How To Gain Face Fat: Quickly Plump Up Your Face


Have you ever seen a fat person with a slim face? No! It's scarce. Now, have you also noticed a slim person with a plump cheek? It's rare because your body structure also plays a part in the weight accumulated on your face. While there's nothing wrong with getting a slim face as long as you're medically okay, some people prefer a chubby cheek on their face for specific reasons.

Why You Should Have A Chubby Cheek?

Having a chubby cheek or a face with enough fat can depict a healthy individual because illnesses like HIV/AIDS and cancer can also reduce fat on the face and the body. Most people were born with chubby cheeks, which made them look cute; however, as we age, some of us can't maintain them.

Gain Face Fat

Some of us have lost it to exercise and other weight-loss techniques. However, having chubby cheeks can add to your beauty and make you feel confident. If you think you have had enough and you want to get a fuller face, then read on.

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Tips For Gain Face Fat

There are several ways to gain weight on your face, some of which include the following:

🔹 Eat The Right Food

Since foods help us grow and stay healthy, the kind of food you eat can contribute to weight gain. Foods that can help you gain weight contain high calories, the excess fat stored in your body.

When you consume more fatty foods with high calories like nuts, seeds, avocados, cheese, healthy oils (e.g., olive oil and coconut oil), salmon, mackerel, whole milk, dark chocolate, etc., your body cannot burn all of them, and the weight you gain is circulated to your face.

Another option is to consume sugary drinks; however, be mindful of their side effects, like obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc. You don't want to have a fat face and suffer from various weight-gain-related illnesses. Nevertheless, sugary drinks like sweetened iced tea, fruit juices with added sugars, fruit smoothies, milkshakes, etc. are effective.

You don't expect to eat these foods occasionally and expect a positive result on your face. Just as engaging in exercise will not bring immediate results, it's the same with eating these kinds of foods. Therefore, try to eat consistently, because the more you eat, the higher your chances of gaining weight.

🔹 Don't Exercise

Exercise is for people who want to lose weight by burning some fat in their bodies. If you desperately want to gain this chubby cheek, you must forgo exercise routines. It's like consuming more calories through foods and drinks and burning them out through high-intensity interval training. So please sit back and let the excess food in your body do its job.

Nevertheless, there are some facial exercises you can incorporate to get a chubby cheek. They include pinching your face, massaging it, adopting yoga techniques like cheek-lifting and air-puffing, etc. Try them often for better results.

🔹 Sleep Less

While adequate sleep can offer many health benefits, research shows that sleeping below 7 hours per night can lead to weight gain, which can also reflect on your face. However, do it moderately so you don't have problems like diabetes, puffiness, hypertension, wrinkles, cardiac arrest, etc.

🔹 Other Options

Surgery is another method to gain weight on your face. Most people don't like the stress and patience of waiting for a chubby cheek, so they resort to surgery. Surgery options can include face implants, where the surgeon removes some fat from one part of your body and adds it to your face.

If you don't like that, consider using dermal fillers where filters are injected into your face. However, ensure you trust the credibility of these processes because quack doctors might cost you your life or, worse yet, damage your face or body.

While there is no evidence of using some topical products to get chubby cheeks, it's still effective in other ways. Therefore, after making your face gain weight with the options above, you should consider applying some products like aloe vera, honey, essential oils, glycerin, face masks, rose water, etc., to hydrate the skin and prevent wrinkles.

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Having some weight on the face brings happiness to people willing to make it a reality. Several ways to achieve this result are eating the right food and quantity, sleeping less, reducing exercises but doing facial exercises, surgery, etc. Trying these methods is effective.

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