How To Heal A Burnt Mouth? Do's And Don'ts To Keep In Mind


When your mouth is exposed to something that is hot or warm, such as food or drinks, you feel the sensation of burning in your mouth. It usually heals on its own within a couple of weeks; however, for the time duration, the sense in the mouth gets numb, and you feel irritation while eating or drinking.

The tissues of the mouth get damaged in the case of a burnt mouth, and you can also experience scaling of the skin. It not only affects your mouth but also your lips, the roof of the mouth, and your tongue as well. Some of the common symptoms of burned mouth are pain, redness, swelling, and blistering of the affected area. Generally, the burns are not that severe, so some ultimate ways can help you to heal them faster, but in case of infections and severity, it is best to consult the health care provider.

Do’s And Don’ts To Heal A Burnt Mouth

  • If you accidentally eat or drink something hot, you must immediately spit it out so as not to cause any damage.
  • After that, you must rinse your mouth with cold water or suck some ice cubes. These methods help to soothe the burning effect in the area and relax the burned tissue.
  • Consume some soft and cold food items, jello, yogurt, ice cream, porridge, etc., and ensure to drink plenty of water.
  • Ensure that the food or drink is cold or is manageable heated before consuming it.
  • Avoid eating any kinds of spicy or acidic food items as they can irritate the burned area even more.
  • Drinking plenty of lukewarm or cold water or beverages can relax the tissues of the burned area and thus help in healing faster.
  • You can also use oral gels or ointments like benzocaine or lidocaine to get relief from the pain and swelling that is caused by a burnt mouth.
  • Pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help you manage the pain and inflammation, so you can use them.

If your burn is severe and there are blisters, then you must seek medical help from your doctor. Sometimes, there are chances of infections, so getting the wound evaluated by a specialist can help to avoid the complications.

Factors That Can Cause Your Mouth Burn

The potential things or factors that can cause your mouth to burn are hot food & beverages, hot pizza & other food items, hot oil & grease, microwave burns, hot surfaces, and accidental spills. Food items like cheese, tea, milk, etc., can retain heat for a longer time and thus can burn your mouth if you don’t allow it to cool down before consuming. Also, be careful not to touch hot surfaces with the mouth, such as a heated oven rack or hot pot.

Factors That Can Cause Your Mouth Burn

Apart from this, some medical conditions like menopause, depression & anxiety, bad oral habits, medicines, oral lichen planus, xerostomia, endocrine disorders, and vitamin deficiencies can also be the reasons behind the burned mouth.

The Best Medicines For Mouth Burn

You can’t say that there is one best medicine for the mouth burn condition; however, medications like tricyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines, and oral gels or rinses are effective in faster healing. You are likely to get rid of the discomfort and pain that are associated with the burnt mouth. It is always the best practice to consult your healthcare provider before taking any medicine, as they will first diagnose your condition and then prescribe the treatment.

What Is The Time Duration Of Healing Of Burnt Mouth?

A burnt mouth may take a week or two to completely heal and return to the feeling of all senses. However, if the duration gets longer, it may be because of infection, and in such cases, regular medication can be of great help. Also, this may vary depending on your food consumption and following preventive measures.

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Knowing the factors of a burnt mouth can help you to prevent or manage the situation before it happens, whereas treatments help to heal after its occurrence. Whether you adopt the natural way or medical, the time duration of healing may be equal and vary from individual to individual. However, some medications and home remedies can speed up the process of healing.

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