How Can I Increase My Husband's Sex Drive?Improve Male Sexual Performance


Are you quite disappointed about your husband’s low sex drive? According to studies, 1 out of every 5 men suffer from the problem of low libido. The various reasons cited include stress or hormonal imbalances that make males stay away from any kind of sexual activity. However, there is absolutely no need to lose sleep over this problem. In this article, we take you through some tried and tested techniques by which you can increase your husband’s sex drive and bring back those days of pleasure and happiness.

How Can I Increase My Husband Sex Time? Top 6 Tips To Increase Your Husband’s Sex Drive

1. Consult A Doctor

Your husband having a low sex drive may be due to the issues he faces in his personal or work life. However, if it is due to a medical issue, it is quite important to consult a doctor without losing time. A medical health provider may ask him to undergo several tests to check biological issues such as blood pressure, thyroid, and hormones. If it is a sex therapist, she/she may be able to determine the reasons behind the low sex drive and suggest treatments for those problems.

Consult A Doctor

2. Figure Out The Real Reason

Speak up with your husband and find out the real reason behind his low sex drive. It can be due to various factors such as stress, not being able to get over the relationship with his ex-girlfriend, or it may be even due to some trauma. Whatever the reason, unless and until both of you open up your mind, the problem will only get worse.

3. Focus On His Mental Health

Does your husband struggle with problems associated with mental health? A  study published in American Family Physician says that 70% of adults suffering from depression and not taking treatment had problems with libido. Thus, it is high time to realize that it may be your husband’s depression or anxiety struggles that are hampering your sex life. To add on, when levels of dopamine, a chemical that makes people happy are low, it adversely affects the pleasure in your sex life.   

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4. Spice Up Your Sex Life

There is a possibility that your husband may be bored with sex life. He may be engaging in sexual intercourse just for the heck of doing it. The best solution for this problem is to bring novelty to your sex life. It can be done by trying new sex positions, decorating your bedroom with scented candles and flowers, or going for a trip so that it adds variety to your sex life. Also, speak with your partner about his likes and dislikes in the bedroom. It will help you come up with a totally different approach that arouses the desire in him and brings back the lost vigor to your sex life.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

5. Try Sex Toys

Are you yet to try sex toys in the bedroom? A recent survey conducted by OnePoll for LELO among Americans shows that 40% of them have used sex toys in the bedroom to reach orgasm. There are no hard and fast rules in the bedroom and it is you who set the boundaries. It may be a butt plug that is missing in your sex life. Or it may be a vibrator that can help reignite the pleasure that you are looking for.

6. Make Him Quit Heavy Drinking And Smoking

Does your husband have the habit of smoking regularly? According to studies, the nicotine contained in cigarettes lowers a man’s sexual desire and overall performance in bed. The same is the case with heavy drinking as well. According to Pubmed, 72% of the males with dependence on alcohol complained of one or multiple problems of sexual functioning. Thus, make your husband aware of the dangers involved in boozing and smoking heavily and try to kick that habit.

Quit Heavy Drinking And Smoking

Wrapping up

Hope the article offers valuable tips on how to increase your husband’s sex drive. Though the above techniques can bring a significant change, it is quite important that you should not ignore the issues related to your husband’s low sex drive. Depending on the issue, you take a call regarding what can bring happiness back to your sex life.

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