How To Treat Hammer Toes Without Surgery? Effective Methods


Hammer toes are certainly a distressing condition. It is often painful and discomforting. Most especially, you might be deprived of a shoe you admire because of your hammer toes. Sometimes people with hammertoes shy away, they feel like it disrupts their toe beauty. So for that, they might want to wear shoes to always conceal the toe deformity. Years back there was no solution, later surgical means to treat it came up and now there are ways you can treat your hammer toes without using surgery. When some people hear about surgery, they get scared, and deep negative imagination robs them of their joy. To have an insight and a hundred percent no surgical treatment of hammer toes, read this article till the end.

What Are Hammer Toes?

Hammer toes happen when toes become bent at the middle joint, making it look like a hammer. Hammer toes are a common foot problem that can happen to people of all ages, be it a man or woman. This condition is often very painful and causes discomfort when wearing certain shoes. It makes performing daily activities difficult and it also causes discomfort when walking.  You can equally detect this when your toes hurt badly and you observe a noticeable bent in your toes.

Treat Hammer Toes Without Surgery

Hammer toes arise as a result of underlying medical conditions and also footwear. Hammer toes can be hereditary from parents to offspring. So as a parent, if you have hammer toes, there are high chances of passing it to your children. There are some types of tight footwear that can increase the risk of hammer toes, most especially high heels, and tight shoes. If you wear tight shoes or the ones that are not your actual size, this can lead to hammer toes. Shoes that are smaller than your actual size can put pressure on your middle toe causing the middle joint to automatically bend.

If you have an underlying medical condition like arthritis, nerve damage, and diabetes can lead to hammer toes. This condition can cause damage to the muscles, tendons, and foot nerves making them fragile which can lead to deformity and then it will bend permanently.

These causes are things people ignorantly do and turn scapegoats. So you can learn from this and avoid what might cause hammer toes.

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How To Treat Hammer Toes Without Surgery?

If you've been hearing hammer toes has to be done with surgery and this cares you away, the good news is that there are ways you can actually correct hammer toes without surgery and they are listed below:

  • Physical Therapy: a great powerful defense to combat hammer toes will be through stretching and straightening exercises. This can help to reverse the imbalance that led to hammer toes.
  • Footwear modification: shoes can contribute to this. Experts say that any shoes that can make your toes bend while wearing them, should be avoided. Make sure to always use shoes that will give space to accommodate the 5 toes comfortably.
  • Use Of orthotics: orthotics can be very effective in counteracting muscle imbalances and stopping any future formation. This can help to reposition the foot and toes while wearing shoes.
  • Splinting: using a splint, can help realign the affected toe and stop any further bending. 
  • Toe spacers: these are small devices that fit in between the toes and help keep the toes in a naturally straightened position. Using this can help reduce pressure on the affected joint and improve the alignment of the toes.
  • Use Metatarsal pads: this helps provide cushioning and support to the ball of the foot. This will certainly help to reduce pressure on the toes and create comfortability for all toes.


Hammer toes can be prevented and treated when all the following techniques above are used. So you can rock those slippers without having to be ashamed of your deformed toes. Most especially creating yourself should be avoided. When shoes do not fit in to accommodate your toes comfortably, avoid them and check for something better. With that, nothing will cause your toes to bend. More so, wearing comfortable shoes helps you gain comfort. If you want your hammer toes one at a glance, participate in stretching and straightening exercises.

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