How To Delay Period Naturally At Home For Seven Days? Know More


Sometimes most ladies would just wish the next month's menstruation wouldn't flow, especially when it's about a few days to the expectancy of menstrual flow. For some ladies, bleeding for three or four days is usually tiring and body irritating accompanied by severe cramps.

If you've been longing for ways to halt your monthly menstrual flow or have a break from seeing your period, sit tight and put on your seatbelt while this article takes you on a journey of discovering how to delay periods naturally.

Natural Periods Delay Techniques

Delaying periods is not magical, it has to be what you eat that can make it delay. Sometimes you might have been told that when your period for a particular month is missed, it's because your body lacks nutrients, blood shortage, and others. The fact is you were happy you had a break for that month.

Period delay doesn't mean you are sick or you lack nutrients, it could be what you ate that delayed the period. Below are natural foods you can consume for a period of delay.

1. Mango Bark

Mango bark extract can help delay periods effectively. Add about 10ml of the mango bark extract to a cup of water and keep it in the refrigerator. Take one tablespoon of cooled mixture three to four times a day.

2. Cucumber

Cucumber is a little bit like watermelon because it can quench thirst slightly and also push back periods. You can include cucumber in a mixed fruit salad or soak it in water and take as much as you want, this will help to improve your metabolism, keep you hydrated, and delay periods.


3. Raspberry Leaves

Make use of five to six dried raspberry leaves, boil them in a cup of water, and drink them as tea. This should be done a week before your expected period. Aside from periods delay, raspberry is powerful in leveling heavy flows, relaxing the uterus, and reducing cramps.

4. Watermelon

Watermelons are fresh and healthy fruits for the body. Eat a bowl of watermelon a week before your period. Watermelon is ironically the water tank, it hydrates the body as well and performs many remarkable functions for healthy living.

5. Cinnamon Tea

This is indeed another incredibly powerful remedy for period delay. Add a cinnamon stick to a boiling cup of water and drink it. Do this for a few days, like a week before period for an effective result. Aside from period delay, it reduces heavy blood flow, reduces inflammation, and menstrual cramps.

6. Fuller's Earth

Although not so popular but highly effective. Take about 25 gems of Fuller's earth, and add it to a cup of warm water. Drink three to four times a day. This should be done a week before the arrival of the period to prevent it from flowing.

7. Tamarind Pulp

This is an excellent means to push back periods. Add 10 grams of tamarind in a glass of water with some sugar and salt to match your taste. Or you could add the tamarind to hot water, and allow it to boil to become softer. Start your day with a glass of tamarind water a week prior to the period date.

Tamarind Pulp

8. Gram Lentil Soup

You didn't expect this right? But it does work excellently. Roast a bunch of gram lentils, grind them to make a powder, and store it in a cool dry place. Every day you can use the the gram lentil powder to make soup. Use the soup in small quantities for a few days to enable period delay. Start by taking it 10 days before your menstrual date. If you experience bloating or stomach upset while taking this, kindly discontinue.

9. Gelatine

Another magical remedy that can enhance menstrual period delay. Dissolve gelatin in lukewarm water and drink to delay periods four hours before it flows. But if you wish to delay the period longer than hours, keep repeating the gelatin remedy. You can drink gelatin water once daily and proceed in like manner for three to four days. Keep your gelatin intake minimal.

10. Lemon Juice

this natural product with no side effects can genuinely delay periods and give you commendable results. It has to be taken in moderation to avoid nausea, vomiting, or other gastrointestinal reflux. Add two to three spoons of lemon juice to a glass of water or add it to an unsweetened tea.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is known for its tremendous health benefits and for relieving symptoms of PMS. It is also popularly known for delay periods. You can achieve this by adding three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to water. Try it out once a week before your expected period.

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It is possible to safely delay your period at home for up to 7 days through natural methods like reducing stress, exercising regularly, staying hydrated, and avoiding inflammatory foods. Herbal supplements can also help to postpone menstruation. However, consult a doctor first and avoid using methods that disrupt hormonal balance.

With some small lifestyle adjustments, you can delay your period temporarily without medications when needed.

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