Does Buccal Massage Work? What Experts Say!


Are you planning to do the buccal massage made famous by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Meghan Markle? Since you are new to it, it’s quite natural that you might be a bit skeptical about it. No worries. In this article, we introduce you to what exactly is a buccal massage, does buccal massage work? its advantages and disadvantages, and whether it works.

What is buccal massage?

A buccal massage is quite different from your regular face massage. It works in such a way that a masseuse inserts her hand into your mouth and it will be followed by massaging your face from the inside out.

Buccal massage is effective in helping you achieve that dreamy skin. Apart from improving your skin texture, it also aids in sculpting your face.

What is buccal massage

A perfectly sculpted or contoured face comes with the advantage of instantly making your face appear more structured with absolutely no need for any makeup.

As part of the buccal massage process, your cheeks will be massaged from inside thus giving access to your muscles from both inside and outside. Once you are done with the massage, it will get rid of tension and blockages from your muscles. Ultimately you will benefit from an envious facelift and also firmer and tighter skin.

Advantages of doing a buccal massage

Let’s take a look at the major benefits of doing a buccal massage.

1. Makes your face muscles stronger

The buccal massage focuses on a few select muscles on your face. As a result, those muscles will be strengthened and relaxed.

If you suffer from problems such as signs of aging or puffiness, doing a buccal massage can be beneficial as it helps de-puff and also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Benefit from a sculpted face

Are you desperately in need of a naturally sculpted face? A buccal massage would be the perfect solution as it not only offers a facelift but also sculpts your face perfectly.

For your information, when your muscles undergo a massage, they are being given a workout. As a result of regular workout of muscles, your skin will regenerate and heal itself.

3. Relaxes the jaw and face

Being a skincare enthusiast, you may be enjoying the regular facial massage. As you know, it takes hardly five to seven minutes for the process to get over. However, in the case of a buccal massage, the thrust is given only on massaging to relieve tension from your muscles.

Once your face and jaw muscles are free of blockages, they will automatically look more relaxed and lifted. 

Drawbacks of a buccal massage

1. The benefits are temporary

As you know by now, by doing buccal massage, you will benefit from a sculpted face and relief from tension. However, keep in mind that these effects are just temporary.

When you do a buccal massage, there will be a temporary reduction in the puffiness in your face and jaw. Thus, if you are looking for permanent results for slimming the buccal area of your face, it is recommended to undergo an outpatient procedure. The reason is that it will help remove fat permanently.

2. Botox might be more effective

Are you planning to do a buccal massage as an anti-aging solution? According to Dr. Heather Lee, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon at The Quatela Center for Plastic Surgery, Botox might be more effective in reducing wrinkles and symptoms of migraine.

3. Cannot remove fat

A drawback of buccal massage is that it cannot remove fat. Also, note that this massage cannot really reshape the buccinator muscle.

4. Can be uncomfortable and painful

Dr. Jaimie DeRosa, a plastic surgeon says that a buccal massage can become uncomfortable. She went on to add that it can even be quite painful for some people.

Who should opt for a buccal massage?

Opting for a buccal massage depends on what kind of results you are looking for. 

  • If you are seeking a facial contour, you may be able to temporarily achieve that with the help of a buccal massage.
  • For dealing with the problem of tight muscles in the areas of your face, a buccal massage would be a better option.
  • According to Dr. Oren Tepper, a plastic surgeon, buccal massages can indeed help in dealing with jaw tension. When there is frequent massage of these jaw muscles, could aid in relaxing them and potentially shrink them.
  • If you suffer from bruxism, ie. grinding or clenching the teeth, a buccal massage may help relieve it and help the skin look amazing. The focus should be on working on the muscles, ligaments, and fascia. Since all muscles have a memory, the higher the stimulation, the more they will return to their original shape. By stressing the fascia and ligaments, it is ensured that they stay in that specific position.

Can you do a buccal massage on your own?

According to estheticians, unless and until one has a deep understanding of how facial muscles work, it is not recommended to do a buccal massage on your own. Though you can do a small part of it on your own, you cannot really affect the deep muscles. Having said that, there is no huge risk involved in trying this massage on your own.

If you really want to massage from inside your mouth, keep in mind that your hands should be cleaned before and after the massage.

Last, but not least, even though you may experience a slight relief doing a buccal massage on your own., it is recommended to consult a professional for the full effect.

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Hope the article offers valuable insights on buccal massage and how the concept works. It is a natural treatment and comes with several advantages and disadvantages. However, it all depends on your requirements whether to opt for this massage or not. As with any other massage, a buccal massage increases circulation and detoxes the area. If you are suffering from jaw tension, it would be a good idea to try buccal massage as a first step. 


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