Foods That Lower Testosterone: Optimize Hormonal Health

Written by Dr. Amber Jones

Maintaining hormonal balance is crucial for overall health and well-being, and testosterone plays a vital role in various psychological functions. You must maintain accurate levels of your testosterone hormone in order to keep the functions of your organs smooth. Testosterone affects your reproductive, cardiovascular, skeletal, circulatory, and nervous systems, and it should be balanced with neither lower nor higher levels of it.

So, if you have an issue with high testosterone in your body. Then you can manage it with a proper diet and provide your body with essential nutrients. These are some food items that will help you lower your testosterone level.

Can Diet And Food Affect Testosterone Levels?

Yes, diet and food habits can definitely affect the testosterone level because there are several items that increase or decrease the level of the hormones. Since you need to bring down your hormones, you must consume foods that lower testosterone and limit the intake of items that promote the production of these hormones.

6 Foods To Lower Testosterone

1. Mint

You can drink peppermint and spearmint teas daily if you want to lower the level of testosterone in your body. These drinks can be taken in the morning or in the evening apart from lowering your testosterone. They have other health benefits, too. To enjoy the benefits of these teas, you can take up a 30-day challenge in which you will be drinking herbal teas twice a day.

6 Foods To Lower Testosterone

Herbal teas are not only good for the functioning of the organs that are related to testosterone but also best to provide calming effects in times of chaos and messy mind. There are several successful and conclusive studies conducted on rats that suggest that peppermint and spearmint teas are great for lowering the level of testosterone.

2. Soy Products

You can consume soy milk and other soy products if you want to lower the testosterone levels in your body. Soy is a sneaky ingredient that is found in a variety of foods, and it is mostly used as a preservative. You can also use this food item as an ingredient to prepare other delicious dishes, and sometimes, it can be used to increase protein consumption.

These are a good source of phytoestrogen compounds, and hence, when you intake them, your estrogen level will rise, which leads to the lowering of testosterone. Whether you are preparing a vegan or non-vegetarian diet. You can add soy to your diet as it can blend well with the ingredients, providing you with health benefits along with nutrients and supporting your hormonal balance.

However, it is always better to keep your intake in check because too much soy is also not good for your hormonal level, as then you will have low testosterone problems.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the common beverages that is often consumed in celebrations, parties, and special occasions. But did you know that this beverage possesses the tendency to lower your testosterone level? However, this doesn’t mean that you have higher testosterone levels. Then you can drink this daily, as it should be taken mindfully to maintain your hormonal balance.

According to a study that was conducted in 2004, the hormone level of a man who consumed about 40g of alcohol every day decreased by 6.8% in three weeks. So, although it might be your goal to bring down your testosterone level. You must indulge in the mindful and restricted consumption of the beverage. When you take it to limits, you won’t face any problems with your reproductive system or other health issues.

4. Licorice Root

Licorice root is one of the foods that lower testosterone, and you can use it as a herbal supplement, tea, or a beverage sweetener. In the study, it was found that the testosterone level in men dropped by 26 percent when they started consuming this root daily. So, if you want to lower your hormone level, then you must definitely include this food item in your diet in the form that you want.

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5. Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are testosterone-killer food items and are one of the most beneficial natural ingredients that have various health benefits. They are good for you if you want to manage your cholesterol, blood pressure, and digestive health. Apart from that, they have lignans, which are known to cut down your testosterone level or prevent their conversion. So you must add these omega-3-rich food items to your daily diet so that you can manage your T level effectively.

6. Nuts

Nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, pecans, and almonds are rich in fats and minerals that directly affect your T levels. They have a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids that can cause oxidative stress to your storage tissues, which can eventually contribute to the reduction of testosterone. However, these ingredients are also known to increase the level of your cholesterol. So you must choose the ones that are nutrient-dense and heart-friendly with monounsaturated fatty acids in them, such as Brazil nuts, chestnuts, or macadamia nuts.

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There are several food items that can help you increase and lower the level of testosterone level in your body. You must include these food products and items in your diet as they are nutritious and flavourful and help you to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself. Apart from your food and nutrition intake, you must also indulge yourself in adequate exercises and practice the correct sleep routine. In short, if you want to maintain a balance in your hormonal levels, then you must make necessary changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.


What foods decrease testosterone?

Alcohols, baked goods, flaxseeds, nuts, soy products, dairy items, vegetable oils, and more are some foods that lower testosterone.

Do eggs lower testosterone?

No, eggs do not lower testosterone; instead, they are the source of some essential nutrients such as protein, cholesterol, vitamin D, and omega-3, which support the production of these hormones.

Does milk lower testosterone?

Milk or dairy products are rich in estrogen and progesterone, and hence, they support the reduction of testosterone in the body.

Do bananas lower testosterone?

Bananas do not serve as a catalyst to lower your testosterone, but they work totally opposite to it and increase the hormone supporting its production.

Is Rice good for testosterone?

There is no evidence that the consumption of rice affects the level of testosterone in the body, but to have a healthy and balanced diet, you must include rice.


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