How I Cured My Tinnitus? From Ringing To Relief!


If you are suffering from the constant buzzing and ringing in the ears that would not go away, I am here to tell you a story about the years-long battle of my struggle with tinnitus and how I restored my peace at last. Keep on reading to know all about the hardships I had to go through to be where I am today.

I was leading a completely normal life until one day a tiny sensation started tinkling in my ears, I did not give it much attention until it started growing and I could not even sleep at night. A constant sensation of buzzing destroyed all the peace in my life, I was completely devastated and helpless.

There were no doctors that I hadn't seen and no medications I hadn’t tried, nothing seemed to show any prolonged effects when all it ever did was make me waste all the money on expensive medical bills.

Finally, my mental health started deteriorating too. My only desire in life was to get rid of all those disturbances and sleep peacefully. Tired of visiting the hospitals, I decided to try the dietary supplements that were available in the market which claimed miraculous benefits.

Not only did they have zero impact on my life but some even gave me side effects that took months to recover. I was so exhausted and completely hopeless in the process of finding an effective solution to stop tinnitus.

My Tinnitus Journey

I was diagnosed with Tinnitus at a very unexpected time in my life. Not only has it interrupted my health but also my relationships. I was depressed as I lost my sleep for nights due to the constant bussing and roaring in the ears. I have often heard older people are more prone to suffer from tinnitus therefore when I had mild irritations in my ear, I did not give it much attention until the irritation transformed into chronic disturbance.

As per the doctor’s advice, earwax removal was my first attempt at treatment which did not provide any significant results at all. I then went for white noise machines which helped me sleep but after extensive research, I found that these noise exposure therapies do more harm than good as they can negatively affect the structural integrity of the brain.

The inability to concentrate and the constant frustration because of Tinnitus have considerably affected the quality of my life. At one point, I went into a deep depressive state I did not want to talk to anyone or even go out of my room.

My mental health declined considerably, and I even thought of ending my life. It is not easy having to live with a constant ringing in your ears even though it might be minor for some, it might be worse for others and I belong to the latter category.

Living with tinnitus and not having any control can exert a significant toll on the emotional and psychological well-being of the people suffering from it beginning from the stress, inability to escape the noise, and disturbed sleeping patterns which ultimately lead to despair and depression.

My Tinnitus Journey 

Conventional Treatments And Their Limitations

I have consulted numerous healthcare professionals to find a remedy for tinnitus cure. Conventional treatments included ear wax removal, Masking devices, and therapies.

At first, I tried the ear wax removal in the hope it would get better but there was no significant improvement at all. Then I came across masking devices which helped me get better sleep but because of their long-term after-effects, I decided not to use them again.

One of my friends then suggested Tinnitus Retraining therapy which included wearing in-ear sound generators along with counselling. I tried to do it for 6 months straight but did not find any noticeable improvements. I am not a fan of medications so I used to avoid them as much as I could but there happened to be no other way when I was completely hopeless.

I finally asked my doctor to give me some medications to get a bit of relief which in turn gave me disappointment. I have even tried tons of tinnitus supplements which not only did not improve my condition but also gave me side effects.

Trying out all the products and not experiencing any improvements made me feel more and more frustrated and disappointed. Although numerous supplements for tinnitus were already available, none seemed to show any benefits at all.

Discovering The Natural Approach

As my struggle continued, I met an old friend of mine from high school. During our conversation, I told him all about the difficulties that I have been facing due to tinnitus on a daily basis. He listened to me so patiently and finally asked if I had tried any natural approaches to tackle the issue.

I was surprised at this question as I never thought trying out natural remedies could actually work, especially for something like this. He then said his grandmother knew all about traditional medicines and that she used to give them certain herbs and medicinal juices when they got sick.

When I got home that day, I started researching all the tinnitus remedies I could try naturally and found that the combination of certain elements could support the process of nerve renewal and growth which helped in enhancing ear health and hearing.

While trying out natural remedies, the major advantage is the lack of side effects. They try to focus more on the root of the issue rather than providing temporary relief. So without much delay, I have decided to consume certain plant extracts which I have found through my extensive research along with practicing yoga and meditation and within a few weeks, I have noticed a mild improvement in my condition.

The process was so slow and required genuine consistency, but I was so happy as I was witnessing some improvements after years of struggle.

Quietum Plus: Steps Toward Tinnitus Recovery!

As I decided to stick to a few ingredients at first, my primary goal was to consume them daily. By slowly incorporating light workouts along with breathing exercises into my daily routine, I have realized I could maximize the benefits.

I have also tried to follow a balanced diet during the process. A few weeks later during my research process on how to cure tinnitus, I stumbled across a product that appeared amusing to me as it said “ Quietum Plus for tinnitus” and consisted of some ingredients which I was trying out myself.

I went directly to their official website and read all the information they provided. They were composed of all-natural ingredients and each had its health benefits. I have gone through most of Quietum Plus reviews and realized it was worth giving a try.

