Do Retinoids Really Reduce Wrinkles? How?


Aging is a natural process of humans, but we get quite peculiar about it and make every effort to look young and appealing. This leads us to try out tonnes of products and cosmetics to reduce wrinkles and marks; some of them even work effectively.

Celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Jared Leto are in their middle age and yet look like 18-year-olds, which might be credited to their genetics, but there are things like retinoids that play a crucial role in anti-aging.

Here in this article, you are going to learn about all the detailed information on retinoids and their effects on your wrinkles and skin aging, so keep reading:

How Do Retinoids Work In Your Body? 

Benefits Of Retinoids On Aging

Lipogenesis is a part of the human body and is responsible for skin aging, which includes excessive dryness, wrinkles, and fine lines. Retinoids are synthetic forms of vitamin A and are quite effective in reducing the effects of lipogenesis. Retinoids work to degrade the production of enzymes responsible for lipogenesis, which leads to the prevention of dry skin, better nutrition, and moisturization.

If you are planning to take retinoids as a solution to your wrinkles, it might be essential to know that it also has side effects on some people. So, make sure you take safety precautions before taking the supplement. There is another simpler form of retinoid, called retinol, which is also given to people in lower dosages to help reduce their skin aging.

Taking retinol is also gaining popularity as it can affect your skin positively, and there has yet to be a single side effect other than allergic reactions. If you take retinoids or retinol, it is prohibited for you to take any vitamin A supplements, as it can result in overdosage.

Effects And Benefits Of Retinoids On Aging

When it comes to the effects and benefits of retinoids, you need to know that retinoids are synthetic supplements and are given in high dosages to prevent skin aging and wrinkles. So, yes, it has benefits like lowering pigmentation and promoting collagen production, which leads to better skin health. Anyway, here are all the benefits of retinoids on your skin in detail:

✔ Beneficial In Depletion Of Skin Aging

Vitamin A has always been related to beneficial for better blood circulation, and retinoids are enhanced versions of it. Taking retinoids can promote your blood circulation by stimulating your blood vessels, which leads to a rosy skin tone and fewer wrinkles. Most of the rough patches and age spots make your skin look older and pigmented. Retinoids also reduce the effects of those age spots by smoothening your skin.

✔ Promotes Collagen Production

Our skin consists of cells called fibroblasts, which are responsible for the formation of connective tissues and repairing damage. When you start taking retinoids, it starts to stimulate those fibroblasts and promote them to synthesize collagen fibers. This collagen synthesis leads to increased skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles over time.

✔ Reduces Pigmented Tissues

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most common conditions people suffer from, which leads them to have chronic acne and marks all around their faces. If you are suffering from hyperpigmentation, then make sure you are taking retinoid supplements, as they have anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can help reduce bloating and acne altogether from your face, making it look much younger and smoother than before.

Proper Usage And Appliance Of Retinoids

When it comes to the usage and appliance of any supplement for your benefit, it’s essential to know that there are risks of overdosage and allergies for many people. This leads to the fact that you should make sure you are taking optimal and prescribed forms of medications only.

There are some forms in which you can use retinoids, such as by applying them to your skin or by ingesting tablets. If you are taking retinoid tablets, make sure you take only 700 µg a day if you are a male and only 600 µg if you are a female. However, applying retinoid creams to your skin is a safer option and can be applied daily.

Possible Side Effects

There are always some type of side effects of every supplement for someone and retinoids are no exception as well. When it comes to the side effects of retinoids, there are a few that should be considered before you use them. Here are some possible side effects that you might suffer from the usage of retinoids for your skin aging:

Risk Of Skeletal Abnormalities

If you are a pregnant woman, it would be better that you stay clear of retinoids until the birth of your child. There are details yet to be found on the side effects to a fetus from retinoid usage. However, there have been cases of skeletal abnormalities in the child after the mother used retinoids during pregnancy. If you are considering retinoids for your wrinkles during pregnancy, it would be wise to wait a little more, as it can lead to premature fusion of epiphyses in your child.

Possibility Of Allergies

There are some allergic responses to retinoids that some people might face after usage, which include rashes, irritation, dry skin, and sensitivity. This leads to the fact that every medication has some sort of allergic reaction in some people, so make sure you are not allergic to the supplement before taking it.

Final Verdict

If you are going to expose yourself to retinoids or retinol for the first time, make sure you are taking it in lower and supervised dosages. There is a chance that you can face redness and itchiness on your skin after the first usage, but it will most likely diminish as you adapt to the medication.

When you are a beginner, your body needs to adapt to the synthetic supplement before it starts to show positive results. When you are taking any retinoid supplement for the first time, make sure you are checking for any type of allergies. In addition to that, pregnant women should also be aware of the side effects and risks of retinoids to their child’s growth.


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