Does Kombucha Make You Poop? Exploring Its Potential Impact On Bowel Movements


Kombucha is one of the excellent probiotics that you can have in order to improve the health of your gut and the overall digestive system. It can also significantly help you stay hydrated and maintain the hydration in your gut, helping in maintaining the consistency of your poop.

Constipation is highly likely to occur when you are highly dehydrated, which can result in drying out the poop and ending up in constipation. Apart from that there are a lot more aspects and benefits of Kombucha that you need to know about that help you in maintaining your gut health in order and also in preventing constipation.

This article will let you know everything you need to know about this particular probiotic drink and its effect in promoting digestion, preventing constipation, and also in maintaining the consistency of your poop and the regularity with the bowel movements. 

Kombucha: An Overview 

Kombucha is a beverage that is fizzy in nature and can be enjoyed by almost everyone. You need not worry about the health safety of this delicious beverage since it is completely alcohol-free. Even though it undergoes the process of fermentation, there is not any alcoholic content in this beverage.

Apart from that, it is also quite refreshing that you can have a sip of it whenever you feel down or in need of some hydration and refreshing energy. Moreover, you can have Kombucha in a variety of different flavours of your choice, making it one of the most versatile drinks you can ever have. 

Kombucha and gut health 

Apart from that, it is also quite easy to make in the comfort of your home, with the least and the most economical ingredients. Even if you are not into making them on your own, almost every hypermarket near you may have different flavours of Kombucha with them, chilled. As already mentioned, they are also rich in probiotics, making them quite gut-friendly in almost every aspect.

Kombucha does not have any properties that directly impact your bowel movements. Most of the laxative benefits that you obtain by having Kombucha in your diet are through the other direct health benefits provided by the same.

Along with helping you have regular bowel movements, Kombucha can also help in maintaining the consistency of your poop, making the toilet breaks effortlessly smooth. 

Kombucha and gut health 

As you all know, probiotics are a group of beneficial bacteria that can be found in the human digestive system. Just like it says “beneficial”, having them in your gut can be quite advantageous in a lot of different ways.

One of the best ways through which you can gain advantage of these probiotic bacteria is by reducing the inflammation caused in your gut. Apart from that, it can also help in preventing the chances of diarrhoea in individuals.

When diarrhoea is prevented effectively, your body becomes more efficient in absorbing the nutrients that you consume through the food items and also in retaining the qualities in your body. Apart from preventing the chances of your body contracting diarrhoea, probiotics can also help in subsiding the difficulties caused by the same. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) are two of the increasingly common gut diseases found in individuals across the world. These health conditions can also be effectively cured and prevented with the effects of these beneficial bacteria present in your gut.

Bloating, stomach pain, nausea, constipation, and diarrhoea are some of the major symptoms that can be seen in association with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). these symptoms would have a significant improvement and healing when you consume food items with rich probiotics content in them.

Even if dairy products like curd and buttermilk are rich in these kinds of probiotics, the increasing vegan population finds it difficult for them to have the benefits of these food items. For such people, Kombucha can be a great alternative. Even if you are not a vegan in dietary habits, you can still choose Kombuchas since they are a great form of refreshment and taste. The fizzy consistency is something that makes it the favourite of everyone out there. 

Kombucha and its laxative properties 

A lot of people have testified to the beneficial results of Kombucha when it comes to subsiding the difficulties of constipation. However, medical science and scientific research studies are still not sure about the effects it can have on your constipation issues.

Since Kombucha is quite rich in probiotics, it can have a lot of indirect effects which can effectively cure the condition. Even if it does not have any proven laxative properties, it is purported to increase the frequency of your bowel movements helping in keeping your gut clean and toxin-free most of the time.

Another purported benefit of Kombucha and other laxatives is that they can help you out in maintaining the hydration in your gut and thereby keeping the poop consistency on the healthier side. 

Kombucha and Hydration 

We understand your hesitation to solely depend on filtered and boiled lukewarm water in order to meet the daily fluid requirement. When it comes to Kombucha, it would be easier for you to have it on account of its delicious taste and fizzy nature.

However, it would be quite an erratic practice to depend on Konbucha primarily for your daily fluid requirements. Apart from that, drinking plenty of water on a daily basis can also effectively help you maintain the hydration levels in your diet.

A properly hydrated gut can aid in an effective digestive process that can support the subsequent process of the flushing out of the waste materials. Apart from that, a hydrated gut can also facilitate the effortless movement of food and waste material through the gut without friction and thereby constipation. 


Now you know almost everything you need to know about regular bowel movements and also the sensationally favourite beverage, Kombucha. You have also understood that there is no proven relationship between these two.

However, it is some of the properties of Kombucha such as the rich probiotic content and also hydrating properties that are responsible for the benefits such as the alleviation of constipation, improving the frequency of bowel movements, and also the consistency of your poop. 


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