How To Lose Nose Fat? Best Tips And Exercises!


Have you ever seen a person with pretty eyes, and a perfect mouth, but a big nose? Well, this is a common thing around with humans as no one is perfect. Some rare beauties have it all in their facial structures.

With a perfect nose, pretty eyes, proportioned cheekbones, and fuller lips, you are set to turn heads on your way.

Did you know there is a medical procedure where you can learn about how to lose nose fat, and exercises to shed off the fat? It is called a nose job aptly, and your nose is surgically treated to eliminate the excess fat around your nostrils and the bride of your nose. But a nose job might burn a hole in your pocket, so you can try slimming down your nose naturally.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the aspects of how to reduce nose fat naturally, some tips on maintaining the shape, and some tricks to make your nose look slimmer. So, if you are someone who has a big nose, or aspire to be a make-up artist, then this blog is for you.

Why Do People Get A Nose Job?

People Get A Nose Job

Well, it is pretty obvious why people want to know how to lose nose fat, but there is more to it. Rhinoplasty, a.k.a nose job is a surgical procedure that can give you the nose that you dream of. The purpose of rhinoplasty is,

  • Straightening of the bridge of the nose
  • A deviated septum may lead to breathing problems
  • Reshaping the tip of the nose
  • Changing the size of the nose
  • Reducing the size of the nostrils
  • Changing the angle of the nose
  • To boost their confidence

Although a surgical procedure comes with a lifetime of change, it also has its risks. There are breathing issues, nose bleeds, numbness, and scars that can also accompany your remodeled nose.

Exercise To Reduce Nose Fat Naturally

Learning how to lose nose fat needs a combination of targeted exercises and changes in your lifestyle. You can follow the simple exercises mentioned below to reshape your nose. The frequency of these exercises can be routined or daily according to your convenience.

✅ The Bull Dog Push

This is a common exercise to shed off that excess fat in your nose. You can start by pressing on the sides of your nose with your index finger, and breathe out with force.

Hold your fingers like this for 5 seconds and repeat it 10 times a day. Make sure you are pressing at the bottom of your nostrils and do not breathe with too much force. 

✅ Shortening Nose

Are you trying to find an answer to how to lose nose fat, then you should try this exercise. Start by placing your index finger on the tip of your nose and apply gentle pressure pushing upwards. Hold your fingers in this position and then release. This exercise does not come with a repetition count and you can do it as much as you like.

✅ The Cheek-Lift Exercise

Various facial yoga exercises help you understand how to lose nose fat fast. This is one of them. Start by smiling wide with your lips closed and then press the creases between your nose and cheeks with your fingertips.

You can lift your cheeks upwards with gentle pressure and hold them there for a few seconds. Again, there is no limit to this exercise, you can do it anytime and any number of times.

✅ Eliminating The Smile Line

The smile line appears on the sides of your lips and ends on the underside of your nose. When you try to eliminate the smile line, you also succeed in reducing nose fat.

Start by filling your mouth with air and swishing it on all corners of your mouth. This swishing will reduce the laugh line and nose fat. Repeat this 5 times a day and you will learn how to lose nose fat in a week.

✅ Fish Face Excercise

This exercise does not only work on your nose fat but also your cheek fat and jawlines. The discovery of how to lose nose fat can boost your confidence and improve your facial features.

Start by sucking in the air and make a fish face. This is very aptly named and you can hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times and you will see a lot of difference in your face.

Makeup Tricks To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

If you are wondering how to lose nose fat overnight, then you might need make-up. Makeup is the solution to all the last-minute adjustments to your facial features. From that uninvited zit to the sharp jawline, everything can be fixed and the process makes it look like an art.

So, to all the makeup lovers out there, here is the chance to master your art on how to lose nose fat using contour. It will not change the size of your makeup but it will change how it looks. Follow these steps to get that perfect sculpted nose from GQ Magazine.

You can start by contouring your nose with a bronzer from both sides of your nose. It is more like giving an outline to your nose from the bridge to the tip of the nose. Make sure that you use a two-tone darker shade bronzer from your actual skin tone. Then blend it as if it is natural and fill the middle portion with a highlighter.


Understanding your facial anatomy and how to lose nose fat in a way that complements your features is an achievement. Certain exercises and changes in your diet like quitting alcohol, drugs, and smoking can help you achieve that goal.

You can also make your nose look crooked, triangle, wide, thin, bulbous, or heavy with the makeup. It is totally up to you and how you want to style it. So, take the charge and reshape your nose however you like it.


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