Does Raw Onion Increase Testosterone? Why Does Eating Raw Onion Improve Stamina?


Testosterone is a significant hormone in both males and females because it is responsible for various changes and functions in your body. However, this hormone is more abundant in men than women; thus, it can be considered a male hormone.

Testosterone in a male is important for pubic development, high fertility, sex drive, the ability to burn fat and gain muscles, stamina, and endurance, and many more things in a male body.

Therefore, people often look for ways and foods to increase testosterone levels, and among the foods, raw onion is considered one of the options. However, there are still doubts that it increases testosterone; let’s delve into this article and find out.

Will Eating Raw Onions Increase Your Testosterone? Connection Between Onion And Testosterone

There have been many studies and research conducted on whether onion increases testosterone levels or not. Recent studies have found that raw onions promote the production of luteinizing hormones in your body, which enhances the function of Leydig cells. These Leydig cells are present inside testicles and are responsible for testosterone production in males.

Connection Between Onion And Testosterone

Not only that, raw onions are also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties promote better function of the immune system, increasing your overall health. Eating raw onions may not be everyone’s first choice, but people who eat them regularly have high testosterone and better health. 

How Does Onion Increase Testosterone Levels?

When it comes to increasing testosterone levels just by eating tons of raw onions a day, it won’t work like that. Other than foul breath, you won’t get anything else from eating tons of raw onions. Eating onions in a balanced diet is the key to gradually increasing your testosterone production and health.

Many studies and research have found traces of phytochemicals in the components of onions. These phytochemicals, like allicin, quercetin, and cysteine sulfoxides, are responsible for healthy testosterone levels in your body. People who have low testosterone levels usually have poor sleep schedules. 

Cysteine sulfoxides present in raw onions lower the oxidative stress damage to your Leydig cells and lower your stress hormones, promoting quality sleep. And, as everyone knows, a good sleep schedule is essential for high testosterone levels in males.

Options Other Than Raw Onion To Increase Testosterone

When it comes to taking benefits from raw onions, there are results like increased testosterone and good health. However, more than just eating smelly food is needed for better testosterone levels. Various other activities can promote your testosterone levels and increase your overall health gradually.

Make sure that you are taking advantage of all these following activities and tips, as it will be for your good. Take a look at these activities to boost your testosterone levels:

1] Maintain An Optimal Body Weight And Fat

Having a low body fat percentage and body weight is always beneficial for your health. As your belly fat increases, it promotes the production of an enzyme called ‘aromatase’, which converts your testosterone into estrogen. The increased amount of estrogen and a lowered amount of testosterone levels leads to a weak body. Maintain an optimal body weight and increase the testosterone production in your body.

2] Prioritize Your Physical Activity

Physical activity and efficiency in those activities have always been an advantage for males. Males are stronger and more agile in comparison to females because of the production of male growth hormones in their bodies. So, make sure you are prioritizing your exercise more to promote healthy levels of testosterone in your body.

3] Say No To Your Addictions

Having addictions like smoking and drinking harms your body in the long term. The basic effects of these addictions are universally popular among people, but quitting these habits will allow your body to detox from all the toxins. Quit smoking and drinking to increase testosterone levels and maintain strength and stamina even in older days.

4] Diet Is Crucial

Fruits and vegetables are quite beneficial in increasing testosterone levels and improving your overall body health. Maintaining your diet and adding dietary fibers will have a positive impact on your immune system as well. So, make sure you are eating fiber, vegetables, multicolored fruits, and nuts to boost your testosterone levels.

Other Essential Benefits Of Eating Raw Onion Daily

Raw onions are not only beneficial in promoting testosterone production in your body but also provide essential vitamins and nutrients for overall health. Eating raw onions might sound like a punishment to you, but wait until you see the benefits in your skin, digestion, immunity, and sleep. Having anti-oxidants and other sulfur compounds places onion close to a superfood. Anyway, here are all the other benefits of eating raw onion, other than increasing testosterone levels:

1] Improves Your Slumber

A good night's sleep is crucial for daily activities, but that is only the basic benefit of sleep. When it comes to a better immune system, less stress hormones, and maintaining blood pressure, onions are quite beneficial. Onion improves your sleep quality, but that doesn’t mean that you are eating them before sleeping. Take them with your diet, and don’t make your breath stink.

2] Better Immune Health

Immunity depends on the better lifestyle and diet you choose in your daily life. Eating onions, along with other healthy dietary choices, will increase your immunity in the long run. Research has found that onions contain high concentrations of vitamin C, which leads to a healthy immune system. Make sure you are eating raw onion regularly to boost your immunity as well.

3] Prevents From Future CVDs

Heart conditions are common in people with poor lifestyles and low testosterone levels. When it comes to preventing future risk of CVDs, you should try raw onions and improve your heart health. Choosing to boost your heart health at a younger age will lower your risk of contracting any future cardiovascular diseases.

Bottom Line

Keep all the points and activities in your mind to maintain a healthy level of testosterone in your body. Having a balanced level of body fat will increase testosterone and reduce estrogen in your body.

Make sure you are physically active and have a healthy fiber- and protein-rich diet. Eat raw onion daily and get the advantage of boosted testosterone for the long term.


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