What Are Effective Methods To Prevent Pregnancy Snoring?


Pregnancy can be a wholesome journey with both physical and mental ups and downs. Along with difficulties such as nausea, morning sickness, back pain, and frequent urge to pee, you may also notice issues of snoring which you may not be having until then.

Pregnancy And Snoring: Origins, Dangers, And Tips For Improved Sleep!

However, there are a lot of ways through which you may easily get out of this trouble and resume your peaceful sleeping. In this article, we will let you explore those techniques and get them executed in the most effective manner possible. We have also included tips and tricks that may help you have sound sleep during the entire journey of pregnancy.

Pregnancy And Snoring

1. Your sleeping position matters the most

As the days pass by, you will notice your belly growing bigger and bigger. Gradually you will not be able to sleep on your upside position which can be a great trouble at least for a couple of days. Even though you will get used to this issue in a matter of time, sleeping on your back will not be a good idea too due to the increasing size of your belly.

Moreover, sleeping on your back may also worsen the issue of pregnancy snoring. Hence the best solution is to sleep on your sides. For this, you may have the help of modern pregnancy pillows which ensure comfort and deep sleep to the to-be-mothers.

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2. Head position matters too

The passage of air in your body is also an important factor that helps you sleep better and prevent snoring, especially during pregnancy. Hence the best way to fix this issue is by keeping your head in an elevated position. For this, you may keep an extra pillow if required. This position would allow the smooth passage of air through the airway and thus effectively prevent the issues of snoring.

You may also do it even if you are not pregnant but struggling with the snoring issues. However, if you are someone with neck pain issues, make sure to seek an expert opinion from your doctor before following this tip.

3. Humidity can fight snoring

It is not just you and your body. The environment around you may also affect the snoring issues negatively or positively. If you are sleeping in a room where the humidity levels are quite low, then you are highly likely to snore throughout the night no matter if you are pregnant or not.

Hence, it is better to seek the help of a humidifier according to the range of temperature at your place. If you are living in a cold and less humid place, you may use a warm humidifier. If your environment is quite hot yet less humid, a cold humidifier may work best for you.

4. Nose Strips work magic

If you are looking for something easier and still works the best, nose strips can be one of the best solutions you may get your hands on. Nose strips are easily available in almost all medical stores. You may buy a couple of them and get one attached to your nose just before you go to sleep. Nose strips may support the dilation of your nasal canal and thus help in the prevention of snoring.

While you are following this tip, make sure to use a nasal spray too, if you are suffering from the symptoms of cough or cold. The nasal canal blocked with mucous may not cooperate even if you are trying to fix the issue with the help of a nasal strip.

5. Stay away from smoking

Smoking can have disastrous effects on pregnant women. This can also worsen the issues of pregnancy snoring. Tobacco smoke can easily block the airway and cause breathing difficulty not just during the hours of sleep but during other times too. It is also important to have a safe distance from others who smoke since passive smoking can also have serious consequences, especially if it is about pregnant women.

Smoking During Pregnancy

Final Thoughts

These are all some of the proven remedies you may try out if you are trying to fix the issue of snoring, particularly during your pregnancy. Moreover, you may also seek the help of an expert medical practitioner if the issue persists even after religiously following these tips and tricks.

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