Do You Smoke Magic Mushrooms? Read This Before Use!


Hey there, wondering ‘Can you smoke magic mushrooms’? Well, then, it's time to rise above assumptions and know the real-world deal.

The world is full of curiosity, and so are the ‘Magic Mushrooms’. I have come across some chatter about people smoking Shrooms lately, and let me tell you, it wasn’t just a regular puff-and-pass situation.

So what is it like? Imagine you are on an emotional roller coaster, feeling all giggly, terrified, paranoid, and anxious but yet excited at the same time; that’s the magic of smoking mushrooms.

And if you are someone like me, all of the above roller coasters will turn into a hallucinating experience for you. Still thinking, ‘Can You Smoke Magic Mushrooms’? Buckle up and dive with me for the informative ride before you decide.

What happens when you smoke magic mushrooms?

Despite the hype and assumptions, smoking magic mushrooms is generally ineffective. Magic mushrooms contain Psilocybin, a psychedelic compound that breaks down at high temperatures and thus when smoked leaves no effect.

There are claims of a mild high, however, people come up and say that smoking shrooms can only lead to nausea and no other effects.

When You Smoke Magic Mushrooms

The History of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have a long history and these mystical fungi have been around for generations. Its most common association with the indigenous South American culture has been known.

Magic mushrooms have long been mentioned in religious and spiritual contexts.

Extremely later, the 20th century saw magic mushroom with a sudden stride in the Western culture. During the 1950s, it was popular for its psychedelic properties whereas in the 1960s the counterculture embraced it as a symbol of rebellion and expanded consciousness.

Methods of Consuming Psilocybin Mushrooms

Here are some common methods of consuming ‘Psilocybin Mushrooms’:

  • Eat them Raw: The classic and original method suggests munching on mushrooms as they are, raw and fresh. Either eat them raw or add them to your soups or salads. Brew: To skip the chewy part, boil the mushrooms, strain the concoction, and enjoy it as tea.
  • Cook: If tea isn’t a part of your routine, add Psilocybin Mushrooms into your pizza, pasta recipes, or anything that takes mushrooms in general.
  • Lemon Tek: For a quicker and more potent trip, soak mushrooms in lemon juice and experience as the acidity transforms psilocybin into psilocin.
  • As/ with capsules: Dry Psilocybin Mushrooms, grind them into a fine powder, fill them into capsules, and consume.
  • Topically: Apply Psilocybin-infused creams/ lotions to enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

Myths Around Smoking Magic Mushrooms

Enhanced Effects

Myth: Smoking magic mushrooms intensifies the psychedelic experience.

Fact: Smoking magic mushrooms destroys its active compound ‘Psilocybin’ leading to very minimal or mostly no psychedelic effects.

Quicker Onset

Myth: Smoking magic mushrooms leads to a quicker onset on the psychedelic trip.

Fact: Due to the high temperatures involved, smoking shrooms may not lead to a quicker onset.

Altered Experience

Myth: Smoking magic mushrooms alters the nature of the psychedelic journey.

Fact: Due to the loss of active compounds, the experience is a disappointment.

Dangers of Smoking Magic Mushrooms

  • Smoking magic mushrooms or inhaling that smoke from mushrooms (even passively) may introduce your respiratory system to unknown substances potentially posing health risks.
  • Smokes and fumes from magic mushrooms are toxic and their particulates can damage blood vessels and lung tissues. It may also lead to lung cancer risks.
  • Smoking mushrooms is associated with the dangers of inhaling mold spores leading to risks of lung inflammation and infection. It can be particularly dangerous for anyone having a weak immune system and mold allergies.
  • Smoking Shrooms may induce abdominal cramps, nausea, and vomiting. It may also increase the body temperature along with blood pressure and heart rate. Or, in some cases, it may result in muscle weakness and uncoordinated movement.

Safety Tips

  • Although smoking magic mushrooms is ineffective, it is safer to avoid the same to reduce exposure to harmful spores.
  • Upon accidentally smoking magic mushrooms, exhale as soon as possible to minimize the toxin exposure.
  • When starting with magic mushrooms, in any form, start with low dosage. Increase the dosage gradually, only if the compound suits you.
  • Since magic mushrooms can leave you with a dry mouth and may raise your temperature, drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Every time you consume a magic mushroom, eat something before to minimize the gastronomical discomfort.
  • Do not mix it with alcohol or other such substances.

What do you do if Someone is Experiencing an Overdose?

If someone around you is experiencing a drug overdose from Magic Mushroom, dial 911 or your local emergency help.

While waiting for help, do not use any home remedies but try to calm down the person and keep checking for their responsiveness and breathing. If necessary, perform CPR and be there to monitor their condition.

Someone Is Experiencing An Overdose


Overall, smoking magic mushrooms is generally ineffective although it possesses a lot of dangers and side effects. The hype comes down to the fact that smoking mushrooms destroys psilocybin, an active compound responsible for rendering the experience.

Instead, opt for more same-consuming alternatives while outlining the dosage and usage safety. Always have an informed and responsible approach towards these compounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Shroom High Feel Like?

A Shroom high involves altered perceptions, a distorted sense of time, vivid colors, and visual hallucinations.

How Do I Know What a Shroom Overdose Looks Like?

Shroom overdose may show symptoms like hallucinations, panic, and severe confusion. In some cases, the individual may experience seizures or loss of consciousness.

Why Smoking Shrooms is Not Common Practice?

Smoking Shrooms isn’t a common practice since the heat destroys psilocybin, an active compound that may otherwise lead to intoxicating effects. Also, the harmful spores from burning shrooms aren’t good for respiratory health.

Who do I know if I Have a Shroom Addiction?

A strong desire, inability to control use, and persistence in use despite negative effects are some of the common indicators that you have a mushroom addiction.

What are the Symptoms of Shroom Withdrawal?

Not many symptoms of shroom withdrawal are documented but mood changes or cravings may be one of those. 


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