How Long Do Edibles Stay In Your System? Understanding The Duration Of THC Presence


When you hear the term “edible”, what comes to your mind? If I guess, the food that you consume in your daily life. But here, edibles are a specific type of food that contain cannabis components such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (Cannabidiol). Learn “How Long Edibles Stay In Your System” In This Article.

People usually consume them through specific food items and through smoking or vaporizing, which is not considered good for health. So, it is essential to understand how long cannabis stays in your system, how you can detect it, and how you can reduce its effects on your health.

What Is Meant By Edibles?

As we have discussed earlier, edibles are food products that contain cannabis, which is found in various drugs. In the recent era, it has become popular among people as a drug, which is much safer than smoking weed. It provides the same effect that marijuana does but at slower rates, where smoking weed kicks you within seconds, whereas edibles take some to achieve that phase.

Edibles Stay In Your System

Since it is a food product, it doesn’t mean that it will not harm your body, though the effect can be less than smoking. Though it does take much time to get over a hangover, still the drug can stay for a long in your body.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your Body?

The sedimentation of cannabis in your system depends on various factors, but in general, it can last for 4 to 12 hours. As many factors influence the staying of THT in the body, it is hard to estimate the duration of its effects. In this regard, we have provided the potential factors that impact the duration of the edibles infused in your system.

1. Depends On Doges And THC level

First comes the dosages or the amount of THC in your edible, which directly effectively affects your body. It is obvious that the higher cannabis will require a longer time to digest and hence remain longer time in your body. Second, is the THC level in the edible, which means if you inject 10mg of THC into your body, it will last for 4 to 12 hours in your body and may increase the by increasing the intensity.

2. Sometimes, Depends On Metabolic Rates

The second factor is the metabolism of an individual, which is also directly linked to the amount of edible consumption. You must know that every individual’s metabolic rate is different, and hence, it takes different times to digest. The digestion of cannabis also depends on the amount you have consumed and the THC level.

3. Staying Of Edibles Also Lies On Your Tolerance

The next factor depends on the tolerance level of the person, which grows with time. Suppose you consume cannabis on a regular basis; you might have developed THC tolerance. This means you can digest the edible faster than those who have recently started taking the edible.

4. Need To Reduce Cannabis Consumption

At the same taking edibles more frequently may reduce the tolerance level, and cannabis may stay for a longer time. It is because injecting cannabinoids repeatedly reduces the ability of a body to eliminate the THC level. As a result, it also affects the metabolism process of your system, and the edibles remain for longer.

5. Fats Are Also Responsible For Longer Stay

The digestion of cannabis also depends on the body fat percentage of an individual. You need to note that THC is a fat-soluble substance which usually stored in the fats present in your body. Therefore, edibles stay for a long time on a person with a higher fat percentage as compared to thin people.

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What Are The Potential Sources Of Edibles?

There are various ways you can consume cannabis and increase the THC level in your body. One such popular method is smoking or vaporizing, which is often considered unhealthy and even illegal in various countries. Therefore, many people are moving towards edibles that allow to be injected through various food items that contain cannabis, such as THC or CBD.

Some of the potential food items through which you inject edibles into your body are the backed foods. People usually focus on cookies or brownies, which have higher cannabis or THC levels and are found naturally. In some cases, people also use cannabis-infused cakes and muffins that can instantly take you high.

When it comes to sweet dishes carrying THC, chocolates are never behind that are infused with cannabis. Some energy bars and candies come into the same category and are suitable for people who are in search of slow release of THC levels, which also lowers the dosages.

Some beverages also contain cannabis-infused, which can promote the THC process in a slow process. These drinks may include teas, coffee, and juices naturally and promote healthy consumption of cannabis to some extent. In addition to this, you can also consume some frozen treats and dried fruits that can increase the THC level in the body.

What Are The Methods To Detect Edibles In The Body?

Before reducing the THC level in your system, it is essential to detect the edible in your body. You can use various methods to detect cannabis, and you can start with a blood test. Additionally, doctors can also ask for urine tests, saliva tests, and hair follicle tests to detect the cannabis in the body and may recommend methods to reduce it from your system.

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Final Words

Edible are becoming popular in recent times to consume cannabis like THC and CBD rather than smoking. The people choose this method because it is much safer than smoking marijuana. Still, drugs can stay for long in your body and harm you in various ways, the same way as smoking does.

Therefore, it is essential to detect it as soon as possible and take some steps to get rid of it. You can also consult your doctor to know the THC level in your body, and he can ask for various tests to know its impact and level in your body.


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