Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss? Is It Good?

Written by Elizabeth Brown

For a long time, masturbation was considered taboo in our society, but with time, people have started discussing it openly without hesitation. This is because doctors mention that masturbation is a natural process that can be beneficial for mental health if performed in a controlled way.

However, being a taboo for a long time, there are still myths and misinformation about masturbation, and one of them is its impact on weight. Some people relate it to weight gain, while some believe that it causes weight loss, so let us find through this article whether masturbation causes weight loss.

Does Masturbating Frequently Make You Shed Kilos?

Masturbation is a natural sexual activity, and to find out whether masturbation causes weight loss, you must understand what happens inside your body during the process.

Masturbation Benefits

When you masturbate, your body releases hormones like dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin, which are significant chemicals that are responsible for relieving stress and tension. Thus, these hormones send signals to your brain and together bring you the pleasure of orgasm.

During the masturbation process, dopamine is responsible for the pleasure sensation, while oxytocin regulates emotional senses and is released during orgasm. Moreover, the endorphins elevate moods and give you the feeling of happiness. Therefore, all these chemicals and hormones have a mental impact rather than any physical significance.

Moreover, during masturbation, your blood pressure increases along with your heart rate, so you might wonder if it burns calories, which aids in weight loss. But let me tell you, the calories burnt during the activity are only up to five to six calories, which is not enough for weight loss.

Mental And Physical Benefits Of Masturbation

Doctors and Sexologists mention that masturbation has various impacts that can be beneficial for both males and females if done in a controlled way. So, let us clear your doubt about whether it causes weight loss by discussing the mental and physical impact of masturbation.

There was a study performed in 2004 where male lymphocytes (White Blood Cells) were derived before and after masturbation. Further, an increase was observed in the lymphocytes in low and behold men after masturbation. Moreover, the white blood cells are responsible for fighting infections and diseases. Thus, it can be concluded that masturbation can also boost the immune system.

Furthermore, masturbation is also considered good for stress management and sleep. The hormones released during the process help you relax and improve your mood to feel light and better. Apart from this, masturbation relieves sexual tension, which sometimes can be very annoying for people who are not satisfied with their sexual lives.

Moreover, though orgasm involves the contraction of genital muscles for females, it can be a pain reliever during period cramps. The combination of chemicals released in the body during the process acts as pain relievers and makes women less sensitive to the pain.

Practicing masturbation in a controlled way can also help you improve your sexual health and stay aware and confident about it. This can be one of the significant impacts of masturbation in your life, as people who have not experienced any sexual activity feel underconfident when getting into relationships.

During masturbation, the blood flow also increases in the body, which is considered good for the skin. Thus, masturbation can help you achieve good and healthy skin. Besides, the oxytocin released during the orgasm reduces inflammation and lowers the chances of skin infections.

Actual Reasons For Your Weight Loss

Until now, you understood what happened to your body during masturbation when and what are its mental and physical impacts. Thus, if you are losing weight, it is clear that masturbation is not the reason for your weight loss, and there might be some other reasons for it, so let's explore them.

1] Improper Diet Routine

It does not matter how much you eat or the number of calories you take; if you are not having your meals on time, the nutrition and calorie value of the food might not be absorbed by the body. Besides, skipping your meals can also result in weight loss and impact your metabolism.

2] Calorie Deificent Diet

A male burns 2500 calories while a female burns 2500 calories per day; thus, if your diet does not match your per-day calorie requirement, then you will surely lose weight. Having enough calories can keep your weight balanced while consuming more calories than you need will lead to an increase in weight. Thus, plan your calorie intake according to your weight goals.

3] You Fall Sick Frequently

Another reason you might lose weight is your weak immune system, which is making you sick frequently. Falling sick can cause abdominal discomfort, which will ultimately make you eat less or kill your appetite. Hence, this can be another reason you are losing weight rather than due to masturbation.

4] Digestive Problems

Our digestion system plays a significant role in absorbing the nutritional value and calories from the food we eat. Hence, if you are suffering from any kind of digestive problem or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), then it might be the reason you are losing weight. In such conditions, it is better to seek consultation from a doctor.

What Do Doctors Say About Masturbation?

According to doctors, masturbation is a natural sexual activity that can be beneficial for your mental and physical health. Besides, it is a good way to explore your sexual health and please yourself along with relaxation.

However, this activity should be in a controlled way as addiction and excessive masturbation will not be good for your health. Besides, when it comes to weight loss due to masturbation, there has been no medical proof or study that throws light on weight loss due to masturbation.

Wrap Up

Masturbation is no longer a taboo, and you should not be hesitant to discuss it. After understanding what happens to your body during masturbation and what its mental and physical impact is, it is clear that masturbation is not the reason for your weight loss. However, it is better to consult a doctor if you still have any doubts about masturbation.


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