place between the arms and chest. Tightly tucked between the armpit and mammary glands, in men and women, fat accumulates on the side like most other parts of the body. So let’s look at the reasons closely.

1. Hormonal

One of the primary reasons why side boob appears include hormonal change. In women, hormones control a lot of things and it constantly changes. During menstruation, hormones find a change in their flow and so does during pregnancy.

Women who undergo menopause also battle with hormonal changes. According to researchers, it happens primarily due to the fluctuations in estrogen. In men, the low levels of testosterone, or the male hormone in the body coupled with higher levels of estrogen could contribute to the development of male side boob fat.

2. Genetics

Genes also play a major role in dictating where the body stores fat. This is especially true with women and men. The genes that are passed from their families could create a predisposition for the development of side boob fat in their bodies.

3. Weight gain

People who gain weight are often seen to have side-boob fat on their bodies. While the fat distributes in the rest of the body it is not uncommon for it to settle near the armpit.

4. Anatomical variation

Women are bound to have a rounder body and that being said could be a reason why side boobs fat is common in them. 

5. Lifestyle factors

In men, habits like smoking or alcohol consumption are often found to be a leading cause of side boob fat.

6. Age

Age also seems to be a problem as the hormone fluctuations increase as well as their metabolism decreases making side boob fat visible.

Risk factors Of Side Boobs Fat

Before looking at the remedies to remove side boob fat, we should find out the risk factors that it might pose.

Having side boob fat is not just a cosmetic issue and could lead to:

  • Diabetes- It will affect the way your body releases insulin in the body and therefore mess up its blood sugar level.
  • Cardiovascular diseases-Side boob fat can increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases. It can build up cholesterol and fat in blood valves which affect the flow of blood rapidly.
  • Sleep apnea- It can also lead to sleep apnea in individuals. This means your heart is not getting enough blood flow and that can cause irregular breathing sounds.
  • PCOS- Women are also known to develop cysts in the uterus which makes it difficult for them to menstruate or get pregnant. Side boob fat in women can increase the chance of this happening.
  • Breast cancer- An increase in the side boob fat is also associated with breast cancer in women and men. This applies to both women and men. Now this is the most common form of cancer so it does seem serious.

Ways To get rid off

1. Healthy diet

One of the surest ways to decrease fat in any part of the body should be eating a healthy diet. Control your urges with Carbohydrates and trans fats. Your meals should be balanced with nutrients in them including lean meat protein and fibre which could help manage the food in your body and reduce fat deposition in that area.

2. Exercises

Strength training with special concentration on the chest and triceps can help you get rid of side boob fat. A cardio schedule can make a healthy body with well-defined and toned muscles.

3. Hydration

In many cases, people who don’t drink water do not digest materials in the body and that can be transferred to any part of the body including side boobs. This could be extremely annoying and therefore requires you to drink water in large quantities to ensure proper digestion.

4. Posture correction

Many times slouching or sitting in a particular position can lead to the accumulation of fat between the armpit and chest. When this regularly happens, it is possible to develop problems in the side boob area. To correct this you must adopt ways to make your posture right. Keep your back straight and supported to reduce the impact. 

5. Consultation

You should also talk to a doctor or health care worker if you think the fat cannot be controlled. Sometimes it might be something benign while the possibility of it being something serious cannot completely be discounted either.

Sum Up

Side boob fat is real trouble not just because it could alter your appearance but also due to the various health risks it poses. Starting from cardiac issues to diabetes, the list is quite long and to be real, scary. To prevent this you can always find ways to prevent and get rid of side boobs as much as possible.

While it begins with diet, proper exercise concentrating on the area with the right amount of hydration and enough sleep could make a real difference. You should also not subtract the possibility of it being a mump or mole that needs a closer look.

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