How To Grow Glutes Fast? Effective Tips And Exercises


Glutes have become a beauty standard as never before. People who are struggling in the gym for weight loss, weight loss, strength gaining, and various other fitness goals, may have this particular goal about glutes in common. Apart from increasing the size of your glutes, it is also important to have them in their best curves and looks.

For that, you can get your hands on a lot of workouts and also some trips and tips, that you may be able to follow without much hassle. This article is all about such things that you will find helpful in achieving bigger and toned glute muscles. 

About Glute Muscles

The glutes are the muscle group in the entire human body that acquires the first position concerning size. This particular muscle group is made up of three different muscle groups: gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximus. The fundamental physical activities of the human body such as running, sitting, walking, jumping, etc. are supported and made possible by these muscles.

About Glute Muscles

It is quite normal for your glutes to vary in size and shape from person to person. But it is always possible to train those muscles and get them into your desired shape and size with regular workouts and also some proven strategies. Apart from increasing the size of the glute muscles, and getting them toned into a particular shape these tips and workouts may also help you achieve firmer butts that are always an add-on. Some of the most popular ones have been mentioned below. 

  • Have a protein-rich diet

Since you are trying to build muscles, you must follow a diet that gives you plenty of protein. Having more protein would help you build muscle mass and eventually, your glute muscles would also benefit from the same. It is also important to consume certain essential healthy fats that would also help in growing your glute muscles. You may include eggs, paneer, soya chunks, greek yogurt, and many other food items in your diet if you have this goal in mind. A protein-rich diet is essential for promoting the growth and strength of your glute muscles, helping you achieve a firmer and more sculpted posterior.

  • Hip Thrusts

This is one of the most popular exercises that you may follow to have better glute muscle growth. Apart from improving the size of your glute muscles, this may also help in increasing the size of your muscles in the region. Hip thrusts can also be regarded as one of the most versatile exercises that you can include in your workout routine regardless of your age. Athletes and senior citizens do this exercise without any discrimination and benefit from it. 

  • Squats

The advantage of squats is that within a single movement, you could give the benefits of working out to all the muscles in the gluteal region. This efficiency is the main reason why it is widely practiced for hypertrophy otherwise known as muscle mass growth. If you are someone in the beginner to intermediate level in working out, you may have 3-4 sets of squats. You may also squat with weights which would be much more beneficial. But make sure you are increasing the weight and repetitions slowly so that you will not be stressing your body and inviting the undesired. 

  • Lunges

Lunges give significant workout benefits to not just the gluteal muscles but also help in training most of the muscles and muscle groups present in the lower body. While doing lunges, make sure you are practicing the variations of lunges, so that you will not get exhausted easily. Moreover, it would also help you make the workout session more intense, slowly and steadily. Walking lunges are a variation that can be found in the group of lunges, which is proven to bring the best results in terms of muscle development in the gluteal region. 


Most fitness enthusiasts crave a better-looking body but ignore weight training. But, if you are quite concerned about the same, make sure you are doing these workouts using weights for better results. Taking your diet seriously can also bring a lot of differences even if it does not seem like it. Sticking to these fitness practices can help you achieve glutes of the desired size and shape. 

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