Even though I had my suspicions at first, the natural formula was kind of exciting and I finally decided to give it a shot. Now, I am here to tell you how that turned out as the best decision of my life.

The supplement was unlike any tinnitus treatment I have tried, it started showing improvements within a few weeks and I cannot say enough about how Quietum Plus saved my life.

Quietum Plus is composed of 18 special high-quality plant extracts that are carefully chosen to improve ear health and promote healthy hearing. It works by targeting the root cause of ear problems while also supporting brain function as well.

The specially formulated natural ingredients work together to regenerate the damaged nerves which causes difficulties in the ear. The natural extracts of quietum plus ingredients help reduce inflammation and provide a calming effect on your nervous system.

Moreover, the composition of Quietum Plus is scientifically-backed and is known to have various health benefits. Ingredients like Ashwagandha are used widely because of their effect on providing mental clarity and improving brain functions.

Quietum Plus Facts
Supplement NameQuietum Plus
Health FocusEar Health
Supplement TypeCapsules
BenefitsPromotes ear health
Improves brain function
Helps to reduce inflamation
Side EffectsNot reported
Money-back GuaranteeYes
Availability Only FromOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

The Breakthrough

I was not a big fan of dietary supplements as all the supplements that I have tried have failed to deliver the desired outcomes. So I was a little skeptical about trying Quietum Plus at first.

But after taking the supplement every day for 2 weeks straight, I started noticing a significant reduction in my ear disturbances. Within one month of consuming the dietary supplement, the symptoms were so faint that it almost felt like they never existed at all. I could finally experience a peaceful sleep after the tormented years of suffering.

I started trying out the product in the hope natural tinnitus treatment could finally do some good, but the changes that I have experienced in my ear health were far beyond my expectations. I could concentrate well and the noise didn't pester me as much, this gave me the fuel to continue using the product.

I was so used to the disturbance that I could not believe I was really getting back to my normal life. This has significantly improved my mental health as well. My disrupted relationships with family and friends were rekindled and I no longer experienced the intense frustration and hate I used to feel earlier.

Consuming the Quietum Plus supplement brought back the joy and peace I have long lost. There is no annoying buzzing or ringing but peace of mind. It was quite a long struggle that I endured to find the ideal solution that worked but I am glad I found one eventually.

I sincerely hope this product will benefit you as it did to me since I am well aware of how tired you might be to find a product that's legitimate and could really help.

Maintaining Tinnitus Relief

Any natural ingredient that promises to bring you health benefits takes some time to get used to your body. So you might be well aware of the fact that staying consistent is the key to availing yourself of the complete benefits of using an all-natural blend.

If you are suffering from tinnitus and are looking for long-term tinnitus management, consistently consuming the supplement should be made a priority no matter what. To change something, the first thing you need to do is to change your lifestyle. Therefore, make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle while taking the supplement.

You can opt for a lifestyle change to enhance your sleep, try to do the things that help you relax, and restrict caffeine as well as alcohol consumption if you are looking forward to managing tinnitus permanently. You may use Quitem Plus if you are desperately in need of help treating Tinnitus, it not only provides relief but also has no side effects as well.


It was quite a journey how I found my way from suffering to relief. I was not a person who admired nature enough or believed it could do wonders until it did miracles for me. I learned my lesson the hard way but natural remedies have the power to transform anything even without giving you any adverse side effects.

When plant extracts with various health benefits are combined, they can deliver results more than you can imagine which is something I have personally witnessed. Quietum Plus helped me get back to my normal life in a very short period.

As a person who has tried and tested almost everything they marketed as the cure for tinnitus, my advice for tinnitus relief is to explore natural remedies and experience the life-changing benefits instead of wasting your time and money on expensive medical treatments which does no good at all.

Tinnitus can make you so frustrated and fed up with life but how you respond to that is the key. Maybe it's time to take control just like I did with just a simple tap and a leap of faith. If you want to get rid of tinnitus and get your life on track again, try Quietum Plus and see for yourself.


1. Can ear wax cause tinnitus?

Yes, sometimes earwax buildup can lead to chronic tinnitus, it doesn't necessarily have to be ear wax though. Sometimes, dirt or foreign objects can accumulate in the ear and cause tinnitus. 

2. What nutrients are good for Tinnitus?

Vitamin B12 is really helpful in curing the symptoms related to tinnitus. Foods rich in antioxidants can also help in reducing inflammation.

3. Which fruit is best for tinnitus?

Fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium are known to be best for tinnitus. Fruits like Pineapples, Papaya, Mango, Banana, and pearls are known to enhance blood circulation thereby improving ear health.

4. Is Quietum Plus legitimate? 

Yes, all the ingredients in Quietum Plus are GMP-certified and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.

5. Does Quietum Plus contain any chemicals?

No, the composition of Quietum Plus is in such a way that it does not contain any trace of chemicals or toxins. It is made of completely natural ingredients.



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